Surprising facts about the music industry in the '70s - Part Two

This is the untold or incompletely elucidated truth about the '70s...

The Music Industry in the Seventies - The Most Interesting Stories and Facts: Part Two

About The '70s in music We can talk endlessly - too many discoveries happened in this period in the industry. At the very least, the first thing that comes to mind is the emergence of glam rock, discoThe reign of the "thundering heavyweights" in the charts replaced the "softer" sounding Beatles or, say, The Beach Boys.

But today we will continue to remember the most curious episodes of the decade that in one way or another have become iconic and are forever in history. And yes: these episodes not always bright...Rather, it is the untold or not fully elucidated truth about the '70s.

Commerce on schoolgirls

The Runaways
The Runaways

In the '70s, commerce in the music industry reached a new level: managers now planned to make money not just from music, but On young girlswho would play rock. This was the case with The RunawaysI was in a group of schoolgirls. But they were treated like adults, one might even say, like men. Their manager Kim Foley was a real monster in the flesh: he lavishly gave the girls substances to control their minds, taught them sexuality and emancipation, and threw heavy objects at them during rehearsals, thus preparing them to meet the fans. But his already savage behavior was at times much more brutal...

Foley reinforced his formidable status with insults and... assaults. For example, in 1975, at a New Year's Eve party, he attacked a 16-year-old Jackie Fox. The girl was too weak to fight back. The creepiest thing is that the people at the party were watching, but no one decided to help the poor guy... It was a big trauma for the bassist of The Runaways.

"I carried this sense of shame around in me and thought it was my fault for decades..."

The Creepy Story of Badfinger


In the seventies, managers were particularly violent. And if they didn't physically attack you, they could easily destroy you morally. That's what happened to Badfinger, the first band to sign with Apple Studios since The Beatles. Paul McCartney particularly appreciated their style and even took the band under his wing - he pursued them to the point that Badfinger became famous as "the new great four.. McCartney wrote the song "Come And Get It" for them, which reached No. 4 in the U.K. upon its release in 1970. In general, the United States, too, was very enthusiastic about the band.

Badfinger was supposed to have a great and bright future, but it never came, because the band made a terrible mistake - they trusted their finances to the manager Stan Polley. Pauly wasn't just greedy - in addition to taking all the band's money, he also left behind a contract under which they could no longer make money without him. On the morning of April 24, 1975, the band's frontman Pete Ham "done with everything." He had a pregnant wife and a recently purchased house that he now could not afford. In his suicide note, he blamed Polly for his act. Eight years later. Tom Evans did the same thing...

The theft of the late Graham Parsons

Graham Parsons
Graham Parsons

Singer and songwriter Graham Parsons died of excessive use of substances in September 1973. But his rock 'n' roll life continued to haunt Parsons after his death, and in a very strange way...

So: On September 20, two drunken men in cowboy hats stole Parsons' body and took him to Joshua Tree, California. These were Phil Kaufman, Parsons' manager, and his friend. But why? Subsequently, the friend explained this strange act:

"Graham's body was on its way to Continental Airlines in LAX, from where it was to be sent back to his stepfather in New Orleans. But Kaufman was adamant: 'Parsons didn't want him buried in Louisiana,' he said. A few months before his death, Parsons told Kaufman, "If I die, I want somebody to drink beer, take me to the desert, and burn my body.

So, under cover of night, the two took Parsons' body to Joshua Tree and set fire to his coffin. Needless to say, this brought them a fine. However, since there was no law against this kind of theft yet, Kaufman and his friend were fined only for stealing the coffin.

Bobby Farrell sang in someone else's voice

Bobby Farrell
Bobby Farrell

Boney M. - The legendary disco band that reigned in the '70s and was the most popular and commercially successful of its kind. Many of their songs like "Rasputin" became classics for the ages. Except... who actually sings them?

Bobby Farrell sang in someone else's voice is a fact, and at the same time not really. From the beginning to the Christmas album of 1981 Frank FarianFarian, their producer, sang male vocals on all of Boney M.'s biggest hits. When Farian recorded the last two albums with the band he did not sing on any of the songs. Instead the male voice on these recordings is actually Bobby Farrell's.

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