Millions of people refuse to "acknowledge" these stars

There are a huge number of conspiracy theories, supposedly our favorite performers died and were secretly replaced by look-alikes... Is this true or not?

Famous musicians and their impersonators - is it really true?

Celebrities - people are quite strange. But their fans, at times, are even stranger... For example, millions of people around the world are still convinced that "clones among us". There are a huge number of conspiracy theories, supposedly our favorite performers died and were secretly replaced by look-alikes.

The man known as Donald Marshallwho claimed to have been born on a secret celebrity clone farm, where he was forced to write hits for clone pop singers! Can you believe it? And yet, there were those who did. It was these people who spread the craziest theories on the Internet, which seems to be some kind of crazy...

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Have you heard anything about a man named Anton Shandor Lavey? He was the founder and high priest of the "Church of Satan" as well as a prominent ideologue of the occult and Satanism. All in all, a rather unholy person... He had a daughter by the name of Zina ShrekThe first was a woman who briefly rose to the head of the organization, then became a visual artist and practically fell into obscurity. Where are we going with this? According to the theory of some, the popular singer Taylor Swift - her clone.

For what purpose did Shrek agree to be cloned to create a challenging but undeniably talented pop star? That's a good question. But people who believe it claim that this is how Zina decided to "enslave minds and carry out her sinister plans for humanity. By the way: Zina is still alive and well, and she may yet have to comment on whether Swift really is her clone.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

The craziest and oldest theory on our list, which originated even without the Internet! For more than half a century, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been trying to find proof that the iconic Beatle Pole McCartney - is not at all who he says he is. Everything from album covers trying to find "hidden messages" to photos of Paul before and after 1966. And here's why...

According to the theory, the real McCartney died in 1966 in a car accident. Since the Beatles were at the height of their popularity at the time, this could have played into their hands... And so (allegedly), they decided to replace a colleague doppelganger. When this information reached Paul, he apparently thought it was a great subject for black humor, and just started "plant evidence." as covers of "Abbey Road" or "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," with his back to the camera as the only one of the band.

Avril lavigne

Avril lavigne
Avril lavigne

Today's generation of listeners knows Avril lavigne as a punk pop singer. But Internet theorists don't believe that, and call her a Melissa (for some reason). And here's why...

There have been rumors since the mid-2000s that the real Avril died and was replaced by a clone (which reminds us of something...). Why all of a sudden? Well, the first "wake-up call" were lyrics along the lines of "the day you slipped away was the day I found it," as well as changes in the singer's style. The public reacted anxiously when Lavigne made Melissa" tattoo. No one, of course, thought about the fact that it could just be her favorite tea (for example). After all, no one knows what's in a punk-pop singer's head, right?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

The one you hardly expected to see here. However, conspirators never rest. Britney Spears - the same "hot girl from the 2000s" who overcame a lot of difficulties along the way, gained world fame and... fell into despair. It wasn't long ago that she finally got rid of the highly questionable custody set up by her father and is slowly coming to her senses. But here's the thing: According to some, it wasn't Britney who experienced the much-publicized breakdown in 2008, it was her look-alike.

In the mid-2000s, Britney had a scandal with the label, and supposedly she was simply replaced by a more compliant look-alike. The one mentioned at the beginning of the article Donald Marshall, of course, saw all the references to this in Spears' music videos, and some actually believed him. As for Britney, she inadvertently fueled the theories by posting pictures of herself in which she looked quite different from what fans are used to seeing her.... Without makeup!


The Real Slim Shady (Eminem) Song History

What do they say about Eminem? Well, based on previous "revelations" it is not difficult to guess: he died tragically and was replaced by a double. But what is most amusing about this theory is the evidence.

For years, thousands of people have persistently searched for proof that old Eminem is not Eminem at all, but a fake. Slim Shady. And here are the main factors indicating this: his tracks have become more aggressive and yet ridiculously complex, he has grown a beard, and his jaw has changed slightly. For obvious reasons, no man on Earth looks the same as he did 20 years ago, but the theorists don't seem the least bit confused. Well - if sometimes you feel like you're doing some nonsense, just remember these people! And we'll call it a day.

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