"The brain breaks completely": Pavel from Moscow showed one of the most brilliant performances at the American talent show "America's Got Talent 2021"

His number was conceived in such a way that Pavel performed the dance "for two". The result was more than amazing...

How a Russian artist wowed the American public at America's Got Talent 2021

In summer 2021 of the year during the audition for the 16th season of the talent show "America's Got Talent" one of the most amazing performances took place: a Russian named Paul struck the American public on the spot, performing a very unusual, simply incredible dance! As a result, his number has become one of the best and most amazing in the history of the program. In any case, American users think so. Why is the dance of the Russian artist so remarkable? You will most likely have to watch it several times to believe your eyes.

Magic on Stage

Pavel and Alena - dance number of the show "America's Got Talent 2021"
Pavel and Alena - dance number of the show "America's Got Talent 2021"

It all started with the fact that the stage America's Got Talent 2021 came out Paul. During a conversation with the jury, he said that his number implies the participation of his wife Alena, but, unfortunately, today it will not be. According to Pavel, his wife visited his mother in San Francisco, because of which she missed her flight and now she will not be able to participate in the room. After telling a little about himself, the man said that since there would be no wife, he would have to improvise, that is, perform a dance in splendid isolation. The words of the contestant did not arouse a single drop of doubt among the jury, but in vain: they still did not know that a crazy show awaited them ahead, which they would want to watch again.

Everything that Paul told them turned out to be untrue: there should not have been any wife. His number was conceived in such a way that Pavel would perform a dance "for two". The result was more than stunning.

At first, almost nothing causes confusion: Pavel entered the stage in an embrace with a woman. Of course, their facial expressions are quite strangeBut sometimes makeup works wonders. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone suspected something was wrong. When Pavel and his partner began to dance, it was more like special effects: simply unrealistic physics, which even the most experienced acrobats would envy! But what happened at the end of the number completely left everyone present speechless: with a deft movement, Pavel threw back the just moving dancers! And it turned out that all this time he ruled them! So they were puppets. But at first, according to this good-natured-looking man, it was impossible to say that he was an insidious evil genius capable of shocking the entire audience.

Jury reaction

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

The jury members were shocked and delighted at the same time! They did not even immediately understand what had happened - how did Pavel appear from under the two dancers? And how did the puppets manage to perform movements that are so natural for two people.

Shared the first emotion Sofia Vergara. She seems to have been more shocked than her colleagues - Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum laughed heartily at what happened. At Simon Cowell for a few seconds he was speechless: it even took him a few seconds to get to his feet.

“It was so amazing. I have never seen anything like it,” commented Vergara.


“Yes, we all thought it was going to be terrible, but it was actually great. It was a big surprise, I liked it,” added Simon Cowell.


"I'll start with yes," Mandel said. "We love to be surprised, and that's what you just did."

At first, Pavel's story misled the jury: due to the absence of his wife Alena, they were ready for the most failed performance. But the Russian artist managed to surprise them. He controlled the puppets so skillfully that no one even guessed that mannequins were dancing on the stage!

As a result, Paul received all four "Yes", which gave him the opportunity to go to the next stage of the show.

What do users think?

The audience was delighted with this truly amazing dance number. In July 2021, the video was published on America's Got Talent YouTube channel. In less than a year, it gained 7.5 million views and a sea of enthusiastic comments! We offer you to get acquainted with the most exciting and interesting:

"One of the most original and entertaining performances on AGT since the show first aired!"


“This is without a doubt the best, most intriguing, masterful, unique performance I have ever seen. Bravo!"


“Fantastically wonderful! What did this gentleman do… Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!”


“Acting, storytelling, staging, the whole performance. This man is truly an ARTIST!”


“This guy is great, his dance moves are great, his ability to multitask, and this idea is new. Genius!"


“He would have won if he had not revealed himself. Finish the dance each time and roll away without ever showing yourself. Keep them guessing until the last show. For me, a winner!

Who is Pavel from Moscow?


Little is known about Paul. He was born in Russia, in nine years started working in Perm State Choreographic School thousands of miles from home. Later he studied in Moscow at the Moiseev Dance Academy, till in 1992 did not move to USA. There he lived and performed with his father Vladimir Ryazantsev and his wife Nadia Howard. Over time, Pavel made a name for himself as an artist, and performances with puppets are his hallmark. Alyona - his wife, a dancer by education, with whom they live San Francisco.


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