Music from "Atomic Heart": a Russian computer game that you're not ashamed of

"Atomic Heart" arouses lively interest in the audience: a crazy trailer to Pugachova, high-quality graphics, a fascinating plot twisted around the uprising of robots in the retro-futuristic Soviet Union...

Music from "Atomic Heart": Pugachova's song from the trailer, full soundtrack

"Atomic Heart." - one of the most anticipated video games of 2023. What's most noteworthy is this Russian game. And, from the looks of it, there will be no shame in it.

"Atomic Heart." The film's crazy Pugachev-inspired trailer, high-quality graphics, a fascinating plot twisted around a robot uprising in the retro-futuristic Soviet Union... Oh, and the excellent sound, recorded with a real Soviet synthesizer. More about all this below.

Crazy trailer to... Pugachova?!

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

It became clear to everyone that the studio Mundfish is preparing something interesting, right after the release of the trailer, in which the song Alla Pugacheva's "Stellar Summer" 1979! Agree: for modern computer games such an approach is unusual. We are used to western rap or stylish modern techno... But here is a Soviet hit of the national primadonna! Watch and listen:

Remarkably, the studio originally planned to use in the trailer "Atomic Heart." another song - the famous hit "Music has tied us" of the band Mirage. And here, by the way, is an earlier version under discussion:

Mundfish bought the rights to use the hit "Mirage," but the band's founder and his representatives disagreed. A filing was made lawsuitAs a result, the game studio decided to take a closer look at Pugacheva's "Summer of Stars. As we can judge - not in vain. The trailer came out dynamic and spectacular at the expense of musical accompaniment. But why such a choice - why the tune from the USSR?

Why the game should be a breakthrough

A still from the "Atomic Heart" trailer
A still from the "Atomic Heart" trailer

The choice of Mundfish can be explained by the story of the game. What unfolds in front of us is Retrofuturistic Soviet Unionwhich not only did not collapse, it successfully continued its existence and mastered the production of robots! And all this already in 1955. The main events unfold at the company "3826"The robot factory, located in the mountains of Kazakhstan, produces robots for various domestic and industrial needs, but at one moment everything goes wrong, and the machines literally come to life! The robots attack the staff and a real machine uprising begins.

The main character, which we are invited to play as, is Major Sergei Nechayev - rushes to the site, where he will face unexpected trials, which he clearly has not yet met on his way. And, of course, love dramas are a good old-fashioned theme that will never be neglected.

"Even in the hardest of times it is impossible to separate hearts in love," the creators commented on their idea.

When to wait?

A still from the "Atomic Heart" trailer
A still from the "Atomic Heart" trailer

The game is scheduled to be released on February 21, 2023. "Atomic Heart" will be available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users. The game was originally scheduled to be released between September and December 2022, but the release date has since been postponed. We hope there will be no more postponements!

It is worth noting that critics have already praised the Mundfish project. In particular, at the annual award LUDI Awards "Atomic Heart" took second place as "Most Anticipated Game."

Mick Gordon Synthesizer

Mick Gordon
Mick Gordon

The developers from Mundfish have repeatedly stated that music plays for them practically key role in the gameplay. These guys are always looking for something new, fresh and... quite unusual. So, according to the composer Micah Gordonwho is working on the soundtrack for "Atomic Heart," his contract requires him to use Soviet synthesizer!

"Under the terms of the contract, I'm obliged to use a Soviet synthesizer - that is, there's no way without it! And to be honest, I like it. I like unconventional tasks".

By the way: this condition is not something new for Gordon. Earlier, when he was working on the game "DOOM 2016he already had experience with a Soviet synthesizer "Polivox.". The creators themselves emphasize Mick's unconventional way of thinking, and his special view of the Russian classics.

Soundtracks from the game

The full "Atomic Heart" soundtrack is not yet publicly available, but it is known that the game will feature a lot of domestic hits of the '50s and '80s. All of this will definitely add to the entourage of the game, which revolves around the USSR.

Here are the tracks that are sure to be played in the game:

"Trailer Song (Weary sun tango)"

"Agressive Remix."


"Vavilov Complex"


"Grandma Cosmos


"The Weary Sun."

"Ass Hacking."

"Epic" (Extended version)


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