Soundtracks from the movie "Love, Fear and Hate" (Death of a Ladies' Man OST 2021)

"Complete soundtrack list for the film "Love, Fear and Hate" (Death of a Ladies' Man)"

Music from the film "Love, Fear and Hate"

In the new movieLove, Fear and Hate» (Death of a Ladies' Man) contains many popular soundtracks and songs of different genres that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of a cult drama. Russian viewers will see the film in mid-August 2021. The essence of the picture is this: a professor of one university, supposedly should be a decent citizen and be an example for his students with a spotless reputation, but in reality he turns out to be an inveterate womanizer and a real drunkard.

For some time now, various strange visions have begun to torment him, for example, he comes to a restaurant, a waitress begins to serve, but instead of a face he sees predator's face. Such situations happen to him literally everywhere, he comes to the match, but he sees everything upside down, he is confused, does not understand what is happening to him. But it turns out that the professor is incurable sick with cancer, a large tumor has grown in his head and difficult times are coming for him.

He thinks that this is a retribution for a disorderly life, because in his heart the professor was an egoist, used to living for his own pleasure. What awaits the main character, can he pass all teststhat fell to his lot, and when the nightmares that bored him to hell are over. The audience will find out all this by watching the film to the end. It is worth noting that the search for the meaning of life is clearly visible in the film, and the cult songs that most of us have heard more than once sound completely different, in a new interpretation.

Starring: Suzanne Clement, Pascal Bussière, Gabriel Byrne, Massimo Cannistraro, Jessica Pare, Joel Bissonnet, Bryn Gleason, Carolina Bartczak, Antoine-Olivier Pilon and others.

It is worth noting that soundtracks from the film "Love, Fear and Hate» (Death of a Ladies' Man) were chosen well, songs from the movie perfectly complement the scenes because of what the film looks at one go. We have compiled a complete list of soundtracks from the movie "Love, Fear and Hate" (Death of a Ladies' Man) OST 2021: listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat (Music from "Love, Fear and Hate" | Death of a Ladies' Man)

Leonard Cohen - True Love Leaves No Traces (Song from the movie "Love, Fear and Hate" | Death of a Ladies' Man)

Leonard Cohen - Iodine

Leonard Cohen - Paper Thin Hotel (Composition from the film "Love, Fear and Hate" | Death of a Ladies' Man)

Leonard Cohen - Memories (Audio from the movie "Love, Fear and Hate" | Death of a Ladies' Man)

Leonard Cohen - I Left a Woman Waiting (Ringtone from the movie "Love, Fear and Hate" | Death of a Ladies' Man)

Leonard Cohen - Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On

Leonard Cohen - Fingerprints

Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladies' Man


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