Do you remember the Slade hit, which was beloved only in our country?

"We originally planned to include this song on 'Rogues Gallery' because it was based on events that happened shortly before the album was released: we came to L.A. at the time, 'Run Runaway' was being promoted! But something ended up going wrong, and the song waited a few years to come out..."

"Ooh La La in L.A." Why one of the most beloved Slade songs in Russia has not gained recognition abroad

"Ooh La La in L.A." - knows this hilarious song every domestic listener! And almost every other one of her loves. But here's the interesting thing: this track only became popular in the territory of our states! In the United States, which is the subject of the text, he even did not enter in the top 100! As, however, in Germany, where it was released as a single. Such a phenomenon to this day seems to the participants Slade strange, if not mystical at all...

This Autobiographical song, but as such - the meaning of it No. Just a fun track about British rockers "partying In the City of Angels in America! But why did he become so popular in Russia, and yet not succeed anywhere else?

A song about the fun days of rock stars

Slade's greatest hits!
Slade's greatest hits!

The fact that this is not at all shallowBut very much so. fun trackI can tell by the sound! It's catchy and rhythmic, and the soul is begging to sing! So, involuntarily, you start to sing along "U-la-la in L.A." during the chorus... The song came out in 1987 The third single from the album "You Boyz Make Big Noize", but it was born two years earlier, back in the days of "Rogues Gallery.".


Before releasing their 12th studio album, British rockers Slade coolly had fun in America! And it was this "kutzh" that inspired the vocalist Noddy Holder and bassist Jim Lee to write driving and ironic lyrics, and as a result imprinted himself in the lyrics that millions know and love today!

"It was an uncharacteristic, yet autobiographical song for us. Here we talk about our trip to L.A.: one verse talks about Don Powell, whom we made fun of the whole way, and another mentions Sunset Marquee, the place where various popular bands stayed. There's also a reference to Barney's Beanery - we used to hang out there for hours and play pool!" - Dave Hill says.

Slade Guitarist continues:

"We originally planned to include this song on 'Rogues Gallery' because it was based on events that happened shortly before the album was released: we came to L.A. at the time, 'Run Runaway' was being promoted! But something ended up going wrong, and the song waited a few years to come out..."

In addition to the events mentioned above, "Ooh La La in L.A." has a line about Don Powellwhose middle name is George. In those years, the tabloids were full of headlines about Slade's drummer spinning whirlwind romance with the daughter of Bob Dylan (whose real last name is known, Zimmerman).

"Again George is on his knees crawling,
It burns with Miss Zimmerman..."

Graduation and Disillusionment


"Slade originally did not big bets on a mock track about his adventures in Los Angelesand therefore released "Ooh La La in L.A." only third single from the album. The song was not successful at all, not hitting the charts in Germany or, in fact, in America. For this reason music video They didn't release it, though they planned to at first. Here's what the band members said about it:

"We were planning to shoot a music video for 'Ooh La La in L.A.' a music video in the places we were having fun and singing about! But the producers turned us down-it was all about money, as always, and the low numbers didn't bode well... Our song didn't even make the charts!"

An ode to the glorious days in Los Angeles was latestwhich Slade recorded with RCA: the contract was soon terminated, for the success of the single (or rather its absence) didn't suit anyone.

The love of the Russian public


The only thing is. pleased at the same time surprised Slade, that's the love of domestic listeners! In our country, "Ooh La La in L.A." quickly became hit! You can often come across similar comments from Russian music lovers:

"It brings a tear to my eye! All my youth is connected to this song! I used to listen to it with my friends - fond memories. Now it's just them and "Ooh La La in L.A." Left..."

Or here. yet:

"I'm 70 and I can't enjoy it at all - what a song, what a vocal! Great!"

Against the backdrop of such domestic popularity Dave Hill once said, not without surprise:

"We were always amazed how 'Ooh La La in L.A.' failed miserably in the U.S. and Germany, yet it caught on in Russia-how was it loved in this huge country, while abroad it passed without a trace?"


Some people think that few people in Russia understoodThat's what this humorous song is about. That's why they loved it! And maybe it's all about driving soundThe song has become something close and inspiring to a Russian person... One way or another, the song has become A timeless chant! And, most likely, will continue to rumble on speakers for generations to come!


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