"Is it really Paul McCartney?": What really happened to the iconic Beatle in 1966

Urban legends about musicians are not as rare as they may seem at first glance. Many fans, based on conspiracy theories, are convinced that their favorite artists, like Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, are still alive. But the opposite happens in rock music: it happened to Paul McCartney, who, at the peak of The Beatles' career, was haunted by the most bizarre conspiracy theory. We'll tell you about it in our article.

The legend of Paul McCartney from "The Beatles": history of events and conspiracy theories

The Beatles' bassist - one of the most influential musicians in the modern rock space. Paul McCartney has repeatedly been included in Guinness Book of Recordsas the most successful musician and composer of recent history. Triumph Paula can also be described through the amusing historythat happened to the Beatle in 1966which was marked by the release of the album «Revolver» and the beginning of work with «Sgt. Pepper».

True or false: the events of 1966

At the time the Paul story happened, «The Beatles» were already a fairly popular band, and by the time this story became known to the world, or at least to one American radio station, the icons of rock were, in the words of John Lennon himself, "more popular than Jesus.".

A famous myth has it that McCartney died in a car accident in 1966and the Beatles successfully disguise the event, nevertheless leaving in their songs hints. First there was British version. In fact, taking into account the backstory of the myth, it must be said that the whole scandal stems from Christmas incidentwhich took place in 1965. Paul then Broke mine moped and Broke a toothbut the musician had to hide the aftermath of the event, so he grew his legendary mustache. Even then, fans had a theory about the double, because the changes in appearance were quite unusual.

The Beatles
The Beatles

This story was gaining momentum, and soon had an even more interesting continuation. At the beginning of 1967, one of the most recognizable cars UK stamps Mini CooperThe car, which belonged to Paul, was involved in an accident near London. The driver of the car, however, was not McCartneybut another person. But the fans "The Beatles. and the media could not stop: they began to clearly ignore this fact and believe that the recognizability of the tuned car is directly related to the fact that its driver that night was the famous singer. Even denials from the magazine «The Beatles Book» didn't help. And then the story was spun Americansand the number of questions about the "living" Beatle increased tenfold.

Paul McCartney's Mini Cooper
Paul McCartney's Mini Cooper

The clues that are hard to ignore...

The music business is unique in its unexpectedness. In a completely extraordinary stories and paradoxical legends it becomes easy to believe over time. All thanks to the fact that musical creativity is very subjectively, and it can be interpret in different waysFinding various References where the songwriters didn't even imagine them.

Crazy evidence that the events that occurred with PaulHowever, they are also reflected in the magazines, and in compositions "The Beatles, and even in visual accompaniment of several albums. For example, one of the popular arguments about McCartney's demise is the cover «Abbey Road». Fans saw the image of the musicians walking across the crosswalk as a symbol of a certain ritual, where John Lennon plays the role of a priest, Ringo Starr - an employee of a funeral parlor, George Harrison - grave digger, and Paul no longer seems alive.

Abbey Road" album cover
Abbey Road" album cover

Another confirmation of the alleged veracity of the accident in which Paul died is the song «Revolution 9". Fans have repeatedly noted that if you lose her backwards, it reveals some really grim details. The phrase «number nine» ("number 9") acquires different soundreflecting what happened.

Rumors of a horror story with McCartneyIt seemed to cover every possible thing that could somehow be "pulled up by the ears" and connected with the events of 1966. That was a huge number of songs The Beatles (Strawberry Fields Forever, Taxman, A Day In The Life, Glass Onion, etc.), a cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Beatles Yesterday And Today, as well as events from subsequent concerts.

The Beatles' photo for the promo for "Sgt. Pepper & #039;s Lonely Hearts Club Band" album
The Beatles' photo for the promo for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album

The alleged doppelganger - who is he?

Rumor has it that Paul's look-alike is an actor William Shears Campbell, or Billy ShearsThe "Faux-McCartney" was the winner of a contest of impersonators and soon disappeared from the radar of his original life. This "Faux-McCartney" allegedly wrote hits «Hey Jude» and «Blackbird». But in reality the publicist invented the double. Fred Laboureand the further dissemination of this version only underscores how quickly information is leaked in the yellow press.

What McCartney and his bandmates had to say about it

McCartney himself had a little bit of an attitude toward what was going on. humor. This is evident in an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone in 1974when he commented on the matter.

Ringo Starr spoke about mystical events as follows: "On the Magical Mystery Tour, we all have red roses and Paul has a black one. Of course, it's all nonsense, but if you put your mind to it, you can come to the same conclusion. And there was no way we could prove he was alive..."

But here. John Lennon The story only made her angry: he called her nonsense and said that the rumors sucked out of thin air.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon
Paul McCartney and John Lennon

But the consequences of this event, of course, were serious: the The Beatles sales went up sharply. The result was a kind of PR stuntThe Beatles and no one else could ever have imagined.

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