The idols of the 20th century who made the word "Rockstar" synonymous with their name

"If you overflow pure blood, it will just kill you..."

These rampant musicians epitomize the word "Rockstar"

By the word "Rockstar." we mean rebels, including problems with the law and "playing with fire. Throughout their careers, these rockers were like testing their fate, constantly throwing "firewood on the fire" with their crazy antics. Whether it was substance abuse, unbalanced and anarchist behavior, or all at once, some iconic performers of the 20th century gained a reputation for personifying the term "rock star" thanks to their inimitable personalities.

At times, the stories associated with these musical icons are literally unbelievable, given their level of absolutely chaotic madness! But what's even crazier is that all of them are still universally respected by music lovers of all kinds of genres. That's saying a lot.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

Leader The Doors was one of the first examples of boundless musical talent displayed in an unruly personality. In addition to his mysterious image, Morrison was rebel: he became the first performer in history to be arrested in the middle of a show right on stage!

At concerts, Jim was constantly striving to create conflicts He said absolutely everything that was on his mind with his harsh remarks. He was in trouble with the law - an unpleasant conversation with a police officer was like saying "Good afternoon" to a neighbor. He died at 27, and to this day his death is still the focus of myths and assumptions.

Axl Rose

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

One of the most unpredictable The band's frontman, Rose, has also always loved to stir up trouble around him, even at a mature age. Fans and critics have long dubbed him crazy, and apparently Axl tries hard to live up to his image.

At concerts Guns N' Roses Axl was a constant crowd-pleaser, which sometimes led to the total destruction of the venue, as well as a police squad and an ambulance - dangerous business, being a fan of Rose! This charismatic beauty was famous not only for his cool voice, but also for his burning passion for three things: alcohol, girls and fist fights, whether with a fan, a policeman or a neighbor.

Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx

Having earned a reputation as an unstable party animal with a tendency to smash bottles over his own head on stage, at the height of his fame Six was in an iron grip. dependencies from heavy substances. And today we can safely say that Nicky was born with his shirt on, for in his time this "Rockstar." survived clinical death. But even after that, Six could not calm down for a long time, literally running on the knife edge of fate...

To this day Mötley Crüe retain their reputation as one of the most scandalous bands in rock history, and this is due in no small part to Nikki's infamous exploits.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards
Keith Richards

As a young man, the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was the epitome of the word "rock star. Richards' rock 'n' roll adventures are forever part of history, and today we talk about them just as much as (if not more than) about the creative merits of this legend.

At the height of his fame, Keith used astronomical amounts of illegal substances, and once, in a fit of rage, shot into his own guitar! One of my favorite, by the way... In 1965, he was electrocuted and almost died, but woke up in hospital Richards only heartily laughed about the incident and the next night back on stage.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne as a young man
Ozzy Osbourne as a young man

Ozzy Osbourne not just the "Prince of Darkness" but also the king of rebels! Being the idol of millions, Osborne was fired from Black Sabbath. The reason? Uncontrollable addiction, which not only hindered the creative process, but also aggravated the relationships in the band.

Ozzie's wild escapades are talked about legends: it is known for a fact that at one of the concerts he bit a live bat in the neck! So far, no rocker has been able to surpass this performance...

Keith Moon

Keith Moon...
Keith Moon

One of the most respected and coolest drummers in history, Keith Moon He is also remembered as one of the craziest rock 'n' rollers for whom there were no rules. The Legend The Who was famous for her passion for liquor and...wrecking hotel rooms! It is known that bathrooms suffered particularly at the hands of the mischievous Moon.

The story goes that one day, having already checked out of one hotel, an alarmed Moon stated that forgot something. He ran upstairs to the room. What for? To throw the TV off the balcony into the pool. The hotel management must have cursed for a long time the second Keith suddenly remembered the unfinished business...


Lemmy, Toronto, 1987 (Smoking is bad for your health!)
Lemmy, Toronto, 1987 (Smoking is bad for your health!)

And completes our list Lemmy - legend Motörhead and one of the baddest rock 'n' rollers who ever lived.

Lemmy was known to be unarmed by the alluring vices of rock-star life, particularly alcohol and substances. His blood was so contaminatedthat the doctor even told the musician:

"If you overflow pure blood, it will just kill you."

Lemmy was a rebel who lived full throttleand yet he lived to be 70 years old! It seems fantastic.

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