Soundtracks from the movie Pretty Woman (OST 2021 Jolt)

"You're in for a shock"

Songs from the movie "Pretty Woman on a Cock" (2021)

In the new movie 2021 of the year "Beauty on edge» (OST 2021 Jolt) contains many popular soundtracks that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the film. Pretty Woman is considered a comedy with action elements. It is worth noting that the character of the heroine is still the same, few people realize how very powerful rage seethes inside her, she flares up like a match from any situation that is unacceptable to her. Of course, others suffer from her excessive aggression, and physically, this is a real bomb, she owns all types of military weapons, and she can knock out anyone.

Lindy it is difficult to control her emotions, or rather, she cannot cope with them at all, and only a vest with special bullets helps her come to her senses and calm her rage. The fact is that the vest sends a discharge of current and the only way she calms down for a while. Scientists have long tried to find the cause of the unbridled rage of the girl, placed her in various clinics, conducted tests, but no one could solve the riddle of her body. Therefore, her life passes for a long time in complete solitude.

Only one person could help her, this is her personal psychoanalyst, at least with him she can already control herself. But suddenly Linda falls in love, aggression passes, she is loved and happy, but everything changes radically when her lover is killed. Rage has returned again and now Lindy wants to find and take revenge on the killer. You can see that there is a lot of action in the film, although it is not very spectacular, but the plot of the picture is not bad, just a little boring and quite predictable.

StarringCast: Jai Courtney, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox
Kate Beckinsale, Stanley Tucci, Susan Sarandon, Ori Feffer, David Bradley, Lewis Ian Bray, Constantine Gregory and others.

Music from the filmBeauty on edge» (OST 2021 Jolt) is well chosen. We have selected a complete list of songs for the film: listen to music compositions for free in high quality:

Molly Moore, Maty Noyes - Handsomer (Original Girl Soundtracks | OST 2021 Jolt)

Skinny Beats - Give It To Me (Music from the movie Pretty Woman)

Run You Dry Dominic Lewis (Song from Pretty Woman)

Driving Stick 2 Dominic Lewis (From "Pretty Woman")

Kickin' Dick Dominic Lewis (OST 2021 Jolt)

Far from Normal Dominic Lewis (OST 2021 Jolt)

Bathroom Bitch Dominic Lewis (Hot Girl OST)

Pretty Face Dominic Lewis (Film Soundtrack from Pretty Woman)

Apartment 9 Dominic Lewis (Music from Pretty Woman)

V Dominic Lewis (Songs from the movie Pretty Woman)

Fish Food Dominic Lewis ("Pretty Woman" songs)

Driving Stick 1 Dominic Lewis (Pretty Woman Soundtrack)

Meat Slicer Dominic Lewis (Pretty Girl Soundtrack)

Adam's Apple Dominic Lewis ("Pretty Girl" music)

Going Down Dominic Lewis (2021 music)

Let Me out Dominic Lewis

No Shrinking Violet Dominic Lewis

Self Harm Dominic Lewis (Listen to Pretty Woman soundtrack)

Cockroach Dominic Lewis (Music and Songs from Pretty Woman)

L on L Dominic Lewis (Pretty Woman Soundtrack OST)

Goons Dominic Lewis (Soundtrack from Pretty Woman)

Lil' Dick · Dominic Lewis (Soundtrack Jolt)

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