What was the real relationship between Freddie Mercury and his Queen bandmates?

“He was the leading force on the stage. Freddie could inspire the audience with only his inner willpower! We all got along really well, but I didn't really understand what we had, how special he was."

The real relationship between Freddie Mercury and his Queen bandmates

Impact Freddie Mercury on the "Queen.", music and world culture in general - this is a huge legacy left by him after his death. But what was the relationship between Mercury and his bandmates? One thing is for sure: they were sincere and not boring!

Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor worked side by side with this great and extraordinary man for years, sharing personal and professional ups and downs. And how warm things they say today, after a huge number of years after the death of an artist, shows how strong the influence Freddie had on their lives.

These memories, curious stories and descriptions allow you to penetrate into the very depths of the talent and personality of the Queen frontman, to appreciate his dynamic presence in the universe. He was more than just a singer. Mercury was a charismatic genius, not afraid to get what he wanted, and full of warmth and kindness.

May and Taylor didn't take him seriously at first.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Together with bassist and singer Tim Staffel, May and Taylor formed their own group "Smile" in the 1960s years. Later Staffel will leave the line-up, and these two will agree to give a chance Freddie, which at that time did not yet have a big name in the music world. When asked why the band chose to work with Mercury, May said:

“His personality was so strong… We decided to test him, to give him a chance to show himself. In fact, we did not see him as a great singer or musician: he was very wild and unsophisticated. But when he started to sing... We saw a man with incredible faith and charisma in front of us, and we liked him! I think the first time it hit me was when Freddie listened to his voice in the studio and said, “No, that won't do,” and just worked and worked. He was exceptional. Then we realized how lucky we were."

As the frontman for Queen", Mercury pursued exclusively musical goals

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

According to participants "Queen."when the group started arguing, Freddie intervened in an attempt to keep the peace. He never wanted to outshine the rest - he just wanted to make music. Word Brian:

“Freddie never pursued power. People have an idea of him as a diva who always insisted on her own! However, in reality, he was an ordinary guy who was very good at focusing on important issues.”

The most interesting thing is that sincere faith Mercury in group mates persisted until the end of his life. May remembered their last entries in Montreux, Switzerland, in the following way:

“We all knew that he didn’t have long. But he was full of enthusiasm! Freddie wanted to create as much music as possible before he died. He once said, “Keep writing for me, let's keep writing stuff. Then you guys can finish it when I'm gone."

Amazing Freddie Mercury...
Amazing Freddie Mercury

Fifteenth studio album "Queen." entitled "Made in Heaven", which included songs written and recorded Mercury, came out four years after his death.

He was a perfectionist

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Former roadie Trevor Cooper worked for many years with "Queen.". He called them "really good guys" and had nothing but respect for every member of the group. Cooper recalled in Queen: The Early Years:

"Freddie sometimes threw tantrums, but that was because he always wanted everything to be right, perfect."

perfectionism Mercury was present in everything he did. For example, the artist celebrated his achievements with extravagant and luxurious gestures performed with great kindness.

All Queen members contributed equally


All in "Queen." were on an equal footing, which was true of both writing and recording music. However, when all four went into the studio, the continued existence of the group was put under great threat. Word to Brian May:

“We argued to such an extent that we almost destroyed each other! Sometimes we all left the studio, sometimes one of us would run away shouting, "That's it!" In fact, it happened quite often. It's a rather difficult situation: four artists with brushes in their hands were trying to paint on one canvas.

However, it was the joint songwriting that brought the band closer to each other and to the fans. According to mayawhen they were recording «Bohemian Rhapsody», everyone suddenly realized how wonderful this song is and that they should give it their heart and soul. The structure of the composition was in my head Mercuryand as said May, "is he, Roger and John expounded every part of that vision as a backing track."

He never took himself too seriously

The great Freddie Mercury...
Great Freddie Mercury

Mercury never took himself too seriously, which was appreciated by others. Former roadie "Queen." Peter Hince recalled:

“People talk about Freddie and his ego, but it wasn't as big as a lot of people think! All this was an image. In life, he was often able to play pranks on himself, while some of the other guys in the group could not do it in the same way. Yes, he did have a lot of insecurities - but not professionally, but personally."

Queen has always been a family


For "Queen." loss Freddie was “like the loss of a family member.” May recalls:

“We all dealt with it differently. For a while I really wanted to get away from Queen: I just didn’t want to, I couldn’t know and think about it. For me, his death was a personal grief. But I'm very proud of what we've done together. It is still part of our life. I'm not saying that there are moments when I don't cry, because there are, but most of the time it's out of joy!”

At Taylor had a similar reaction. Here's what the legendary drummer had to say:

“I never could forget him. I think about Freddie every day, maybe for a moment, maybe longer. We all thought we could come to terms with this pretty quickly, but we underestimated the impact of him and the impact of his loss on our lives. It's still hard for me to talk about it. But I am warmed by those fantastic times that Freddie and I had!”

He was fearless and inspiring

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Even as his health deteriorated, Mercury worried not about himself, but about the people he had to leave. According to maya, Freddie never complained because he was "an amazingly strong man". Taylor recalled:

“He found strength in music: the worse he got, the more he needed to record new material. He was constantly trying to find something to do, some reason to get up and come to the studio."

In the book "Freddie Mercury: A Kind of Magic" by Roger Taylor also admired the ability Mercury captivate the audience:

“He was the leading force on the stage. Freddie could inspire the audience with only his inner willpower! We all got on really well, but I didn't really understand what we had - how special he was."

After his death, John Deacon disappeared from view

John Deacon and Freddie Mercury
John Deacon and Freddie Mercury

From memories maya:

"John has always been a sociable and very funny guy, but Freddie's death was a great personal tragedy for him, which made it impossible for him to continue playing with us."

According to a former roadie Peter Hins, bassist for the band John Deacon responded to death Mercury, stating: "That's it, Queen is no more!" However, Brian May and Roger Taylor did not share his position. Hinsu's word:

“Brian and Roger decided to continue playing Queen in different guises, and I can see why they did it: they can still be musicians without hiding behind the Queen name, but it’s an enticing game of fame—people like to support it as as long as possible!"

One of the friends Deacon in college suggested that John just thought, "Freddie was a band, so what's the point?"

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