Music and songs from the movie "Antlers" (OST 2021 Antlers)

"Pray it desires not you"

Soundtracks from the movie Antlers (2021)

In film 2021 of the year "Deer horns» (2021 Antlers) contains a large number of cool soundtracks, plays songs of different genres that immerse the viewer in an atmosphere of epic horror. Russians will be able to watch the film "Deer Horns" November 18, 2021. In the center of the plot is an ordinary teacher, she is assigned to West Virginia. The place turned out to be not prestigious, there was a lot of poverty, but Julia decides to stay and starts working at a local school. She taught in middle and high school.

Among all the guys, she drew attention to one teenager who was untidy, poorly dressed and ate little. During the conversation, it turned out that he did not have a mother, his older brother did not go to school. He studies at home, his father is always busy, so she was unfamiliar with relatives, no one cared about him. One day she gives the task to write an essay about her loved ones, Lucas at first he wrote something, then tore it up and threw it into the trash, the teacher read the notes and decided to visit the strange boy, realizing that Lucas was in danger.

They go with their policeman brother to his house and realize that not everything is in order in their house. There is something strange, connected with the other world. Unbelievable, but the boy befriend a monster, who settled under his bed long before the appearance of the boy, he does not even suspect that evil has settled in his house. What the brother and sister will see when they visit the boy's house, the audience will have to find out by watching the film to the end. But there is no doubt that their life will change dramatically and not for the better, the curiosity of the main characters will result in irreversible consequences.

StarringCast: Keri Russell, Cody Davis, Jeremy T. Thomas, Amy Madigan, Graham Greene, Sawyer Jones, Rory Cochrane, Jesse Plemons, Lyla Marlow, Scott Hayes

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from the film "Deer horns» (OST Antlers) were chosen well, and the songs are remembered for a long time. We have selected a complete list of music OST "Deer Antlers": listen online full soundtrack playlist in good quality:

Javier Navarrete - Julia Walks to Shed (Soundtrack from Antlers | Antlers)

Javier Navarrete - Wendigo

Javier Navarrete - Temptation (Song from the film "Antlers")

Javier Navarrete - Cry for Help (OST "Antlers | Antlers")

Javier Navarrete - Dolls Montage

Javier Navarrete - Home Visit (OST from Antlers)

Javier Navarrete - Clint (OST 2021 Antlers)

Javier Navarrete - Feed Him (OST from Antlers | Antlers)

Javier Navarrete - Aiden

Javier Navarrete - A Coincidence

Javier Navarrete - Our Moms and How They Died

Javier Navarrete - Aiden Is Just Sick

Javier Navarrete - In a Box (Song from the Antlers Movie)

Javier Navarrete - Family Pictures (OST from Antlers)

Javier Navarrete - Those Who Destroy the Earth

Javier Navarrete - Student Profile (Sound "Antlers")


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