New Order: the story of a band that sought to avoid comparisons with Joy Division

Today in our article is the story of the band New Order, which was able to form its own style and became one of the greatest bands of our time.

All about the band New Order: the history of creation, the search for their style

It often happens that when a group of musicians is just starting to form, they clear some things up. One of the slippery topics in a band happens to be care one of the participants; this also raises the question of further group activities.

Some bands then look for a replacement for the departed member, while others announce the dissolution of the band. This is the turning point at which the history of a rock band begins new orderwhich appeared after the decay Joy Division.

Joy Division: more than just a group of musicians

Joy Division Group
Joy Division Group

Joy Division was born in 1976, when two of its future members, Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner, attended a concert of the legendary Sex Pistols. Later they were joined by drummer Stephen Morris and vocalist Ian Curtis, whose fate is associated with Start the formation of the band New Order.

A band that stepped away from punk and created its own unique Lazy and melancholy style, had decided long before the breakup that if one of them left, the collective ceases to exist or, if the others wanted to continue, would be called by a different name. This treaty was. destined take effect.

Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division
Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division

Frontman Curtis Throughout his career he struggled with his own problems: asthma, which prevented him from performing on stage, then problems with his wife and depression. Shortly before the band's first American tour in 1980, fans and band members were shocked by the news of Ian's suicide - his ex-wife Deborah found him hanging in the kitchen of her apartment. After the vocalist's death was released last Joy Division album titled Closer.

This is where the history of the band begins new order. By longstanding agreement of the members, the band was no longer performing under the name Joy DIvision, and was in search of new names for their project. The name for the band was suggested by their manager Rob Gratton: he found a combination of the words New Order in one of the newspaper articles The Guardian.

new order
new order

A keyboardist appeared in the band Gillian GilbertAll the band members were tried for the role of the vocalist. In the end the vocalist was Sumnerand Gillian replaced him on the guitar.

Finding your own unique sound

New Order in the Early Years
New Order in the Early Years

In the early '80s, the band was in search of his style. Since the tragedy affected most of the New Order members, the musicians out of habit started the start of the new band with the same grim and melodic songs by adding to them synthesizer. The only positive thing about the release of their debut album movement was the appearance of the mixing console in the arsenal of musicians. Thanks to it they could record their own records.

New Order Band. 80-е
New Order Band. 80-е

After a trip to New York, the group discovered an interest in post-disco, freestyle and electrowhich influenced their singles "Everything's Gone Green" and "Temptation.

The band's second album, released in 1983, is absolutely different from the work of Joy Division. This is where New Order drew on the mixing of early techno and its guitar sounds. The real gem of the album is the song "Blue Monday."which became the best independent single of all time in Great Britain.

New Order. 80-е

From 1985 to 1987, the group became increasingly oriented toward dance musicI was a member of the band, mixing the guitar style with the electronic style. This is clearly seen on the album Low-Life. In 1987 New Order released their most important compilation SubstanceThe songs on which were recorded were still developed in conjunction with Curtis.

New Order at this time
New Order at this time

After their Technique and Republic albums, the band fell apartand it was not until 1998 that they were revived. Three years later there was a release Get Readywhich moved away from the electronic style and contained more guitars.

From the early 2000s to the present, the band's style unchangedNew Order is currently working with a new lineup and releasing fresh hits on Internet sites.

The band's best records

New Order's updated lineup
New Order's updated lineup

The group has never given up on experimentswhich can be seen in their entire discography. Consider their Best albums and tracks.

Power, Corruption & Lies

Second New Order studio album, which contains many electronic songs that are feature the band. The record was widely acclaimed and hailed as one of the greatest albums of the 1980s. Critics praised the band for departure from the Joy Division sound and still accept it as quality music in the style of post-punk and synth-pop.


This record shows growth post-punk musicians to dance-rock. Despite the increasing emergence of electronic elements in the music, New Order managed to maintain a rock sound. Critics celebrate this album in the same way iconicas in the previous one.

Substance 1987

Substance 1987 - compilation album, which gathers all the singles bands. Critics reacted enthusiastically to the record, acclaiming it as the most popular New Order album. This album is on the list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Rolling Stone magazine.

Blue Monday

A song by the band New Order, released on cassette variations of their second studio album. This composition is fusion synth-pop and dance-alternative, inspired by musicians of the turn of the 70s and 80s. BBC Radio recognized the track as important link between '70s disco music and '80s dance house.

The Perfect Kiss

Released in 1985, the song has a completely different subject lyrics. The following themes appear in the text love and of deathHowever, the meaning of the song is currently unclear to the author as well. On this track appeared a lot of effectswhich were complicated The band was able to reproduce the sound of a frog squawking or the faint bleating of a sheep at the end of the recording. Soon the hardware malfunctions were sorted out and the band began to perform the song on stage.

True Faith

One of New Order's most popular songs, which was co-written by the band with By Stephen Hague. The single was released on the 1987 album Substance. As is the case with all the band's songs of the late 1980s, the words of the title do not occur in the lyrics of the song. This composition was created with the help of big of choice electronic equipment.

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