Top 10 Musical Masterpieces of A-ha in the 90s and 2000s

In this compilation, we have collected the 10 best tracks of the A-ha group, written since the early 90s.

We continue to talk about the best hits of the Norwegians

Creative group range "A-ha" very wide: that's why they succeed compose song for few watch, shoot interesting clips with deep plot and varied graphics. Them compositions enjoy now. In this article collected the best tracks of the band from 1990 to 2009.

Group "A-ha"

"East of the Sun" (1990)

This song attended in the fourth studio album "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". It was released on October 27 1990 label Warner Bros. records». Samo title songs refers us to the Norwegian fairy tale. The album was something like waste from earlier romantic-friendly band sounding to more dark tone. He reached first places in my native Norway and top 20 in various European countries and Japan.

Early Morning (1991)

"Early Morning" came out in 1991 as the third single from the album "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" (1990). Filmed to promote the single video clip, staged Michael Burlingamewhereas black and white frames videos were captured Lauren Savoy, the wife of Victor.

"Dark Is the Night For All" (1993)

"Dark Is the Night for All" released May 24 1993 as host singles from fifth studio album Memorial Beach (1993). Released by label Prince's Paisley Park Studios. Exists two versions music video: first was forbidden due to violent scenes, but second version can enjoy and today.

The video shows people in various forms slavery and raise issues social injustice. It was also the last single "A-ha"released in United States.


"Angel in the Snow" (1993)

Single version of the song is called "Angel". The composition was written as wedding gift for Lauren, wives main songwriter and guitarist Paul Voctor. On the Norwegian weddings accepted that the future husband recognized in love to the bride unique way, and "Angel in the Snow" was gift Paul.

The song was created in heavy time for the group canceled many of their concerts and was approaching creative the crisis.

Norwegian band "A-ha" in their youth
Norwegian band "A-ha" in the early 90s

"Summer Moved On" (2000)

"Summer Moved On" was like first group's first single for several years. The musicians wrote the track quickly, specifically to speak at the event Nobel Peace Prize in 1998, where they called after the collapse.

The song became hit number 1 on the radio for the most part Europe, including topping the charts in their native Norwayand the group continued enroll and protrude together with significant international success. The single sold out 2.5 million copies around the world. Toward the end of the composition, Morten holds one note for 20.2 seconds, which is a record among performers of modern pop songs.

"Minor Earth, Major Sky" (2000)

Minor Earth Major Sky came out as second single from the sixth studio album of the same name album (2000). Clip filmed for the song Philip Stölzl in an abandoned mine Czech Republic. Suitsworn by the members of "A-ha" were reproductions real moon suits: originally they were used in the 1995 film Apollo 13.

Lifelines (2002)

Lifelines was second single and capital track from the album of the same name "A-ha" 2002. Clip for this song is based on a Norwegian short film movie "A Year Along the Abandoned Road"taken Morten Skullrood in 1991.

Faster frame-by-frame shooting in 50 thousand times exceeded normal speed. Original the movie lasted 12 minutes and was removed within 105 days and edited according to length songs and scenes with band members. Subject short film was børfjord, a semi-desert fishing village in northern Norway, near Hammerfest. In early presented poemwritten by the King of Norway Olaf V.

Forever Not Yours (2002)

"Forever Not Yours" became the first single from the album Lifelines. Artists ironically approached the choice release dates: a song about impossible love came out in the most romantic day of the year - The 14th of February. The track was taken to London, and the clip was filmed on Cuba, whose plot is based on references to Noah's ark.

"Analogue" ("All I Want") (2005)

This title track from the eighth studio of the same name album (2005). The song was released as singles December 30th 2005 and entered top 10 hits in Norway and the UK.

original version of the song was called Minor Key Sonata (Analogue) and, like the rest of the album, was produced Swedish musician Martin Terefe and reduced British producer Mark "Flood" Ellis. Then he was invited Max Martinto turn Minor Key Sonata (Analogue) in more radio format song, with less surreal lyrics and more memorable chorus. In addition to the sound of the song, changed also the title "Analogue (All I Want)". Video, which was filmed in black and white, directed by Howard Greenhalgh.

"Foot of the Mountain" (2009)

"Foot of the Mountain" was released as the lead single from ninth of the same name studio album (2009). The track was used as official anthem world championship athletics the same year, held in Berlin. The work has reached Third places in Germany is the most successful single groups in the charts of this country since "Take On Me" in 1985.


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