"Glowing Eyes and Flying Balls." - Amazing Stories from the Lives of Domestic Musicians

We hope that our selection will either cheer you up, or at least force you to reflect on the eternal and vital!

Truly mysterious stories from the depths of domestic music

Do you believe in mystic? This topic has been discussed for centuries. heated debate: some are convinced that it's nonsense and fictionswhile others believe that cannot be challenged that the existence of which has not been proven-just as it has not been disproved. In one way or another, everyone adheres to his positionand in today's article we are not going to change it.

On the contrary, the stories below may To amuse the skepticsor maybe even surprise the fans of these Russian stars. Yes, yes, all these mysterious stories are not taken out of thin air, but from the lives of Russian idols. The artists themselves sincerely believethat they had to face something Inexplicable... We hope that our selection will either cheer you up, or at least force you to reflect on the eternal and vital!

Lyudmila Zykina's death and a crack in the mirror

Ludmila Zykina
Ludmila Zykina

Ludmila Zykina was and, in fact, remains Icon of an entire era! She possessed with an inimitable voice and optimism, which was left to be truly envied. Shortly before her death, when the singer's health was terribly failing and she herself hardly moving around, Zykina said: "I'll live a hundred and fifty years!"

The legendary Soviet actress is gone July 1, 2009. This morning. Ksenia Rubtsova flew at full speed to the ensemble office "Russia.". No sooner had she stepped up onto the porch than both heels beneath her broken!

"Just crunched, that's all!"

Lyudmila Zykina and Ksenia Rubtsova
Lyudmila Zykina and Ksenia Rubtsova

Entering Zykina's office, she approached the huge mirror.which was hanging on the wall.

"I started to paint my lips, and a loud crunching sound came from the mirror! I was frightened, I felt like it (the mirror) was going to collapse on the floor!

Just an hour later Xenia was disturbed call from the hospital: Lyudmila Zykina is gone.

Aida Vedischeva and the dream-prediction

Aida Vedischeva
Aida Vedischeva

In the early '80s, the legendary Aida Vedischeva was forced to leave the USSR to USA. The audience was perplexed - what, how, why? After all, Vedischeva's songs were played in the most popular films of the time: "The Diamond Arm", "The Prisoner of the Caucasus". and many others! It was not until decades later that the singer revealed that the authorities were literally stepping on her throat.

"I was, you could say, escorted out. I got a lot of slaps from the authorities, the concert could have been canceled for nothing!

However, decisive the moment was the fateful dream:

"I saw in my dream a door opening and a woman in white coming in. She said to me: "Go away." I took all my hit records with me to America, and I found out later that the ministry had ordered them demagnetized!"

Alla Pugacheva and flying balloons

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

In life Alla Pugacheva The mystique was morethan all the artists on our list combined! But I guess, the most mysterious The story has to do with flying balloons... In her interview, the Russian diva recalled the weirdest and creepiest concert in her life:

"I was performing at the stadium in Izhevsk at the time. It happened about halfway through the concert - I looked up and saw a huge saucer in the sky! I didn't show it, but I tried to sing as well as I could - it seemed to me that I was being watched from that plate!

But on this space surveillance behind Pugacheva is not over:

"That night in my hotel room I heard a strange sound - as if someone was rattling something. I had an irresistible urge to go out on the balcony, but I overcame myself and went to Reznik's room next door.

According to Ilya Rachmielewiczhe also heard strange noises that night. And in the morning they were both shocked when asked "didn't anything strange happen during the night."The police major responsible for the safety of the musicians answered:

"Some balloon in the sky hovered over the hotel all night..."

"Goodbye, Baku! I won't see you again."

Muslim Magomaev
Muslim Magomaev

This story is not so much mystical as symbolic"Goodbye, Baku!" - It was the last composition recorded by Muslim Magomayev. According to his wife's recollections Tamara SinyavskayaMussulim passed away shortly after he recorded the song. "It was as if he had a premonition of his departure, and was in a hurry to say goodbye to his homeland," said the woman.

At the time of the recording of "Goodbye, Baku! Magomayev was feeling terrible: "He had almost no energy to perform, but he stepped over himself and recorded this song," Tamara said. What's no less remarkable is that Sergei Yesenin - whose lyrics are the basis of this composition - wrote these lines shortly before of his own demise

Sergei Shnurov and glowing eyes

Sergei Shnurov
Sergei Shnurov

This story has produced great resonance on the Internet! Once, during a performance of Sergei Shnurov lights outand many people in the darkness have a clear eyes lit up! That's so strong. Scared the leader of Leningrad, that he never finished the concert...

Users suggest that it is simply lensesand there is no mysticism in this incident! But the fact that the eyes of not one, not two, but so many people glowed at once... It really seems strange.

Mamonov and the "hunt" for him

Pyotr Mamonov in The Island
Pyotr Mamonov in The Island

The legendary and unsurpassed national rock musician and artist Petra Mamonova died in July 2021. He passed away at 71 years The hunt for him began in his late teens. Relatives of Pyotr Nikolayevich not without surprise recalled - but Mamonov repeatedly was on the verge of dying.

When he was 25 yearshe survived a clinical death: during a scuffle his chest was severely damaged file. The lungs were damaged - a through and through wound! Mamonov lay in a coma. 40 days! By some miracle he made it, but he didn't stop joking with fire.

Peter Mamonov in the film "The Needle
Peter Mamonov in the film "The Needle

Already in the mid-1980s, the musician was once again on the verge of life and the other world. In those years Mamonov, by his own admission, "Tearing the roof off hard.". And one day he drank... solvent.

"In those years I was engaged in a perpetual search for pleasure. And nothing pleased me anymore: no girls, no creativity, no alcohol... So I decided that maybe this would bring me some long-awaited bliss.

In 2019, the leader of Sounds of Moo survived The musician had a massive heart attack, and shortly before his death - at the beginning of the unfortunate summer when the musician passed away - he died of a heart attack. church burns from the movie "The Island". Turned to ashes! Literally in month the artist himself has also faded away...

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