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Biography and best works of the famous director Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich is an American film director with German roots. Many of the works of this man are valued for large-scale scenes of explosions, disasters and all kinds of global destruction.

Emmerich was born on November 10, 1955 in the German mining city of Stuttgart in a family of wealthy businessmen who owned Solo Kleinmotoren. The father of the future filmmaker was a participant in World War II, where he was part of the Wehrmacht. But at the same time, according to Roland, it turned out that that he did not share Nazi views. And he condemned the actions of the leader of the Nazis in every possible way.

Roland Emmerich at a photo shoot
Roland Emmerich at a photo shoot

Director's personality

Emmerich's education began at the gymnasium and continued at the Film and Television School in Munich. There he learned the basics of film directing. The director does not hide the fact who is a fan of non-traditional sexual relations. In this context, he often donates to charities, funding the development and support of the film industry, which touched on LGBT issues. In addition, Roland takes part in actions that support representatives of this direction in third world countries.

Roland Emmerich is married to Omar de Soto. This turn of events was very unexpected for the public, since the director has never been a supporter of such a format of relations, which he has repeatedly stated. After that, his personal life became public.. The marriage was strong enough. From time to time, the director updates the content of his Instagram with pictures with his spouse.

Career start and Hollywood

At the age of 24, while still a student, Emmenich made his first motion picture. It was a short film and was called "French". Roland's graduation work was the sci-fi film Escape to the Universe. It became the highest-budget work for the entire existence of cinema, since about 1,000,000 marks were spent on it. The picture was the first to be presented at the Berlin Film Festival in 1984 and was considered one of the main contenders for the main trophy of the Golden Bear festival. As a result, the rights to the film were acquired by film distributors from 20 countries of the world. This success helped the director start founding his production company, Centropolis Films.

Emmerich speaking to fans
Emmerich speaking to fans

After some success with "Joey (Making Contact)", an English language but American finance film about a teenager who happens to make contact with his own deceased father, Emmerich enters glorious Hollywood. There, he shoots pastiches for Spielberg's "Hollywood Monsters" about the ghosts that inhabited an old building near the Hollywood hills, as well as the action science fiction film "Luna 44". It talked about criminals who created a colony in space. After that, Roland Emmerich shot a number of blockbusters. About them below.

"Universal Soldier"

This picture, released in 1992, became Emmerrich's debut work with producer Dean Devlin. It tells about the soldiers of the American army who died in the Vietnam War. Based on their bodies a secret program creates a super-soldiersuccessfully fighting modern terrorists. The film was a great success at the box office, and its costs paid off a little more than five times.

"Star Gates"

It was the debut major project of the producer and director, which took place in 1994. According to the plot, a certain mind of Ra settles on one of the planets with intelligent life. After that, he penetrates the body of one of the locals and becomes immortal.. Then Ra establishes his own colony, but on a completely different planet. And then it is the turn to intervene in all this earthlings, who go in search of the creature.

"Independence Day"

The 1996 movie combines a disaster movie and trash movies from the 50s. Events begin to unfold when aliens attack the Earth and begin to ruthlessly destroy it. Most of the capitals of large states have been destroyed. But the US President, pilot and scientist remains alive. Together they manage to save our planet. The film did not involve special movie stars, but the success was mind-blowing.


The excellent performance of the film described before this prompted Emmerich to creating a story about this radioactive monster. It appears as a result of nuclear tests in one of the corners of the planet, coming out of the depths of the ocean. After that, Godzilla hurries to New York, where, of course, no one has ever expected him. A zoologist and a French intelligence agent begin to fight the fiend of evil. And, of course, not without the US Air Force.


This brutal drama was released in mid-2000. Especially for the accuracy of recreating all the historical subtleties, cooperation was organized with historians from American universities, who acted as consultants. The film is about America's struggle for independence from the British crown. The appearance of Mel Gibson in the frame gave the film a special effect.

"Day after tomorrow"

This film was shot on one of the director's favorite themes: grandiose shots of the destruction of cities, melodramatic moves associated with the separation and return of a father to his son, environmental problems. The plot of the film is based on the destruction of the ozone layer of our planet.leading to the Ice Age. The image of the details of the ecological catastrophe came out very believable, and the audience enthusiastically perceived what they saw and were impressed for a long time.


In mid-November 2009, another disaster film from Roland Emmerich hit theaters. As in the case of "The Day After Tomorrow", it reveals another version of the global apocalypse. The film was named so because the dates of December 21-23, 2012 were also mentioned
in the Mayan calendar. In the predictions of this people, it was specified that it was on these days that the End of the World was to occur.


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