Patricia Kaas: "Even for the greatest love in the world, I won't stop singing"

    She was born in the family of a simple miner. There was barely enough money for food, but the singer had a talent since childhood. She taught herself to sing and made her family rich. We remembered the story of one of the most successful French singers.

    Biography of the artist Patricia Kaas: how did the life of the singer

    More than 30 years ago, Kaas won the hearts of millions of listeners around the world with the hit "Mademoiselle Chante Le Blues". He, like the singer herself, out of time. Yes, and all of Patricia's work, as a separate world, exists parallel to ours, making it better.

    Patricia Kaas
    Patricia Kaas

    Daughter of an ordinary miner

    The singer was born in Forbach, Lorraine to Joseph and Irmgard Kaas. Patricia was the youngest seven children. A large family lived not rich. One day, the father, hearing his daughter's singing, joked:

    “Well, at least one of us will become rich.”

    Patricia Kaas
    Patricia Kaas

    Patricia began to sing almost at the same time as she began to speak. The first stage success of the star can be considered performance at the age of eight at the Forbach carnival. She performed the composition of Claude Francois "Sale Bonhomme" and received the first fee in the form of boxes candy.

    A fragile girl with huge blue eyes was so deep voice, that the listeners joked that, probably, an adult woman was hiding behind her back. There was no opportunity to learn vocals from the miner's daughter. Therefore, all the secrets of singing and plastics she comprehended in practice, independently.

    Career Launch

    Patricia Kaas
    Patricia Kaas

    When Patricia was thirteen, she took part in a competition at the Rumpelkammer nightclub in Saarbrück and won. With the participation of one of the brothers, Kaas signs a contract with the club and performs on its stage three times a week. In Rumpelkammer she sang for almost seven years and practically fed family. For the sake of this work, Patricia, with the consent of her mother, left school.

    And in 1983, the performance of Patricia saw the architect Bernard Schwartz. He was so impressedthat a year later Kaas introduced Joel Cartini, who worked as a sound engineer at Phonogram Studio.

    The latter tried for a long time to persuade the studio management write down Patricia's record. But the manner of Kaas' performance was similar to the style of Mireille Mathieu, and the producers considered that the young singer was simply dissolve against the background of a celebrity, and the record will not bring profit.

    Acquaintance with Gerard Depardieu and fantastic success overshadowed by tragedy

    Gerard Depardieu
    Gerard Depardieu

    Pictures looked much fartherthan his superiors and saw Patricia as a future star. He left Phonogram Studio and created his own label. To start, Joel recorded a video of one of Kaas' performances at the Rumpelkammer and showed cassette to the couple Depardieu.

    Gerard personally called Patricia at home and said that he and his wife are going to produce her first single. Elisabeth Depardieu and poet François Bernheim write the song Jalouse ("Jealous"), and Gerard undertakes to promote it and invest his own funds in the recording. But the public and critics almost didn't pay attention to the single, released in 1985.

    Schwartz convinces Patricia don't lower arms. In 1987, Didier Barbelivien, in collaboration with the same Bernheim, wrote "Mademoiselle chante le blues" for Kaas. The song becomes 14th in the French hit parade.

    In 1988, Patricia finally gets over to Paris to record an album with the same name as the "shot" hit. The disc went gold in just two weeks, and platinum a few days later. And not only in France, but also in Belgium and Switzerland. Worldwide sold over three million copies.

    In 1989 from cancer dies mother of Patricia. The teddy bear, with which the singer does not part, is a gift from her mother. Kaas is sure that this talisman toy brings her good luck in all matters.

    About personal

    Patricia Kaas
    Patricia Kaas

    Creation captured Patricia from a young age. She has never been married. On this occasion, the singer wrote in her autobiography:

    “I myself choose whether to be with a man or not, and this complicates relationships - they are afraid of decisive women.”

    The singer is also often credited with the following words:

    "Even for the greatest love in the world, I will not stop singing."

    Considering her relationship with men, this phrase rings true. Kaas dated men that any girl could envy artist, but these relationships did not last long. Some of the singer's suitors demanded that she stop performing and show more attention to them. Girl this alignment did not suit, so her musical career often became the cornerstone against which her relationships broke.

    Loneliness for the sake of creativity, it seems, suited Kaas quite well, but "serious" novels, albeit in quality temporary Hobbies in her life were still present. The producer was the first candidate for the life partner of the star Cyril Prior. But the depression caused by the departure of the mother contributed to break between them and the end of the relationship.

    And then into the life of Kaas literally broke in Alain Delon. The actor called the singer home and categorically stated that she should go to with him on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. After that there were huge bouquets of roses, beautiful dates, public declarations of love. Although Patricia calls it all just friendship.

    With the Belgian composer Philipp Bergman, Kaas was together quite for a long time. The novel was beautiful. But when the singer insisted at the end of the relationship, the "man" declared his rights to part of Patricia's property.

    Passionate was an affair with fashionable chef Yannick Alleno. Kaas carefully concealed these relationships. Yes, they were relatively short.

    Was present in Patricia's life and jealous millionaire. He arranged scenes due to the fact that at concerts many men have the opportunity to look at his beloved. Kaas also endured the jealous not for long.

    In general, from her youth, she wanted the same family warmth and comfort as her parents. With holidays in the family circle, quiet evenings surrounded by children, mutual care.

    Now the singer is well over 50, but she still did not find life partner. To this day, she continues to perform.

    Kaas visited with tours in Russia. The list of cities she visited is huge: the singer traveled to almost all major cities in the country. Usually, foreign artists choose Moscow or St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia, as their venue, and that’s it. limited, but the Frenchwoman went further and performed in Irkutsk, Tyumen, Barnaul and other Russian cities.

    Interesting facts about a celebrity

    Patricia Kaas in a photo shoot for FHM magazine
    Patricia Kaas in a photo shoot for FHM magazine
    • For a long time, Kaas was the closest being lapdog Tequila is a gift from Claude Lelouch. The dog invariably accompanied Patricia on all tours. Filmed for Tequila separate hotel room. The singer said that she parted with her beloved only when she takes a bath or meets a man. In 2013 when the dog died, on the Kaas Facebook page it was written: "Tequila went to the angels."
    • Kaas is not bad draws and has the talent of a designer. She even designed her own apartment. itselfpreferring black and white colors.
    • Kaas explains his unfading beauty by the fact that I do not smoke, does not drink alcohol, sleeps enough time and just rests, periodically the singer resorts to a diet.
    • Patricia in everyday life indifferent to shoes with heels, preferring sneakers. But makeup is sacred to her. Even going out for fresh croissants to a bakery located a couple of dozen steps from home, the singer necessarily use mascara and lipstick.
    • In Eurovision 2009, Kaas became only the eighth. Coincidentally, the day of the competition was also the anniversary of of death her moms.
    • The singer could easily become a successful actress. But she starred in only two films - with Lelouch "And now ... Ladies and gentlemen ..." and with Thiers Binisty in "Killed".
    • In 2008 Patricia Kaas sang with the Russian team "Umaturman" their song "You won't call." It was the third composition in the singer's career where she sings atRussian. Before that, there were “Black Eyes” and “I like that you are not sick with me ...”


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