We recall our favorite songs from the series "Soldiers"

The series is still a success to this day and is broadcast on the REN TV channel. In many ways, the soundtrack also contributed to the popularity, in the recording of which two magnificent groups participated - “The End of the Movie” and “Utah”.

A selection of favorite tracks from the series "Soldiers" - list, description, clips

"Soldiers" is a popular Russian television series that quickly fell in love with millions of viewers. The first episode aired in August. 2004 years, and at that time the further fate of the project was a mystery even to its creators. The budget was small, and the likelihood that the television comedy would not “go” with the audience was high. But the sincere plot, the simplicity of the characters and their everyday problems, sunk into the soul of the public for a long time.

The series is still a success to this day and is broadcast on the channel REN TV. In many ways, the soundtrack also contributed to the popularity, in the recording of which two magnificent bands participated - "The end of the film" and "Utah". The most famous composition was "Youth in Boots": how many parodies, remixes and ringtones were created with her - really do not count! Nevertheless, there were other, no less iconic tracks that we decided to recall today.

"Youth in Boots"

"Youth in Boots" - the biggest hit in every sense of the word. This composition is the second most popular theme from the Russian series (the first place is occupied by the theme from "Brigades"). Over the years, the track turned into an ageless hit that did not bother listeners and viewers at all. When it first sounded REN TV, the audience was already in love with the new series: simple, soulful lyrics, close to literally everyone.

The song was written by the leader of the group "The End of the Film" by Evgeny Feklistov. Later, the musician told how he discussed the series and the idea of the track with the creators of "Soldier" "in some kind of cheburechnaya." Very quickly, the composition became a hit and spawned a lot of remixes, covers and parodies. In those years, it was also one of the most popular phone ringtones.

"Once upon a time, there were"

"Once upon a time, there were", of course, not as popular as the above-mentioned composition. Nevertheless, this song deserved a special place in the hearts of the fans of the series: touching and tender, it accompanied especially sharp and sad scenes. We are sure that today her melody sounds as distinctly in the minds of the listeners as in distant 2000-х.

This masterpiece belongs to the group "Utah". Performed by charming Anna Osipova the song is real romantic hit.

"Ensign Blues"

Another creation of the group "The end of the film". This track perfectly emphasizes the dramatic and ironic scenes of the series. Dynamic and instantly memorable, he quickly fell in love with the audience.


Another great track from the band "The end of the film". The song was sung by actor Yuri Safarov, who played the role of Sergeant Fomin.

“And almost tears down my face, today to my mother, father
The soldier goes home ... "

"The Same Girl"

Another popular song of the group "Utah", which was included in the soundtrack for the famous series, became the composition "The Same Girl"! Subsequently, she successfully supplemented the band's album, which was called "Teleradio sleeps". The song is still used to this day, despite the fact that it was released in 2005.


"I'm good, good, good
It's good, it's good, it's good..."

It is safe to say that the members of the group "The end of the film" a natural talent for writing soulful songs. And track "Good" is clear proof of that. When listening to it, it really becomes good for the soul. A very "cozy" song, if I may say so in relation to a piece of music.

"Do not envy"

This tense tune is familiar to anyone who has watched at least one season of the series. "Soldiers". As a rule, it sounds in particularly acute situations, when the atmosphere is heated to the limit, or things are going to this. Today it is impossible to imagine TV comedy without this track.

"Love Theme"

"How many forces do not extinguish,
How not to confuse yourself
This love theme won't let you go!"

Lovely romantic group composition "The end of the film", which successfully complemented the soundtrack of the series "Soldiers". A very gentle melody and beautiful lyrics - what will emphasize the excited heart of a soldier in love even better? Great track to listen to.


"Joe" - a fairly well-known theme song of the series. It was written, like most of the tracks, by the group "The end of the film". Hypnotic melody perfectly complements some scenes.

"Come to bed with me!"

"Come to bed with me in early spring!" - another great composition in our selection. Like the previous tracks, it belongs to the band "The end of the film". Despite the simple lyrics, this song fits perfectly into the series, which has a lot of life message.

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