Little-known classic rock albums worth listening to

We tried to find a couple of really good and interesting, but for various reasons little-known classic rock albums...

Little-known classic rock albums worth checking out

When we're talking about classic rock albumsThe first thing that comes to mind is the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and dozens of other legendary artists. Their creativity is great and it is very difficult to overestimate it: almost every record of these rock giants is a classic of their generation and a masterpiece for centuries... And, more than sure, their albums are in the collection of every music lover. But what about other, lesser known artists? Is there anything out there to listen to?

We tried to find a couple of really good and interesting ones, but for different reasons obscure albums of classic rock. Most likely, you won't find any familiar names on our list, but that's the point - why not familiarize yourself with the work that has remained in the shadows for decades. Even in the biggest pile of sand you can find a pearl, so - let's not devalue these works at once. We suggest listening to them in person, and getting to know their performers at the same time.

Black Oak Arkansas - High on the Hog (1973)

Black Oak Arkansas
Black Oak Arkansas

If you like southern rock - His swaggering dreamy motifs, lazy riffs and uncomplicated lyricism - then this album will surely hook you. Maybe not a masterpiece, but unique and interesting in its own way. "High on the Hog" combines the best traditions of southern rock and Black Oak Arkansasof the genre!

This record is best known for including a wonderful cover of the "Jim Dandy" by Laverne Baker. But if you listen hard enough, you'll find other catchy tunes, like - "Red Hot Lovin'" or "High 'N' Dry".

Shortly after release, the following review appeared:

"They're eccentric enough to rank alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd, but these guys masterfully blend country and rock sounds - an amazing ability that definitely appeals."

Black Oak Arkansas was founded in 1963, and its popularity peaked in the 70s. The highlight of the band was not only the southern motifs, but also the recognizable husky voice Jim "Dandy" Mangrumwho was also a sensation on stage during his performances.

Love - Forever Changes (1967)

Arthur Lee
Arthur Lee

Probably only a few people know about this band. But their album "Forever Changes." is widely regarded as one of the greatest of the genre. psychedelic rock! Some critics call this record a milestone in the development of psychedelia. Sometimes they say about this album as follows: "It's all the best of the 1960s combined in 11 tracks". And for the most part it is. Here dazzling folk-rock merges with dramatic orchestral pop and extravagant psychedelia... It took years for it to be recognized as a work of genius, but today it is considered one of the greatest.

Inspiration came to the bandleader, Arthur Leeand was inspired by the Los Angeles psychedelic scene. Tracks from the album, such as "A House Is Not a Motel." or "The Red Telephone., Arthur, as a vivid representative of the counterculture of the 60's, described his thoughts on what was happening in the world at that time, emphasizing that "sunlight will not vaporize all the dark spots in people's souls...".

It was the third and last album recorded by the original lineup of the band. But even despite the lineup changes, the band still exists to this day (although it does not record).

Fever Tree - Fever Tree (1968)

Album of the same name by a little-known psych-rock band Fever Tree 1968 is a dizzying masterpiece of dramatic melodies and sharp riffs. The record sounds magical: it is truly addictive, thought-provoking, doesn't let your brain get bored and maybe gives you a little nostalgia for good old rock....

Much of the material was written by a duo of songwriters, the spouses of the Scott and Vivian Holtzman.. The biggest hit from the album was the single "San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)."and it was only years, or even decades, later that the value of the record was recognized.....

Big Star - 1 Record (1972)

For years, the American rock band Big Star and their 1972 debut album "1 Record"with its abundance of enchanting harmonies and melodies have gone unnoticed. But thanks to tracks like the stunning "Thirteen."It is now revered as a cult classic that deserves a place on your shelf. By the way: the top Rolling Stone publication put this record on their list 500 greatest albums of all time! It is now considered a seminal work in pop-rock and power-pop.

Remarkably, the main idols of the Big Star contestants were... Beatles! And especially Lennon and McCartney: their ability to work as a coherent authorial team has greatly influenced the style of the band and its creativity. By the way: the band went through several reunions, and in total released 8 live albums! But only 4 studio albums....

Priscilla Coolidge - Gypsy Queen (1970)

And we decided to complete our list with this unusual, but incredibly charming record female. Performer, Priscilla Coolidge, has little fame - unlike her tumultuous personal life, which ended very tragically for her....

Her 1970 debut album "Gypsy Queen." - is a mesmerizing serving of blues, blistering soul and chugging rock wrapped in her desperate, husky singing ...


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