Top 6 songs sung by the incredible Noddy Holder

In our humble opinion, Slade left an indelible mark on world rock music! And the audience that listened to them live can only be envied. We suggest you dive into your youth and remember Noddy Holder's greatest vocal moments!

Songs that will take you back to your youth - Noddy Holder's Top Vocal Moments

Noddy Holder forever settled in our hearts domestic listeners! Together with the group Slade he burst onto the world rock arena and demonstrated all the power and splendor of his the tart voicethat touches the heart and penetrates to the very soul...

Slade were not as wildly popular abroad as their colleagues Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. But those who loved this strange in every sense of the word, have endured the devotion of the band to its sound through the years. The unusual style of the British band seemed to the public outlandish and funny. But he no longer attracted so much attention when Holder began to sing. From the very first verse, the crowd was hypnotized, because Noddy's voice was mesmerizing and nourishing. with extraordinary energy!


In our humble opinion, Slade left indelible mark in world rock music! And the audience that listened to them live can only be envied. Let's dive back into our youth and reminisce brightest Noddy Holder's vocal moments! It is with songs like these that he performs, such as "Far Far Away." or "Ooh La La in L.A."Many domestic listeners have the fondest memories of the old days of their youth...

"My Oh My."

Noddy Holder
Noddy Holder

Measured Ballad "My Oh My" proves: Holder is not only wild cries in the best tradition of rock! His voice is perfect for these too - very tender and touching works. To be fair, though, all of Noddy's songs are instantly heartfelt nature! This vocalist always touched the audience with his voice with its characteristic hoarseness.

The idea for "My Oh My" was born right before the concert! Guitarist Dave Hill was in full tune, and his playing suddenly reminded Jim Lee of bagpipes! Hill later called this composition his beloved in the Slade repertoire:

"At first I didn't like this song very much. But every time I discovered something new about it, I finally understood that it had a special magic..."

"Merry Christmas Everybody"

Another standout track that shows us Holder's greatness as a vocalist, it's a Christmas carol "Merry Christmas Everybody"!

At the time of the single's release, in 1973, Slade enjoyed pic its popularity! "Merry Christmas Everybody" quickly went viral million copies and was soon recognized as one of the most important hits in the British rockers' repertoire.

"Cum On Feel the Noize"

For "Slade." this song became their number one song in their homeland!

This is very crazy in its sound, and here Holder charges us with incredible energy! However, this is explained by the fact that "Cum On Feel the Noize" was inspired by the roar of the crowd at a Slade concert: legend has it that the noise was so powerful that Noddy "literally felt it in his chest"!

"Coz I Luv You"

Noddy Holder
Noddy Holder

One of the most beautiful compositions performed by Holder.

Just listen to how intelligently and cleverly he manages his voice, playing with overtones and volume in the chorus! And the signature "La la la la a la la la." sounds hypnotic.

"You're embarrassing me and smiling all over,
How much I love you.
You make a clown out of me and humiliate me,
And I love you!"

"Far Far Away."

This beautiful ode to the home is a Holder favorite in the Slade repertoire!

The way in which penetrating he sings this song, brings a slight melancholy even if you are already at home... But it is by no means not dull tune. This is the most real hitTo which a huge number of images appear before the eyes, and daring fantasies and thoughts of eternal and vital whirlwinds in the head!

"Ooh La La in L.A."

Slade's greatest hits!

And where to go without the main thing for domestic music lovers schlager? This Slade song is favorite in our country! But the most interesting thing is that it was not a success abroad, not even in the charts. To this day the band members themselves are sincerely surprised by this the phenomenon.

"Ooh La La in L.A." - is an uncomplicated, but very driving song about the adventures of British rockers in Los Angeles! Noddy sings it so infectiously and energetically, that you will willy-nilly start singing along: "U-la-la in L.A."!

Noddy Holder
Noddy Holder

And yet - Noddy Holder great vocalistwhose overdubbing impossible! No matter how many covers of the masterpieces mentioned in our article are made, no one has yet managed to come close to this genius, who in the distant '70s was famous among fans with his checkered pants and a posh cylinder on the head!


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