Top 5 Russian rockers who have not received a musical education

    What can be achieved in music without special education? Think nothing? And the heroes of our top were able to climb the Olympus of musical glory. Let's take a look at how they did it and more.

    Famous Russian musicians without education: history, creativity, facts from the biography

    What does a good person need musician? Good education? Not always! We decided to recall Russian musicians who managed to become famous without training in musical school. Thanks to diligence and talent, these artists themselves learned to play music.

    Viktor Tsoi ("Cinema")

    Viktor Tsoi with guitar
    Viktor Tsoi with guitar

    iconic singer Born in the family of an engineer and a physical education teacher. None Of Tsoi's parents, he was not fond of music, and Viktor himself paid great attention to drawing during his school years. In 1974 parents recorded son to art school, where Tsoi studied for three years.

    Tsoi began to show interest in music from the fifth grade. Then the parents bought to him guitaron which the future musician learned to play independently.
    At the art school, Tsoi meets Maxim Pashkov. Soon Tsoi and Pashkov organize the Ward No. 6 group. Speaking in a group, Choi quickly improved musical skills.

    After graduation, Choi often played at the “kvartirniks”, where he met Alexei Rybin and Oleg Valinsky. In 1981, the musicians will create a group «Garin and the Hyperboloids». In this composition, the group will exist not for long: soon Valinsky will be taken to the army, and the name of the group will change to "Kino".

    Yuri Shevchuk (DDT)

    Yuri Shevchuk with fans
    Yuri Shevchuk with fans

    Like Tsoi, Yuri Shevchuk from an early age was fond of drawing, developed skills in the art studio at the House of Pioneers. Shevchuk's drawings were liked by teachers and often received awards in competitions. Because of this, at an early age, he thought about professional career artist.

    Then, in his school years, Shevchuk is fond of music, independently masters playing the guitar and button accordion. Sometimes he takes private music lessons.

    After graduating from school, Yuri enters the institute for the art and graphic direction. And after a while it starts tear between two hobbies - music and drawing. As a result, musical aspirations gain top, and Shevchuk begins to devote more time music – spending hours rehearsing and playing covers in a rock band.

    After graduating from the institute, Yuri Yulianovich continues to play in groups - together with "Free Wind" and "Kaleidoscope" he will receive the first musical awards and the first serious an experience. At the end of 1979, Yuri Shevchuk called into an obscure group that would soon become known as DDT.

    Andrey Makarevich ("Time Machine")

    Andrey Makarevich
    Andrey Makarevich

    Makarevich's father was an amateur musician, and his mother had a musical education, in the Makarevich's apartment all day music played, and Andrei himself from an early age got carried away with the game on the piano under the supervision of his father. Later, the son will be sent to a music school to learn to play the piano, but Andrei quickly drop out of school and stop going to music school.

    At the age of 12, Makarevich began to learn to play the guitar on his own. Vysotsky and Okudzhava became his inspirers, Makarevich wanted to play the same music as idols, so he began compose poems. Often played bard and courtyard songs, sometimes even of their own composition.

    In the eighth grade, Andrei Makarevich founded the group "The Kids", with which he will perform covers to foreign songs.

    In 1969, together with classmates Makarevich creates the Time Machine group, thanks to which he will become famous. So far, Makarevich remains an active member of the group, writes lyrics, composes compositions and performs songs of the group.

    Vyacheslav Butusov

    Vyacheslav Butusov
    Vyacheslav Butusov

    As a child, the musician was fond of yard games, adored hockey. Butusov's mother wanted her son to develop comprehensively and enrolled him in an art school. The boy liked to draw, but, in addition to drawing, he also wanted to do music and hockey.

    In the fourth grade, Butusov seriously wanted to study music and asked my parents guitar. Mom recalls in an interview:

    “Already in the fourth grade, he asked for a guitar. It was not easy to get her. But the son did not let up. We went to the district center and found a guitar for seven rubles. This first guitar, unfortunately, was not preserved. Who knew who Slava would become!

    When Butusov was 15 years old, the family moved to Sverdlovsk. By that time he already learned to play on the guitar and became seriously interested in music. He even had an experience performances together with the BIGVIRUS group.

    Later, Butusov's mother got a job at the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic and often let her son and friends go to the performances of popular Soviet artists.

    After graduating from school, Butusov entered the architectural institute. Here he met Dmitry Umetsky, who, like Vyacheslav, strongly was fond of foreign music. The guys spent a lot of time together, rehearsing and were playing songs "Led Zeppelin", "Time Machine", "Resurrection".

    After graduating from the institute, Butusov and his friends create the Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves group. The band's name will later change to "Nautilus pompilus" in honor of the clam. Participants liked absurdity group names.

    Egor Letov ("Civil Defense")

    Egor Letov
    Egor Letov

    Godfather of Russian punk rock too didn't have musical education, learned to play himself.

    Igor (real name Yegor Letov) is seriously engaged in music after finishing school. Prior to this, Letov’s parents hired a teacher to learn how to play the piano, but Yegor Letov opposed this. As a result, the teacher said that the guy simply had no hearing and refused to work with him.

    In 1982, together with Konstantin Ryabinov, nicknamed Kuzya Uo and like-minded people, he formed rock band "Sowing". The group has been around for several years.

    In 1984 Letov and Kuzya Uo organize already another group called "Civil Defense". Soon the band begins to record musical works.

    It is noteworthy that most of the recordings were made in apartment conditions. The group's music has been repeatedly subjected to criticism from the side authorities, so that the participants of "Civil Defense" tried not to resort to the help of studios.

    Shortly after the start of recording, "Civil Defense" became popular in Siberia, and then, after 1985, throughout the country.

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