Recalling one of Freddie Mercury's most dynamic love songs

"I'm obsessed with love! Isn't everyone the same way? Most of my songs are love ballads and things about sadness, heartache and pain. I seem to write a lot of sad songs, as I am an extremely tragic person. But there's always a bit of humor at the end!"

One of Freddie Mercury's best love songs: "My Love Is Dangerous" and its true meaning

Freddie Mercury - legendary singer, artist, and author, who over the course of his career (as with QueenHe wrote stunning classic numbers that are a pleasure to listen to today. But despite his success, world fame, and plenty of bohemian parties in his life - deep down, Freddie remained very lonely manwho are madly in love with their cats.

Love - something to which Mercury dedicated some of his best songs. For example - these include. "My Love Is Dangerous" from his 1985 solo album, Mr. Bad Guy. In it the artist sings about how his love is "dangerous" and that it is not a light and warm feeling, but on the contrary: something too painful, scary... What exactly inspired Freddie to make such a daring in terms of lyrics and so lively in terms of melody?

Inspiration and true meaning

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

In some of his interviews, the singer referred to this number. Thus, he once said:

"I once wrote a song called 'My Love Is Dangerous.' I feel like my love is Dangerous. I haven't really analyzed myself, but after all these years I just feel that I'm not a good partner for anybody, and I think the reason is my love. It's dangerous, it's destructive..."

Speaking of the title, Freddie added:

"Can you imagine writing a song called 'My Love is Safe'? It will never sell!"

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

In fact, Freddie had been harboring a lot of sadness. He was the number one star on stage! He rocked like it was the last show of his life! But in real life he was a modest man who didn't let almost anyone close to him. His circle of really close friends was very small. And his personal life was quite complex, ambiguous

"I wish people would acknowledge the fact that I'm human. It pisses me off that everyone sees me as a star in the first place! They're attracted to my stage persona. No one wants to love the real me. Inside, they're all in love with my fame... I want a relationship, but I feel like I have to fight that curse all the time. It's like I've created a monster! I need to find someone who will accept it in terms of a relationship, but it's very difficult. You're trying to separate the two - Freddie in life and Freddie on stage, and it's not easy - it's like two sides of the same coin. I've had many affairs in my life, but they all ended badly. It's very difficult to find someone real... Sometimes it's as if they didn't want me, they wanted pop star Freddie Mercury! But me and him - we're different people.

"A Passion for Love Ballads."

With Mary Austin...
With Mary Austin.

The theme of love dominated Mercury's work throughout his life. During his career the artist wrote enough love ballads that penetrate to the very soul... A striking example is "Love of My Life", a magnificent composition dedicated to Mary Austin.

"I'm obsessed with love! Isn't everyone the same way? Most of my songs are love ballads and things about sadness, heartache and pain. I seem to write a lot of sad songs, as I am an extremely tragic person. But there's always a bit of humor at the end!"

He had a warm relationship with Mary, but their paths parted when the artist realized that he unable to love women

Young Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury...
Young Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury

Nevertheless, their space communication The relationship between Austin and the singer remained until the singer's death. Austin was his good friend and "the only woman he ever loved.

"My partners kept asking me: What is it about Mary that they don't have? Why can't they replace her? I always told them that it's just not possible. To me Mary will always be my closest and dearest person. We didn't just have an affair. We were husband and wife. We had support, understanding, sincerity... We had love, and in some ways - it's still as strong as ever!"

Interesting Facts

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury
  • Remarkably, the group has Fleetwood Mac there is a single with almost the same name: "Love Is Dangerous". It was released in the very early '90s, but it didn't even make the UK chart. In the USA, meanwhile, it confidently reached number 7. Subsequently, the guitarist Rick Vito recorded his own solo version.

  • Mercury's solo album "Mr. bad guy" also included the song "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow". It was inspired by his relationship with the Austrian actress Barbara Valentine. This song was even played at her funeral...

  • Speaking of the album, many critics saw it as influenced by disco and dance music. The role of backup vocalist, by the way, went to Roger Taylor.

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