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Best Singles 1966 - Music Chronicle

In the 60s, the world of music expanded significantly. New genres appeared and now music lovers of the world had plenty to choose from: jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rock ... By the way, rock has become not just rock. Now everyone knew about classic rock, hard rock, psychedelic and so on. Let's choose a specific year and find out what was popular then. So, 1966.

Strangers in the night

If Jazz were a person, then perhaps, and even certainly, his name would be Frank Sinatra, and he would wear a trilby hat. The voice of this man is immortal and is heard from records, radio and smartphones to this day. In 1966, he released another hit of his called Strangers in the Night.

There was a melody at the very beginning, and it was written by Bert Kaempfert for the movie A Man Can Be Killed. But later they put words on it and a little later - Frank's voice and the song became an international hit.

The album of the same name became the most commercially successful of Frank Sinatra's entire career, and the song "Strangers in the Night" itself hit the first line on the Billboard chart and took a special place in the world of romance.

The Beatles forever…

Since 1963, not a single hit parade has been complete without The Beatles. Moreover, the group always occupied not one, but several positions at once in any chart, like places in a cinema.

"Day Tripper" and "We Can Work It Out" were the "A" and "B" sides of the single, which was released in December and hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in January. Both songs were written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It is because of the two authors that the songs differ in their dual meaning. Since the song "We Can Work It Out" was started by Paul, he was thinking about his relationship with Jane Asher. But John ended the song, and therefore, at the end of the chorus, the song goes into philosophy with John Lennon's impatient (as he himself said) phrase: "Life is short, there is no time for trifles."

Another Beatles single to hit the top of the charts included two songs as different as day and night: the childish and surreal "Yellow Submarine" and the groundbreaking, loneliness "Eleanor Rigby". It is not surprising that the single became popular - these were songs for all occasions, if you want, rejoice, thinking about yellow submarines, if you want, mourn with Eleanor Rigby!

Cover of The beatles yellow submarine
Cover of The Beatles "Yellow Submarine"

"Eleanor Rigby" holds an important place in the band's history. Her sound was not only something new for the Fab Four, she set the direction for popular music in general, and her composition has been compared to the music of Mozart and called an attempt to escape from the "perennial epidemic of the avant-garde" (Composer Howard Goodall). According to the same composer, "Eleanor Rigby" is "an urban version of a tragic ballad".

One thing is for sure: if you're not a fan of the Beatles, you would have had a hard time living in the 60s. Of the five most popular singles, three belong to the group from Liverpool.

The third single from our list contained two songs: "Paperback writer" and "Rain". The first song was written in response to a challenge given to Paul McCartney... by his aunt. She once asked Paul why they write love songs all the time? Can't you write about something else? (This question was not only yours, Paul McCartney's aunt!). The song is a letter from an aspiring author to a publisher.

Side "B" of the disc was devoted to another unusual, but more lyrical theme - rain. According to John Lennon, the idea for the song came to them in Sydney, as they were there during the rainy season. "Rain" is dedicated to those people who "always whine about bad weather."

Something special is also connected with this song: it was the first time in pop music that the effect of an inverted soundtrack was used. While both Lennon and George Martin have credited the idea of playing part of a record backwards, in any case, this experiment set off many similar innovations that would later find their way into the Beatles' next album, Revolver.

Innovative vibrations - pleasant vibrations

Another innovator in the world of music was the members of The Beach Boys. The "Good Vibrations" single was made up of parts recorded at four different studios. Brian Wilson compared the recordings of all four studios and chose the best segments. This was the first time this approach had been taken to create a track, and although it ended up costing $50,000 to create, the effort paid off with a vengeance - the song became a hit, reaching number one on the most famous charts, and also took 6th place on the list " Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards the following year, 1967.

In addition to the fact that all the songs that we talked about today took first place in the charts and conquered millions of listeners, they brought something new to the creation of music in general. Now the beauty of the melody was the fruit of the work of not only performers and songwriters, but also sound engineers who could make something new, special and unrecognizable from the melody. So the music reflected the spirit of novelty, which is the aesthetics of the 60s.

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