How Roy Orbison wrote the song "Pretty Woman" and other hits of the 64th

The best songs of the 64th - The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Louis Armstrong and their ingenious compositions ...

Popular Hits 1964

The 1960s were a very interesting time. On the one hand, new stars were born, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones began their path to success, and on the other hand, Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong performed on stage. What was popular at that busy time? Both that, and that, if to speak shortly. But we won't talk briefly...

Best songs of the year

There is nothing particularly surprising that of the five top hits of the year, three positions belong to The Beatles. The group, formed just a couple of years ago, in the 64th already bathed in the adoration of the public. The circulation of records exceeded one million copies.

Beatles For Sale (1964)
Beatles For Sale (1964)

Our list opens with the single “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, recorded in November 63rd. By the time the song was released in the UK, it had already collected a million pre-orders. Overseas, in the USA, at first they doubted whether a foreign record would be popular among Americans. Can print 200,000 copies? Isn't it too much? But after the release of the song on the radio, it became clear that the song was a hit. Capitol Records releases one million copies.

The song itself is divided into two parts. The first is intense and bright, slowly flowing into the second - soft and satisfied.

The next composition of the group took place in the list of 500 Greatest songs of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine. Here's how the band's drummer Ringo Starr describes the song's appearance:

Once, after we worked all day and evening, I thought it was still day, and said: “It was a difficult day ...” - I looked out the window, noticed that it was dark there, and corrected myself: - Evening after a difficult day.

So the name of the song "A Hard Day's Night" appeared.

This composition became the soundtrack to the musical of the same name, the first in which The Beatles starred.

Well, the last, this time, The Beatles' song from the list of hits of the year is "I Feel Fine". The lyrics were co-written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The single became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and was included in the group's permanent repertoire.

Now let's leave The Beatles to rest for a while. There are two more places on the list. One of them was occupied by the composition of Roy Orbison, known to us from the film "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere - "Oh, Pretty Woman".

The song has a rather funny history of creation, namely, one shopping trip long. When Roy Orbison and his companion Bill Diz were trying to come up with a new song (that is, they were just playing whatever came to mind), Roy's wife came into the room and announced that she was going to go shopping. Roy asked if she needed money, and Beal simply retorted: "Pretty woman never needs any money (Pretty woman never needs money)." Roy instantly picked up the idea and sang back: "Pretty woman walking down the street." When Roy's wife returned from shopping, the song was ready.

"Pretty Woman" became a hit and topped the charts in various countries. For three weeks it was number one on the Billboard hit list.

The last song on the list is shrouded in legends. The House of the Rising Sun. It is said that her words were written by two Kentuckians and set to the music of a traditional English ballad. After that, it was performed by jazz and rock singers. It was arranged by Dave Van Ronk, then a very popular performer in the 60s, Bob Dylan, and after him - The Animals. It was their version that gained worldwide fame.

Like any legend, the song has many interpretations. What is the House of the Rising Sun? Perhaps this is a brothel, maybe a gambling house, or maybe a tavern. The essence of the song is that the narrator ruined his life in this place.

Dave Van Ronk sheds some light on the history of this song. Initially, the ballad was sung by a woman. When the musician was in New Orleans (the setting of the song's story), he saw an old photograph of a building with a picture of the rising sun over the front door. He asked the owner of the photo what kind of place it was. He replied that it was a women's prison.

Whatever the meaning of the song, it became a hit in 1964 and then covered many times by famous pop and rock musicians.

Bestsellers and awards

In addition to hit lists in various music publications, there is another very sure sign of popularity - sales.

While "I Want to Hold Your Hand" was the top-selling single in the US, which crossed over into the hit list, sales in the UK went to another Beatles single, "Can't Buy Me Love". The song is also featured in the musical A Hard Day's Evening. The essence of the lyrics of the song is that despite the rather great importance of material well-being, money cannot give a person what is truly important, "love cannot be bought."

The Grammy Award for Song of the Year went to the great and inimitable Louis Armstrong for "Hello, Dolly!". The song also climbed the Billboard chart and knocked off the "Can't Buy Me Love" title we talked about earlier. So, 63-year-old "Sachmo" became the oldest performer who took first place in the Billboard charts.

With this beautiful song, we will complete our today's small parade of hits. The 64th year was really successful, very interesting compositions appeared and became popular, which are pleasant to listen to today.

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