Ten powerful hits by the "great and terrible" Ozzy Osbourne

Today we decided to look back at Ozzy Osbourne's top ten powerful hits! We want to stress right away: these are not the top songs! Otherwise, we would hardly be able to fit into the top ten...

Remember the powerful hits of Ozzy Osbourne's iconic Prince of Darkness

Ozzy Osbourne - the legend of the rock scene. "Prince of Darkness", "The Godfather of Heavy Metal", "The Great and Terrible" - all this is about him. There are legends about his stormy youth, and his rich and complicated personal life, full of dramas and happy moments, does not give peace to the media to this day. And yet the musician has long since passed eighth decade! But Ozzy always has something to surprise his audience.

Today we decided to remember Ten powerful hits Ozzy Osbourne! We want to stress right away: this is not the top of the best songs! Otherwise, we could hardly fit into the top ten... We just offer to enjoy some of the strongest, most timeless and favorite compositions, which charge with crazy energy and drive!


"Black Sabbath."
"Black Sabbath."

One of the most powerful songs that was born in the days of Black Sabbath. This is a very "dense" composition in its musical part, which critics often compare to "Whole Lotta Love" of the band Led Zeppelin. But at the same time it is something unique, crazy and very cool!

"Paranoid."is undoubtedly one of the greatest songs! Young Ozzie here is as chic as ever...

"No More Tears."

This ambitious track is an authentic '90s masterpiece! It was recorded at the height of Ozzy's solo career, when the great and consummate "Prince of Darkness" was collaborating with Zakk Wylde.. The latter's brilliant guitar solo excites and delights...

Only Ozzy could record a song about a serial offender, and make it a timeless hit with more than 75 million views on the clip!

"Mr. Crowley."

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

Inspired by the English occultist By Aleister CrowleyIt's not Ozzy's fastest or heaviest track, but it's definitely one of his most powerful. But it's definitely one of the most powerful!

Solo Randy Rhoads is beyond praise here! Many critics and listeners unanimously consider it one of the greatest of rock guitar passages in history! Unfortunately, the promising guitarist passed away too soon, at the age of 25. His death was tragic...

"Flying High Again"

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

This hard-hitting song about illegal substances is by no means not instructive! In it, Ozzy encourages his listeners to go "flying" with him.

However, so shameless the narrative does not take away from the brilliance of Flying High Again in any way.

"I Just Want You"

"There are no fights that can't be won.
There are no gods worth believing in.
There are no names that are forbidden to utter..."

"Bark at the Moon."

What's particularly catchy about this track is the opening track, "machine gun" - as described by many listeners. riff.

Ozzie took a long time to recover from his death Randy Rhoads - one of his best guitarists of his entire career.

Randy Rhoades
Randy Rhoades

To record the album "Bark at the Moon" he hired Jake & Lee. I don't know about you, but for us the title track seems very worthy!


"Looking through the window at the world outside...
I wonder if Mother Earth will survive,
Living in hope that humanity will one day stop tormenting her..."

"Mama, I'm Coming Home"

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne with their children
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne with their children

A wonderful ode to his wife, Sharoncould not have avoided our list. In this song Ozzy demonstrated his more sensitive sideI'm a manager, and I pay tribute to my beloved wife and part-time manager.

Notably, "Mama, I'm Coming Home" was co-produced by Ozzy Lemmy Kilmister - he has the touching words.

"Crazy Train."

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

This Classics not all the time! I guess when it comes to Osborne's solo work, the reckless "Crazy Train." - is the first thing that comes to mind. It's not for nothing that this song invariably occupies the top lines of the top ratings.

The composition of the pro "Crazy Train." became the first solo hit Ozzy! And it remains his biggest commercial and creative breakthrough to this day! The track captivates with the young virtuoso's heavy guitar riffs Randy Rhoadsand Osborne's vocal performance and creepy lyrics. When combined, it turns into something timeless and timeless... A classic.

"Close My Eyes Forever"

Lita Ford
Lita Ford

And we decided to finish our list with a chic balladrecorded by Ozzy and the femme fatale Cast Ford!

"Close My Eyes Forever" is one of the favorite compositions of Ozzy's fans. The Prince of Darkness seems to have surpassed himself in it - so pure, heartfelt and powerful was his performance! It seems that he turned his soul inside out so that the lyric "Close My Eyes Forever" would become a long-playing classic and would not pass over our hearts


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