Music and songs from Far Cry 3 (OST 2012)

You are me. I am you. Take me to Your Heart! Beat like a savior! Nail to the cross and let me be reborn!

Soundtracks from Far Cry 3 (2012)

In a multi-platform gameFar Cry 3contains many popular soundtracks and music of different genres. The songs instantly immerse the player in the Action genre. "Far Cry 3is an action-adventure first-person shooter. In previous versions of the game, the interaction of elements was not enough, but in the third part these errors have already been fixed. The essence of the game is this: the son of the rich and an avid party-goer, the protagonist at heart Jason with his friends and family goes to Bangkok to have fun, but the fun quickly gets bored. By chance, they learn about the island in Polynesia, where the natives live, they wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

But they did not think, going there, what danger awaits them on the island, it turned out that the authorities are corrupt, and the island is surrounded by pirates. Pirates only strive to kidnap someone in order to tear off three skins from rich parents, and Jason with his troublemaker company was quite suitable for this role, so they quickly fell into the set networks. One of the pirates Vaas he is very emotional, gesticulates a lot, in the foreground he has selfish motives, simple intentions, animal instincts take precedence over humanity, he, like a child, is deprived of worldly wisdom and sanity.

It is the environment that makes people bastards and scoundrels, in the picture it is Vaas completely degraded, the humiliation of prisoners gives him pleasure. And then the action of the picture takes place in a different scenario, Jason escapes from supervision Vaasa and adjoins the resistance, then goes to the warriors of the religious caste. He will hunt for local bigwigs in order to rid the city of evil spirits, he will be able to do this, he will free the island and transport his friends to a safe place. Myself Jason from the island until he leaves, he will take revenge Vaasu and kill him and only then fly away in a helicopter with his younger brother from the island.

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from the game "Far Cry 3”(OST 2012) are chosen very cool, the songs are remembered for a long time. We have compiled a list of all the soundtracks from the game "Far Cry 3»: listen online full soundtrack playlist.

MIA - Paper Planes (Song from Far Cry 3 beginning)

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Full OST (Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Music)

Far Cry 3 - Main Theme (Music from Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 – Skrillex feat. Damian Marley - Make it Bun Dem (Far Cry 3 song when you burn the fields)

Far Cry 3 - Intro - MIA Paper Planes (Song from Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 - The Rakyat (Far Cry 3 OST)

Far Cry 3 - Heat (Music from Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 - Monsoon (Far Cry 3 soundtrack)

Far Cry 3 - Falling Into a Dream (Song from Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 - Journey Into Madness (Music from the game Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 - Rook Island (Far Cry 3 soundtrack)

Far Cry 3 - We Are Watching You (Far Cry 3 song)

Far Cry 3 - Treasure of Zhang He (Far Cry 3 OST)

Far Cry 3 - Fever Dream (Music and songs from the game "Far Cry 3")

Far Cry 3 - Call of the Wild (Far Cry 3 OST)

Far Cry 3 - Bad Trip ("Far Cry 3" OST 2012)

Far Cry 3 - Path of the Warrior (Far Cry 3 OST)

Far Cry 3 - Lost Child ("Far Cry 3" Original Soundtrack)

Far Cry 3 - Broken Compass (Far Cry 3 OST)

Far Cry 3 - The Giant's Head (Song from Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 - Further (Music from Far Cry 3)


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