Soundtracks from the movie "The Harder They Fall" (OST 2021 The Harder They Fall)

"New Blood in the Old West"

Songs from the movie "The More It Hurts to Fall" (2021)

«The more it hurts to fall» (The Harder They Fall) is a long-awaited swashbuckling western with many soundtracks and songs from popular musical genres. This is a film about the confrontation between two bandits, one of which is named Neil became so due to a number of circumstances that happened to him in childhood. A deep spiritual wound did not pass without a trace, left its mark on a lifetime, because the notorious thug Rufus with his gang dealt with his parents, killing them in front of Neil. And the boy got from him a mark on his forehead in the form of a cross, which he received from the bandit's blade.

Rufus got a life sentence, from then on 20 years have passed, rumors spread around the city that the killer would be pardoned and soon released. The boy grew up, but thoughts of revenge did not leave Neil, he began to collect data on all members of the group in order to develop a plan of action and deal with each of the villains. It's worth notingthat this is still an unexpected twist in the plot, when black bandits sort things out with each other. The film smoothly intertwines comedy and drama, where the non-trivial adventure of the protagonist takes place.

What path will Neil follow, will he embark on the path of correction, or will his moral decay continue? Indeed, in his soul he remained a child, but will he understand that revenge is not a cure for mental pain, but a continuation of new violence. How the picture will end, the audience will find out only by watching the film to the end. It is a pity that the director could not come up with a more original story, there is no depth in the western, but there is just entertainment. Yes, and the film could have been made shorter, one and a half hours of viewing would have been enough, and not two. I think that the picture is not particularly remembered by the viewer.

StarringCast: Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, RJ Siler, Danielle Dedwyler, Jacobi Howard, Idris Elba, Edi Gathegi, Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz

Songs and soundtracks from the film "The Harder They Fall" are selected in an original way, the music from the film takes to the quick. We have compiled a list of all the songs from the film OST "The More It Hurts to Fall": listen to the soundtrack playlist in good quality online:

Koffee - The Harder They Fall

Laura Mvula & Mayra Andrade - We Go Harder (OST from The Harder It Falls)

Jeymes Samuel - No Turning Around

Pretty Yende - Three And Thirty Years (The Harder They Fall OST)

Alice Smith - Wednesday's Child (Music from The Harder They Fall)

Kid Cudi and Jay-Z - Guns Go Bang (Music from "The Harder They Fall" | The Harder They Fall)

Fatoumata Diawara and Ms. Lauryn Hill - Black Woman (OST from The Harder They Fall | The Harder They Fall)

Zazie Beetz and Jonathan Majors - Is The Devil Dead (Song from The Harder They Fall)

Ceelo Green - Blackskin Mile

Edi Gathegi and R. J. Cyler - Lightnin' With The Blam Blams (OST from The Harder It Falls)

Barrington Levy - Better Than Gold

LaKeith Stanfield and ReGina King - We Ain't No Nincompoop (Soundtrack from The Harder They Fall)

Jay-Z and Jadakiss, Conway The Machine, BackRoad Gee - King Kong Riddim (OST The Harder They Fall)

Seal - Ain't No Better Love (OST from The More It Hurts to Fall)

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