Songs from Blade Runner: Black Lotus (OST 2021 Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Music, songs, soundtracks, OST from Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

Soundtracks from Blade Runner: Black Lotus

In the new seriesBlade Runner: Black Lotus» (OST 2021 Blade Runner: Black Lotus) many different soundtracks and popular music, songs of different genres sound, which instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of anime fiction. The animated series will be shown in Russia the 13th of November. The series takes place 2032 in Los Angeles, where the main character Elle is a replicant. She remembers absolutely nothing about her past life, but she knows that she has deadly skills.

The girl is trying to understand where she learned martial arts, where these abilities came from and why she is being persecuted. But there are still clues about her past. first - a device completely blocked with her data, second clue - A tattoo in the form of a black lotus. Elle wants to solve the puzzle and lift the veil of secrecy, why these experiments were needed on her and who is behind it. She will search for the truth, she will have to collect data on the people who sent her to the future, bit by bit.

There will be many obstacles in her way, but she will slowly but surely unravel the tangle of secrets about her lost identity. Worth noticing, the computer graphics in the series are not of very good quality, so the faces of the characters do not look quite natural, maybe because this is an anime series. Let's hope that the viewer will like the series, because many episodes will still be released ahead of him, there will be a total of them 13.

StarringCast: Gregg Henry, Peyton List, Wes Bentley, Brian Cox, Stephen Root, Samira Wylie, Josh Duhamel, Elias Toufexis, Jessica Henwick, Will Yun Lee and others.

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from the TV series "Blade Runner: Black Lotus (OST 2021 Blade Runner: Black Lotus)) were well chosen. We have compiled a list of all soundtracks from the series: listen online full soundtrack playlist in good quality:

Alessia Cara - Feel You Now (Music from Blade Runner: Black Lotus \ OST 2021 Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

X Ambassadors – Water (Song from Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Walk Off The Earth - Home (Blade Runner: Black Lotus Soundtrack)

Daya - Evil (Composition from Blade Runner: Black Lotus \ OST 2021)

A7S – By My Side (Audio from Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Gray - After You (OST Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Kiana Ledé - Save Myself (OST Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Salem Ilese - Intuition (Music from Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Tori Kelly - What Happens Next (Song from Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

G-Eazy - Thrash (Blade Runner: Black Lotus Soundtrack)

070 Shake - Perfect Weapon (Song from the movie Blade Runner: Black Lotus \ OST 2021 Blade Runner: Black Lotus)

Alessis Cara - Last Goodbye (Composition from the movie "Blade Runner: Black Lotus")

Michael Hodges & Lord Netty - Supahuman (Blade Runner: Black Lotus Soundtrack)

Iann Dior – Circles (Blade Runner: Black Lotus Soundtrack)

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