The history of Queen's "One Vision" and what does "Fried Chicken"have to do with it

What is the story behind this song, and how was the music video for "One Vision" shot?

About the masterpiece" One Vision " by Queen: how the song was recorded, shooting from the studio

«One Vision» — song Queen, released as a single in the fall 1985 years. Later, namely in 1986 This year, the song was added to their twelfth studio album. A Kind of Magic, conceived by By Roger Taylor. Telling about a man who constantly fights and overcomes difficulties, the track was inspired by life and exploits Martin Luther King, Jr.... Taylor later admitted that the lyrics were "half of Luther King's famous speech." No less noteworthy is the clip with the already well-known video on "Bohemian Rhapsody "by the"transformation" effect: to date, the video has gained 30 million views... As for the concert tour The Magic Tour, then "One Vision" opened each performance Queen! What is the story of this song, and also how the video was shot «One Vision»? About everything in order…

Message, inspiration and atmosphere in the studio


Essentially, «One Vision» it is a collective creation, which is both good and bad at the same time, because no one had the last word… In general, it took the band a week to write this song: there were 4 or 5 options, from which they took the most "juicy", and from which they eventually came out «One Vision». The idea to write a song together came to the frontman's mind Queen, the legendary and unique Freddie Mercury… He called the other three members and asked them to come to the studio where "One Vision"was recorded. In the course of their work, the band decided that all the members of Queen would write the track, which was something new for the British rock band: it was one of the first times the band gave out a joint songwriting credit! Usually, songs were attributed to the first band member who wrote them, even if other band members contributed.… Subsequently, joint credit will become the norm for Queen starting with the next album The Miracle and so on. It is worth noting that basically "One Vision" was written by Brian May (chords) and Roger Taylor (lyrics). Freddie Mercury He was responsible for production and arrangements, perfecting what others wrote.…

Queen Group
Queen Group

A few interesting facts: the guitar player played the synth part in the intro Brian Mayand the strange voice at the beginning actually says, "God moves in mysterious ways," although this part is often mistaken for "Today on the city streets..."

"One Vision" was released as a single before the album itself was finished. Later, the track will be played in the 1986 film "The Iron Eagle" with By Louis Gossett, Jr. starring. However, the story of" One Vision " does not end there…

A documentary was made around the recording of this track, in which the band members worked in the studio with the producer By Reinhold Mack (he has worked with the band since 1980). It shows how the lyrics come together (Taylor and Mercury discuss various ideas that "don't fit" before moving on to" one true religion"), as well as a fun vocal guide that features Mercury singing alternative lyrics.… It is reported that Queen they were dissatisfied with the presence of a film crew, feeling that this forced them to act in front of the camera, and not behave naturally, as they usually do in the studio. However, it has been included on many compilation videos and album reissues. A Kind of Magic.

As a result, exactly «One Vision» opened a band on tour Magic 1986 year, which many consider the best concert performance Queen in their entire history…

The story of "Fried Chicken"

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

For many years now, music lovers have been asking themselves: "What does this have to do with the inspiring "One Vision" and… Fried chicken?! "Yes, yes! You're not imagining it! This is what the final line of the song sounds like, even though the lyrics actually mean "one vision"... "Fried chicken" was the result of trying to come up with the correct wording for the song, and since it didn't work, Mercury at some point, I entered words that had nothing to do with the song itself — just for fun! It was quite interesting…

Music video

Taken on «One Vision» the video was the first in the history of the duo The Torpedo Twins. Since then, they have worked on many music videos Queen («Innuendo», «The Show Must Go On»)... The video mainly shows the recording band in Musicland Studios Munich! Looking at it:

The clip is also notable for the fact that it used the already well-known software «Bohemian Rhapsody» the "transformation" effect!

Release, success

For Queen «One Vision» became a successful hit! His influence has spread to many countries, as a result of which the track was included in US Billboard Hot 100, RPM 100 Singles and other charts! The song was especially popular in Ireland and the band's home country, the UK: «One Vision» entered the top 10!

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