Roger Taylor "Outsider" (2021): pink vinyl release

Vinyl record "Outsider". In this article you will find videos, photos, reviews of critics.

All about the making of Roger Taylor's "Outsider" vinyl record: official video, audio, photo

Queen's Roger Taylor's sixth solo album, Outsider, is the most large his creation. The release peaked at number three on the charts within a week of its release. The album was released on February 11, 2021.

This is the first in ten years Job musician. "Outsider" wowed listeners with its dainty collection of reflective melodies recorded during isolation COVID-19. This is how the singles "Isolation" and "We're All Just Trying To Get By", recorded with KT Tunstall, were born. There are also more upbeat tracks on the record, such as "More Kicks" and a composition that has already become a classic, "The Clapping Song".

The album also allowed Taylor to return to live performances with a widely acclaimed sold-out solo tour across the UK.

Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor) at one of the concerts in the UK
Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor) at one of the concerts in the UK

One leading critic stated:

Taylor combines two kinds of Magic - the pure pomposity of a queen and the wild solo magic.

"Outsider" now has a special limited edition picture disc in pink and black. The hand-drawn image by Tigerlily shows Taylor as a lone isolated figure atop a ruined cliff, reflected in the constant ebb and flow, the subject of the album's beautifully meditative opening track. Roger Taylor says:

“The Outsider vinyl picture disc looks so beautiful, I don't know whether to frame it and hang it on the wall or put it on a turntable! Well done, Tigerlili."

Outsider Vinyl Released limited with a circulation of two thousand copies and is available for order only in the official Queen store.

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