Joan Osborne and her timeless classic "One of Us"

"But what if God is one of us? Only a simpleton is one of us, Like the dude on the bus, That just keeps going home?"

The story of a heartfelt song - how "One of Us," Joan Osborne's biggest hit, was born

"One of Us." - This is the name of the song that made the Joan Osborne and, unfortunately, made her a performer one hit. Subsequently, the singer continued to release music, but most listeners firmly associate her exclusively with "One of Us." - There's nothing you can do about it! It's her loudest hit, and it's totally spontaneous!

The composition has a fascinating story, and it was "One of Us" that helped its author Erica Basiliana - The lover asked Eric to show her how to make a four-track recording. So, quite by chance - literally within a few hours - the heartfelt hit... And yes: the girl soon became Basilian's wife.! But first things first.


Eric Basilian
Eric Basilian

The song was a worthy adornment "Relish." - Joan Osborne's debut album. However, she got on it completely accidentallyas I was born...

History "One of Us." started by watching the movie "The Making of Sgt. Pepper" 1992 of the year, which gives us - ordinary listeners - a glimpse into the making of the legendary album The Beatles. Basilian was enjoying the tape with his girlfriend, and after watching it, the girl asked:

"How does four-track recording work?"

Eric got up from the couch, walked over to the table, which was chaotically scattered with wires.

"I pointed to a pile of wires-that was my portable studio. She asked me to record something, and I didn't dare say no. I played a guitar riff, put together a little track. But she wouldn't let up, "Sing something, please!" I said that it wasn't that easy, that the song needed to be written, that I needed to think about the idea, etc... Suddenly something clicked in my head and I sat down and started singing, I don't know where it came from. But it wasn't long before I had a full-fledged verse!

Eric Basilian
Eric Basilian

The next day, Eric brought his spontaneous creation in the studio - At the time, he and other musicians were working on his debut album Joan Osborne.

"I didn't see it as anything serious. There was a break, and I just said: "Hey, guys, listen to something!" And I put on this random song, not even knowing that anyone might like it..."

But the recording did have an impact on everyone present. impression! Rick Chertoff was the first to come out of his stupor and ask Joan:

"Do you think you could do it?"

Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne

The girl replied positively.

"I was shocked! When I included this unpretentious demo, I had no idea it had potential. When Joan said yes, I quickly wrote the lyrics on paper and played along on guitar while she sang. And gosh - it sounded amazing! I'm grateful to Rick, because he turned out to have incredible flair... And I'm glad Joan said yes. After the session, I got in my car, put the tape in, and a few seconds later started rehearsing my speech for the Grammy ceremony. I was confident in the success of that song."

Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne

That's how spontaneous night experiment turned out to be a dizzying hit! Eric Basilian not only made Joan Osborne a star, but also won the heart of his beloved, who played the whole story far from not least:

"I just wanted to impress her, and I ended up with a hit! Now we're married and have two kids! I'm grateful to fate..."

Lyrical content

Joan Osborne
Joan Osborne

"One of Us is very deep from a lyrical point of view. In it, Eric suggests that we ponder this: "What if God is one of us?»

"But what if God is one of us?
Only a simpleton is one of us,
Like the bus dude,
What's just holding up the way home?"

In his interview, Basilian confessed that it was not at all nonreligious The song, and he himself is not a religious man. Rather, he had the following message in these lines:

"I meant, what would you do if you encountered something out of the ordinary? It doesn't have to be God! It could be something otherworldly, alien, if you suddenly find yourself on the cusp of death and your whole life flies before your eyes?"

Success, media use, and covers


The song has achieved of breakneck success in the charts! The single sold out in huge numbers, won gold and platinum! VH1 included "One of Us" on its list of the "100 Greatest Songs of the 1990s," and the atmospheric music video scored over 20 million views. Not surprisingly, the hit has gained popularity in the media and on the big screen: it can be heard in many motion pictures, including "Vanilla Sky and "Bruce Almighty".

Many artists, including Prince, made their own interpretations. We invite you to evaluate them in person:

Sounds interesting, fresh! But we think it's impossible to surpass the original. "One of Us" is great. hit of the 90'swhich showcases the vocal skills of the young Joan Osborne and leads the listener to curious thoughts...


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