Who won the Oscars 2021? Announced the list of winners (part 1)

About the winners of the Oscars 2021!

List of Oscar 2021 Film Awards Winners: Part 1

On the night of April 25-26, 2021, the first post-quarantine ceremony for the most anticipated film award, the Oscar, took place in Los Angeles. The main intrigue of the more than three-hour broadcast was the choice of the American Film Academy ... Well: some of the winners were really surprised, although their list included those on whom moviegoers already made big bets ... Today we will find out the names of the best actors and actresses, as well as - who was named the best director! But first, a few words about the film award itself…

The Oscar is the main film award in the United States, which has a rather interesting history... In the late 1920s, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts was created: by the way, today the Academy has more than six thousand members... A few years later, the sculptor George Stanley was elected to create a legendary figurine - a knight with a sword in his hand, which stands on a can of film ... Such an interesting design was developed by Cedric Gibbons - an American art director, production designer and architect. Each figurine is made of gold-plated Britannium and rests on a plinth of black marble... This is such a prestigious award for achievements in the field of cinema! And now - about the winners of the Oscar-2021 film award!

Best Actor - Anthony Hopkins ("Father")

Anthony Hopkins, scene from the movie "Father"
Anthony Hopkins, scene from the movie "Father"

Father is a drama film directed by Florian Zeller and starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. In the story, an elderly London aristocrat (played by Hopkins) is unable to take care of himself: up to a certain point, his daughter Ann (Olivia Colman) plays the role of his "nurse". However, when Ann meets the love of her life, she is forced to move to live in another country and ... hire a professional nurse for her father. Anthony Hopkins plays an 80-year-old man who suffers from memory and time lapses. Sometimes - his hero is confused in his own memories ... With the advent of strangers in the house, Anthony becomes quick-tempered and suspicious as never before ... The old man is unable to understand what is happening around him ... Anthony Hopkins's game in this drama is called "a master class in acting", and it's hard to argue with that... The film's box office budget was $20 million.

Anthony Hopkins is a world-famous theater and film actor, film director, composer ... His popularity in the world of cinema is due to rather gloomy roles: the actor is best known as the cannibal serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, whose image Hopkins masterfully embodied in the film "The Silence of the Lambs "...

After the 2021 Oscars ceremony, the 83-year-old artist shared his emotions with fans:

Best Supporting Actor - Daniel Kaluuya (Judas and the Black Messiah)

Daniel Kaluuya
Daniel Kaluuya

The biographical drama about the betrayal of Fred Hampton won an ardent response from the most diverse audience: the film received both high praise from critics and rave reviews from moviegoers ... Daniel Kaluuya, who played Hampton himself, won the Best Supporting Actor nomination. In addition, Kaluuya received a Golden Globe, Critics' Choice Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for this role! As for the storyline, it unfolds in detail the events of the 1960s before the viewer: young William "Bill" O'Neill (played by Lakeith Stanfield) goes to jail - he is caught stealing a car and impersonating a federal officer. FBI agent Roy Mitchell offers the guy a lucrative deal: all charges are dropped from him, and in return he infiltrates the ranks of the Black Panther party, led by Fred Hampton...

Best Actress - Frances McDormand (Nomadland)

Frances McDormand
Frances McDormand

Well - for Frances McDormand it was the third Academy Award for Best Actress! It is also worth noting that the actress acted as one of the producers of the drama ... The film was based on the novel by Jessica Bruder "Land of Nomads". Chloe Zhao's film tells the insightful story of an ordinary American woman: the main character - Fern - is already over 60 years old. Together with her deceased husband, she worked most of her life at a drywall factory, but after it closed, Fern decides to sell the property, buy a van and start traveling ...

Best Supporting Actress - Yoon Yeo Jung ("Minari")

Yoon Yeo-jeong
Yoon Yeo-jeong

The dramatic film Minari was written by director Lee Isaac Cheung, in which he expressed a semi-autobiographical view of his own upbringing ... The film tells about a family of immigrants from South Korea who are trying to live in rural America in the 1980s. Yoon Yeo Jung played the role of David and Ann's grandmother named Sunja.

Best Director - Chloe Zhao (Nomad Land)

Chloe Zhao
Chloe Zhao

And again "Land of nomads"! It is worth noting that the American film director, screenwriter and producer of Chinese origin - Chloe Zhao became the second woman in the history of the award to win this nomination! Zhao's debut was the 2015 film Songs My Brothers Taught Me. The second tape - "The Rider" - was released in 2017: the work was highly praised by critics, receiving many awards and nominations ...

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