Why Slipknot's drummer liked Pink Floyd's "One of These Days" so much

"One of these days I'm going to chop you into little pieces," are the only words of a very interesting Pink Floyd composition. What is the legend of "One of These Days" and why did Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison like it so much?

Pink Floyd's "One of These Days": the story of creation, success and legacy, and the admiration of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison

In the 1970s. progressive rock appears in music, drawing its origins from the psychedelic music of the 1960s, jazz, and to some extent academic elements of sound culture. Prog-rock is the pinnacle of the creative self of rock musicians, because playing in this style, if you can call it that, rockers were breaking away on the possibilities of synthesis of all possible musical genres and pseudo-genres.

The acknowledged masters of prog-rock are Pink Floyd. These Brits wowed the '70s scene with their incredible soundwhich ranged now and then from psychedelic to epic pieces mixed with classical and very long compositions that were not distinguished by simple music.

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

One of the Floyd's major creative explorations is the single "One of These Days."The opening act of the band's sixth studio album, titled "Meddle."which means "intervention" in English. The record was very experimental and allowed the members to try out new methods of mastering the creative process and studio work. The result - high lines in the charts in the UK and the USA. Music critics say that it was with the release of this album that "the real birth of Pink Floyd" took place. In the article - about the first composition from "Meddle" and its truly great force.

The story of a single with a truly sinister sound

"One of These Days." is a nearly six-minute track in which the conceptuality of Pink Floyd is taken to a new level. The basis of the single was laid by Roger Waterswho recorded the soundtrack on his Fender Precision bass guitar. The uniqueness of this tune is undoubtedly in its monotony and the effects superimposed with echo machines "Binson," and the addition of wind sounds.

Roger Waters
Roger Waters

If you listen to the song on headphones, you can hear two audio tracks Pink Floyd decided to add a duplicate part played by David Gilmore on another bass, which had older strings, making it sound more muffled. Added to the soloing instrument guitar experiments on the Fender Duo 1000 with a double fingerboard also fit very well into the composition of the track, which is developed by the organ PassagesThe keys of the keyboards are the same as the keys of the keyboards.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the favorite conceptualism "In "One of These Days," the instrumentation is interrupted by a vocal infusion by the drummer Nick Mason, reflecting the mood of the song as a whole. The robotic effect of Mason's voice was achieved by slowing down the magnetic tape and using ring modulation.

Nick Mason
Nick Mason

So, catchphrase "One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You into Little Pieces" was brilliantly framed. In fact, it was intended for a BBC radio host Jimmy YoungThe song was a great success, but it was not the only one that annoyed Pink Floyd members with its tedious and long speeches on the air. Interestingly, the "Floydians" strengthened the conceptuality of the track even more when they started to play "One of These Days" in the arrangement that included installation radio broadcasts with Young, to make it clear to everyone who this message is for.

The popularity and importance of the track

"One of These Days." has received single status in the U.S., Canada, Italy, and also in Japan. For the most part, its popularity is due to the genius instrumental solutions and techniques used by Pink Floyd in composition.

Therefore, it is not surprising that "One of These Days." has become a trademark of the Floyd at concerts, often opening the program and making a great impression. It is also interesting that many artists often rework this composition in new arrangements and produce their own cover versions. For example, the Disco Floyd Band recorded it in the disco style, and the Germans Haldolium even remade the legendary track in the trance style.

Also known is the performance of the metal band Metallica with a cover of "One of These Days." The Americans gave honor of the famous Pink Floyd recording by playing an excerpt from the song in Seoul.

The music critic from Rolling Stone magazine spoke positively about "One of These Days": "This song doesn't seem to bring anything new to Pink Floyd's signature style, yet every fragment of the melody is so well crafted, the instruments fit together perfectly. It's beautiful enough to give the impression of a positive, energetic opening."

Why does Joey Jordison like the song so much?

Personal fans include. "One of These Days." You can meet some rather unusual personalities. For example, the composition was praised by the drummer of the nu-metal band Slipknot Joey Jordison. Surprisingly, the tracks from the rather unusual album "Meddle" evoked unique emotions and musicians who cardinally did not seem to have anything in common with Pink Floyd.

Joey Jordison on his transition "to the dark side" thanks to "One of These Days: "That song was one of the first songs I listened to as a kid. As soon as I felt that echo and Waters' bass, I lost my temper, damn it!"

Joey Jordison at the Drum Set
Joey Jordison at the Drum Set

Drummer Slipknot in the interview noted both Nick Mason's distorted vocals, which made a frightening impression, and the overall drive of the song, which was achieved through the instrumental parts in particular, rhythm section. The sound of pre-industrial music gave rise to provocationand Jordison liked it a lot.

"'One of These Days' is a very strange song, so it really intrigued me as a kid," Joey concluded.


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