They Made Dirt: The Most Popular grunge Bands Hailing from Seattle

Grunge was the most popular music in the US in the early 90s. Most of the style's pioneers were from Seattle, even though there were only three music clubs in the city. Who were the most popular Seattle grunge musicians?

Grangers of the Seattle Big Four

The grunge style (grunge, Seattle sound) was influenced by the oppressive hopelessness American outback. Where the splendor and decorativeness of the 80s did not take root, with joy accepted musicians ready to tear the guitars and give the listeners all their emotions. Watching grunge rockers was more interesting than watching the "theatricality" that other musicians offered.

grunge corresponds name: a characteristic feature of the style is a “dirty” sound, seasoned with distortion, a contrast of “loud and quiet”. Another feature of the style was gloomy texts, not devoid of meaning.

pearl jam at the beginning of the creative path
Pearl Jam at the beginning of the creative path

So in the 80s, Seattle became the center of a new subculture. Major studios quickly made the city a brand to sell to the world anything. Green River, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Nirvana have made grunge synonymous with everything loud, extreme and trendy.

By the early 90s, the popularity of grunge spread to other cities and states of America, then to individual countries. Grunge has had a strong influence on musicians in Australia, with many imitators original Seattle sound. And by the beginning of the 2000s, grunge was being listened to all over the world.

We have compiled a list of the most famous Seattle grunge commands. Thanks to them, the style developed and became popular.


Nirvana at its peak was the most famous grunge group in the world. It all started unremarkably: like all the other grunge rockers of the "Seattle party", Nirvana signed a contract with the label sub pop before the release of the first album "Bleach".

Album didn't bring a group of great popularity - the group sold only 30 thousand copies.

Nirvana group
Nirvana band

Then Nirvana signs a contract with another publisher DGC Records and releases the legendary album "Nevermind". The song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" became a particular success, which went viral first in America, then in Australia and England, and then all over the world. The album quickly goes platinum, and along with the success of "Nevermind" popularity comes to the first album of the group. He too goes platinum.

Band music peculiar all the features of grunge. Although with the advent of fame, Nirvana themselves could already determine in which direction the style would develop, but they decided to stick to the same sound features throughout the entire creative path. Cobain sang in a hoarse voice, often breaking it on purpose, the guitars were heavily distorted, the music was dark, as were the lyrics.

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam - one more band from Seattlewhich became popular in the first half of the 1990s. Unlike Nirvana, these musicians became famous immediately after the release of the first album. The debut album "Ten" immediately flew into the top 3 of the Billboard-200.

group pearl jam
Pearl Jam Band

But this is the difference from Nirvana not run out. Following the group released two more successful albums - "Vs" and "Vitalogy". Further, the popularity of the team began to decline, while the rest gained momentum and found new fans on the other side of the ocean. However, the group contributed significant contribution to rock music.

While Pearl Jam was losing popularity, the fan base of other grunge bands was also declining. As a result, most of the world-famous teams in the 90s “dissolved” at the beginning of the 2000s.

Alice in Chains

"Alice in Chains". Photo: Pamela Littky
Alice in Chains. Photo: Pamela Littky

Alice in Chains too veterans grunge hails from Seattle. The group was formed by two musicians - Lane Stanley and Jerry Cantrell. In the early 90s the team got widely known on the rise of grunge popularity along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.


Alice in Chains played different music than the rest of the Seattle guys. They are deeply saddened. Good definition The work of Alice in Chains was given by their drummer Sean Kinney:

"We've mastered the art of creating something that's beautiful but makes the listener want to die."

The band's music has become popular, and the first albums received "gold" in the first days after the release.


Soundgarden band

Soundgarden is one of ancestors grunge. The band has been playing since 1984 and was happy successful, but due to disagreements, the musicians broke up in 1997: grunge ceased to be so popular, and there were more and more disagreements every year.

In 2010 Soundgarden got back together. The former triumph was not achieved, although the group was doing well. But suddenly for everyone in 2017, frontman Chris Cornell commits suicide.

Cornell's close friend Chester Bennington sang on his funeral Hallelujah. Remarkably, Bennington too committed suicide two months after Cornell, on his birthday.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

In addition to the classic "Seattle Four", there is another very remarkable group. Foo Fighters younger other popular grunge bands - it met only in 1994, by which time some teams from Seattle had already begun to disintegrate. But such a late appearance of Foo Fighters in the music world is explanation.

After the collapse of Nirvana due to the death of Kurt Cobain in 94, one of the members of Cobain's group, Dave Grohl, continued his musical career and created his own group. He recorded demo versions of the songs, playing almost all of the instrumental parts himself. Then he sent out demo and quickly attracted the attention of both musicians and studios.

Initially, Dave planned to join another band as a drummer, but at the last moment changed my mind - he then already assembled Foo Fighters.

Band music style varied throughout its existence from grunge to hard rock. But still the group is considered quite famous as grunge-performer, despite the various experiments of musicians.


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