Soundtracks from the cartoon "Bamse Och and the Dragon" (OST 2022 Bamse Och Dunderklockan)

    "The main rival and enemy of Bamsi the fox Reynard came up with an insidious plan on how to become the main city hero instead of him"

    Songs from the cartoon "Bamsi Bear and the Dragon"

    In the new cartoonBamsi Bear and Dragon» (OST 2022 Bamse Och Dunderklockan) contains many good soundtracks and popular songs that instantly immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of an adventure cartoon. In the center of the plot, the hero of children's comics is a teddy bear Bamsi, this is the third film in a row, in this picture Bamsi and his friends will travel the world in search of a thunder bell.

    The fact is that the bear cub has a cursed fox enemyhe's jealous of the popularity barney and wants to be the main character in the city, to win the favor of the beauty Michelins. Having come up with a cunning plan, the fox provokes Barney and sets up a big fight. As a result of the showdown, they start a fire in the attic of Bamsi's grandmother, as a result, the buds of a healing and rare plant are burned. It was from him that my grandmother cooked honey, which had healing powers, and Bamsi used it, receiving incredible power in return.

    Only thanks to her he helped anyone in the city, because Bamsi was considered the strongest, and now he needed help. Therefore, in order to get a magical plant, a bear cub goes on a trip, he is not traveling alone, but with friends, a nimble rabbit and a geek inventor. Ahead of them are many adventures, they will visit everywhere, both at sea and on land. It is worth noting that the cartoon is suitable for family viewing, including the smallest children.

    StarringCast: Cecile Frode, Thomas Bolme, La Langhammer, Steve Kratz, Katarina Cohen, Morgan Alling, Peter Aber, Bianca Kronlöf, Rolf Lidal and others.

    Now back to the soundtracks of the cartoon "Bamse Bear and the Dragon" (OST 2022 Bamse Och Dunderklockan). We offer you to listen to the compositions from the cartoon: the full soundtrack playlist includes all the songs and music of Bamse och Häxans dotter (Original Score) Henrik Lörstad.

    Vargarnas Tema (Music from the cartoon Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Reinard o Mickelina (Song from the cartoon Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Vargarna Packar Lastbilen

    I Skidbacken (Composition from the cartoon Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Gammelträdet (Listen to the music from the cartoon Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Inne I Staden

    Vargarna på vinden (Listen to the soundtrack from the cartoon Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Farmor berättar om Hilmer (Listen to the composition from the cartoon Bear Bamsi and the Dragon)

    Skalman o Skutt går på båten (OST Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Reinard hjälte (Music from Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Skalman o Skutt Spelar Kort (Song from Bamsi Bear and the Dragon)

    Inbrott I Banken (Soundtrack from Bamsy Bear and the Dragon)

    Draken Släcker Elden (Composition from Bamsi Bear and Dragon)

    Sorgligt Bamsetema (Official Soundtrack Bamse Och Dunderklockan)

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