Boney M. (Boney M.) - The best songs and the secret of the group's success

The compositions that served as the foundation for the hits "Boney M."!

The greatest hits of Boney M. and their originals…

Boney M. is one of the most popular disco bands of the 80s! Fascinating motives, incendiary rhythms, easy-to-remember melodies - in these simple tricks lies the main secret of the band's success! Their songs are listened to with pleasure after so many years ... And so, in today's article, we propose to understand the history of the group and understand the secret of the success of the brightest disco group of the 80s, as well as recall the originals for their most famous songs and hits!

Disco group Boney M.!
Disco group Boney M.!

Where do the legs of the world-famous songs of the solar band grow from?

Song "Nessuno Mai"

Marcella Bella

This composition was released in 1974 and performed by the charming Italian singer Marcella Bella! It cannot be said that her presentation was weak...

However, listeners liked Boney M.'s version more! It was this group that brought Nessuno mai success and popularity, recording their own cover version two years later.

Boney M.


King Of The Road

Roger Miller

The song was written by country singer Roger Miller. It was released in November 1964. It is worth noting that this is one of those rare cases when the original has achieved the same success! "King Of The Road" topped the US Billboard Hot 100, and one of the musician's biggest breakthroughs!

Miller himself recalled that the song was inspired by an old sign seen during a road trip that read: "Trailers for sale or rent." Hence the lyrics: about a free vagrant with empty pockets who proudly proclaims himself "King of the Road"!

Boney M. 


"No Woman No Cry"

Bob Marley

Reggae legend Bob Marley recorded this beautiful song with The Wailers in 1974. The track "No Woman, Don't Cry" added to the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" according to Rolling Stone magazine, becoming the biggest and most beloved hit of the Jamaican musician ...

Boney M.'s version is more uplifting and perhaps not as lyrical!

Boney M.

"Heart Of Gold"

Neil Young

A heartfelt ballad from Neil Young that evokes pleasant nostalgia... "Heart of Gold" is one of the masterpieces from the musician's series of soft acoustic works. Due to a back injury, Neil was unable to play his electric guitar, and was forced to return to gentle acoustics...

Fairy magic!

Boney M.


Peggy Lee

The history of this beautiful composition dates back to 1958! Performed by the charming Peggy Lee! And according to many listeners, her version is still one of the best.

Boney M. have painted the 1950s hit in the bright colors of their era! It turned out, of course, much more dynamic and incendiary.

Boney M.

"Love for Sale"

Cole Porter

A jazz piece from the 1930s! It was written by composer Cole Porter specifically for the musical "New Yorkers". The velvety sound is the merit of the incomparable theatrical diva Katherine Crawford.

Boney M.


Bobby HebbSunny

Sunny "Sunny" is widely known precisely in the performance of the disco group Boney M.! However, initially the incendiary hit was a soul-jazz composition... The author of the work is one of the brightest and non-standard musicians of the 20th century, Bobby Hebb.

Boney M.

Painter Man

The Creation - Painter Man

Melodic piece of 1966, recorded by the British rock band The Creation.

An interesting fact: the band's guitarist, Eddie Phillips, was the first to use a violin bow! Later this technology will be glorified by Jimmy Page.

Boney M. - Painter Man

"Kalimba de Luna"

Tony Esposito

An interesting sounding creation, owned by the Italian musician and singer Tony Esposito! The most famous covers include the version by Boney M. and the singer Dalida. The single "Kalimba De Luna" was released in 1984 to support the album "Il grande esploratore".

“Kalimba is an African musical instrument that I just love! In my work, I also enjoy using other tonal and atonal instruments, such as bongos, maracas, marimba, xylophone… I really love African culture! I think I got it from my grandmother, who was born and raised in Morocco…” Tony Esposito said in an interview.

Boney M.

"The Carnival Is Over"

The Seekers - The Carnival Is Over

A chic thing that causes bewilderment among many domestic listeners ... Agree: it’s strange to hear the chant “Say goodbye my own true lover!” to the motive of the painfully native and familiar folk song “Because of the o-o-island on the str-e-zhen ...”

Boney M.

"My Friend Jack"

The Smoke - My Friend Jack

And this psychedelic rock song belongs to The Smoke!

"My Friend Jack" was the only international hit by the British band. It is curious that at first the song was taken off the market. Drug references such as "My friend Jack eats sugar cubes" and "I was on a trip across the ocean" were unacceptable... The lyrics had to be rewritten before EMI agreed to release the track in February 1967.

Boney M.

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