Music and songs from Battlefield™ 2042 (2021)

"Huge tornadoes and the biggest maps ever - everything we know about Battlefield™ 2042"

Soundtracks from the game "Battlefield 2042" (2021)

Battlefield™ 2042 is a multi-platform game that contains many popular soundtracks and songs from different genres. Music instantly immerses the player in atmospheric action. The Battlefield™ 2042 gameplay demo will take place on June 13, 2021, it will be a closed technical test, according to the plot, the action takes place in the near future, and it is not very rosy. Since there was a global change in the temperature regime, and this, in turn, caused a crisis on a universal scale, all this led to a failure in all areas.

There was not enough food in sufficient quantities, fuel supplies were also running out, all this caused discontent in the United States. She needed to find someone to blame for all the troubles, and the culprit was found, she began to constantly conflict with Russia. At first there was an ideological war, then it gradually turned into a military conflict. The population began to leave their homes in search of a better life, they were even ready to take up arms in order to survive. Large-scale battles will cover the whole world, the description clearly shows the problems of modern society.

There are no political statements in the game, the environmental problem is not directly affected. At the beginning of the game, seven locations will be created, each of which will take place in certain regions, and will not do without natural disasters. There will be tornadoes, tornadoes, storms, but each card will have its own natural phenomenon. In addition, bots will work to make it easier for beginners to understand the game, and up to 128 players can be on the maps at the same time. Along with the scale, the design of the maps will also change for the better.

It should be noted that the soundtracks from the game "Battlefield™ 2042" (OST 2021) are chosen very cool, the songs are remembered for a long time. We have compiled a list of all the soundtracks from the game "Battlefield™ 2042": listen online full soundtrack playlist.

BATTLEFIELD | Battlefield 2042 Main Theme Full OST (Battlefield 2042 Trailer Music)

BATTLEFIELD 2042 - Official Main Theme ("Battlefield 2042" Music)

Kickstart My Heart ft. 2WEI (Song from the "Battlefield 2042" trailer)

Kickstart My Heart ft. 2WEI ("Battlefield 2042" Soundtrack)

2WEI - Run Baby Run (Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack)

OST BATTLEFIELD 2042 - OST Siege Of Tanegashima (Songs from the game "Battlefield 2042")

Battlefield 2042 Unofficial Theme (Music & Soundtracks from Battlefield 2042)

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