Osborne Family Happiness: What the Prince of Darkness Children Do

It was Sharon who threw Ozzy a lifeline - she helped him build a solo career and eventually get rid of his addiction. She also gave him three wonderful children! Today the Prince of Darkness is a six-time father and an eight-time grandfather!

Ozzy Osbourne became an eight-time grandfather - about the heavy metal legend's huge family

Ozzy Osbourne - one of the brightest representatives heavy metal scene. He has gained worldwide recognition in the ranks of the Black SabbathBut he could not stay in the group: his vices to alcohol and substances that crossed all boundaries led to dismissal. And had it not been for Sharon - Ozzy's second and most beloved wife, there is no telling what the fate of the now iconic musician would have been.

Today, Osborne traded in eighth decade. He is no longer into drugs, on the contrary, the "heavy metal old man" is actively engaged in sports (The point is that the musician suffers from a form of Parkinson's disease and tries his best to keep in shape)! He's also a six-time father and eight-time grandfather! We suggest you get acquainted with a huge family "Prince of Darkness" is a little closer.

"The first marriage is a mess" and the fateful meeting with Sharon

Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne
Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne

Osborne had many women in his life, but he only married twice. His first wife, Thelma RileyShe was a checkroom attendant at a popular nightclub in Birmingham. The girl was very beautifulAnd Ozzie is very youngHe was just over 20 at the time of the wedding! This marriage suffered crash: Osborne was addicted to substances and was constantly cheating on his spouse:

"We got married, we had children, a house... At one point I thought, 'Well, here I have arrived. I felt like it was all a mirage, that this wasn't my life!"

They lived together 13 years and had two children. A third child, Elliott From Thelma's first relationship, Ozzie Adopted. Shortly after his divorce, Osborne married the Sharon - daughter of music producer Don Arden. Together they have already 40 years! Sharon was the one who dumped Ozzie. lifeline - helped build a solo career and eventually get rid of his addiction. She also bore him three wonderful children! But their marriage was also marred by reckless pranks metallist...

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy cheated on his wifeand, in his drunken delirium, even attacked her. Fortunately, Sharon had the courage forgive spouse and help him get back on track, that being said. The couple went through fire and water, endured a lot of trials, and now deservedly enjoy not only success, but also family happiness!

Who the children of the Prince of Darkness have become

Ozzy Osbourne and his family
Ozzy Osbourne and his family

As we stressed at the beginning of this article, Ozzy Osbourne is six-time father! Let's get acquainted with his children a little closer and find out if they followed in the footsteps of the star daddy?


Jessica Osborne
Jessica Osborne

Jessica - eldest daughter Ozzie is from her first marriage. Today she is a mother of three children and an actress! Previously she worked director, makeup artist (in Hollywood, at that) and supervisor in costumes in various projects. Jessica, alas, did not have a warm relationship with her father. She told reporters:

"He wasn't a caring dad - often he wasn't with us at all during, say, family field trips..."


Ozzie and Louis Osbourne
Ozzie and Louis Osbourne

Eldest son Ozzie signed off on every word his sister said, adding:

"He was rarely sober. But that wasn't even what pissed me off the most. How could he forget my birthday? That's the only thing I wanted him to remember, to congratulate me. But he could never remember it..."

DJ in the past, today Luis lives in the UK and occasionally crosses paths with his father: as he himself says, only on special occasions.


Aimee Osborne
Aimee Osborne

Aimee - first daughter Ozzie and Sharon. From childhood she had a special wisdom in her eyes, and as an adult girl refused from participating in the show "The Osborne Family."She has never regretted it! Today she is the vocalist and leader of her own band ARO.


Ozzie and Kelly Osbourne
Ozzie and Kelly Osbourne

Unlike her sister, Kelly has, since childhood, been star! The girl has a strong willed character and striking styleIt's impossible to ignore. She is not afraid to assert herself: Kelly often changes images, gives daring interviews and even tried her hand as a singer! Her two most successful songs are covers of "Papa Don't Preach" Madonnas and Changes Black Sabbath.

Like her father, Kelly struggled with alcohol addiction.


Ozzy and Jack Osborne
Ozzy and Jack Osborne

Actor, film producer and TV personality - After The Osborne Family, Jack became a real media star abroad! But his personal life full of crises...

For a long time, Jack struggled with addiction issues and even underwent rehabilitation. In 2012, when he was not yet 30 years old, the doctors diagnosed him: multiple sclerosis. Since then, Jack began to lead an active life. Today he is father of many children! But his daughters also had health problems. Fortunately, at the moment all is well.


Elliot Kingsley
Elliot Kingsley

Ozzy Adopted Elliot - Thelma's son from a previous relationship. According to some reports, he actor. With Osborne, Elliott practically does not communicate (if he communicates at all).

"Grandpa Ozzie."

Jack Osborne's Daughters
Jack Osborne's Daughters

According to official data, Ozzie has 8 grandchildren! Three children were born to Jessicathree at Jack and two more at Luis! That's how the merry Osborne family continues their story... Who knows, maybe in the future we'll have new show, only now about the lives of the children of the iconic Prince of Darkness?


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