Remember the best songs performed by the irresistible Olga Voronets

Today we decided to remember some of the best songs performed by this unrivaled woman. We also decided to dilute our selection with interesting facts from Olga Borisovna's life. It will not be boring!

Olga Voronets: the best songs and main hits of the native performer, interesting facts

Olga Voronets - one of the most beloved and in-demand native performers in the genre of folk and pop music. A native of Smolensk, the future star was born in a musical family and received a truly aristocratic upbringing - in many respects, it was the merit of her grandmother, who came from impoverished Smolensk noblemen. As a child, Olga experienced parental divorceHowever, she always remained in a warm relationship with her father. Her life was rich, bright, passionate... So was her art, in which one could feel not just "a part of the soul", but the true Russian spirit.

Today we decided to remember some of the best songs performed by this unsurpassed woman. We also decided to dilute our selection with interesting facts about Olga Borisovna's life. So - enjoy your listening!

"I look at the blue lakes"

Olga Voronets
Olga Voronets

She started out small, but her star lit up pretty quickly. At the peak of her fame, Olga Voronets had a gorgeous repertoire, and could boast that she worked with brilliant composers. She traveled extensively throughout the Soviet Union with concerts, and audiences loved her unconditionally.

Alas, for all her talent, Olga Borisovna was never able to fulfill one of her most cherished dreams. And that is A role in a movie or theater. She had a great education and charisma, but she was not called - did not go in that direction somehow. Although once, when she was in her seventh decade, she had the opportunity to play a villager - a lame woman who was older than her husband. Such an offer the artist refused - not that she had dreamed all her life.


It may not be the most popular song performed VoronetsBut it meant a lot to the singer.

At the beginning of her career, Olga performed easy pop songs. She turned to folk art quite by accident, but as it turned out, it was her element. The song "Kalinka." has made the singer widely known in the genre, earning her the nickname Olga Kalinka.

"Why do you girls love the pretty ones?"

Olga Voronets
Olga Voronets

At the height of fame Voronets and Zykina was often referred to as "rivals." - They had a common listener. Although to be fair, their repertoire was different. And they have never been rivals - each was developing in its own direction.

One day Olga decided to "experiment a bit," and sang a song by Zykina "Mama, Sweet Mama.". Ludmila Georgievna got angry and said:

"What do you need it for? It's my song, and it sounds my way!"

"Where do I get a song like that?"

Olga Voronets
Olga Voronets

Strange as it may seem, at the beginning of the journey many discouraged Voronets from her career as a singer.

"They said: 'You don't need it, give it up already! There, how artists get pressed. Is that what you want?"

But fortunately for you and me, Olga Borisovna did not listen to anyone. In her own words, most of all she Motivated by phrase:

"No matter how hard you try, you can't sing better than Yurieva (Isabella)!"

"You're the one the world has come to see."

Olga Voronets
Olga Voronets

In Olga Borisovna's life there were A lot of lovewhich brought emotion and passion to her performance. Alas, her first love affair turned out to be a sad chapter of her life... The singer was not married to her first husband. They met in Smolensk, but soon the young man was taken to the front. Olga remained devoted to her beloved for many years and even when in 1948 he was sentenced for 6 years as a prisoner, she wrote him letters in prison.

When she was released, her husband could not go with Olga to Moscow - he was not allowed to do so. And the woman needed to build her career - she had little prospect in Smolensk. On that note they parted.

"My Village."

Olga was a great admirer of jewelry. And that drew attention to her - not at all something to aspire to. So, one day she was robbed! Unfortunately, she was never able to expose the culprits.

Despite her popularity and high-profile name, Voronets has always remained a simple woman. The singer loved to go to the market and did not mind bargaining. Seeing what expensive jewelry she was wearing, it made some sellers angry, to which Olga calmly replied:

"We're in a bazaar, gentlemen. I have to haggle here, otherwise everyone will think that I have no money. And that's not true. And I'm not in the habit of throwing money around.

"Grown Daughters."

Olga Voronets
Olga Voronets

This song was sung by Olga. in a special wayAnd there is a good reason for that... The reason that has always made the singer sad. Unfortunately, during her long life the singer could not have children. There is a rumor that the song "Grown Daughters." hit her right in the heart.

"You can't argue with nature. God didn't give it to me, and I'm powerless over him.

Lastly, we suggest enjoying three more great songs performed by Voronets.

"Charming Eyes"

"I am Earth."

"Sweet Berry."

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