Songs for Women and Girls. Part 1

Top 6 songs for the fair half...

Songs dedicated to women. Part 1

The beautiful half of humanity has always been, is and will be the inspiration for creating masterpieces. And, first of all, this chip refers to the musical world. How many songs dedicated to pretty beauties do you know? Most of the bestsellers of the last century and hits of our time were written in honor of specific girls, as their names, in fact, testify to. We decided to make a selection of the most beautiful, melodic and soulful sounds dedicated to beautiful ladies with no less beautiful names…


Toto (Toto)
Toto (Toto)

We all owe this famous creation to the American actress Rosanna Arquette. At the time of writing the track, she was on good terms with Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro. However, the idea to record "Rosanna" came to the head of the band's leader David Paich, who was always in search of a new trend to write a good song. In an interview, the musician explained:

“Rosanna was about my first love in high school, I just decided to label it with another girl's name. Then my best friend and colleague - Steve Porcaro - just met with Rosanna Arquette. I was looking for a suitable name for a new song for a long time, and her name was just the perfect choice. Delicate, mysterious and very beautiful - that's how I imagined first love ... ".

It is curious that after the release of the single, Porcaro and Arquette broke up. Although this will not be the last time the blonde beauty met with musicians: in the early 90s, the girl had a stormy romance with Peter Gabriel, and in 2007 she met with Paul McCartney.

After the release of the composition "Rosanna" many listeners were deeply misled. Not only was David Paich the author of the song, the vocal sound of the song was given by Bobby Kimball - the permanent voice of Toto. For this reason, most of the public assumed that it was Kimball who was Arquette's ex-boyfriend.

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly)
Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly)

Buddy Holly wrote this most beautiful composition all alone, apart from his acoustic guitar, of course. Then the singer was in his apartment in New York and at the same time he wrote his last songs: “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” (“Crying, waiting, hoping”), “That S What They Say” (“That's what they are say"), "What To Do" ("What to do") and "Learning The Game" ("Learning the game"). After the tragic death of the rock and roll legend, the songs were re-recorded to become the hits we know today. But back to Peggy Sue.

Whether there really was a certain Peggy Sue in Buddy Holly's life, or whether her person is nothing more than a figment of the imagination, still remains a mystery. In the song "Peggy Sue" (1957), the hero learns that the girl is married. It is curious, but it was this creation that continued the rock era as one of the first. The composition in question was posthumously released as a single from "Crying, Waiting, Hoping". Interestingly, it was this single that gave the name to the 1986 film Peggy Sue Got Married, starring Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage. As a background for the film, respectively, a demo version of the track was used, where Buddy Holly himself sings and plays the acoustic guitar. Having added a pleasant melody to the demo, the producer of the film, Jack Hansen, created a completely new, hitherto unheard song. It was the first time in the history of music that a composition was completed and released after the artist's death.

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Rod Stewart (Rod Stewart)
Rod Stewart (Rod Stewart)

The composition "Maggie May" became the very first international hit of Rod Stewart. However, few people know that the singer wrote his creation, being under vivid impressions of the delights of adult life ... Here is what Stewart shared after the release of the track:

“In July 1961, my friends and I went to the south of England to relax at the Bewley Jazz Festival. The concert was held on the meadows of the estate of Lord Montagu, one of the biggest fans of jazz. I was then sixteen. That afternoon, we entered the festival through a large drainpipe. It was in one of the beer tents that I met her. It was a woman much older than me. She was a typical sexual predator. Word for word, and we ended up with her on a secluded lawn.

As a result, "Maggie May" made Rod Stewart the first musician whose work topped four top charts at once. The composition was even included in the legendary list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", according to Rolling Stone. Interestingly, the real "Maggie May" never contacted Rod Stewart again and, most likely, does not even know that the musician dedicated the song to her.

The Police—Roxanne

Songs for Women and Girls. Part 1

No matter how much they say that a woman of easy virtue is capable of becoming an ideal wife, one can hardly wish someone to fall in love with one of these. It was this topic that Sting decided to touch on in one of his most popular creations with the big name "Roxanne".

The leader of The Police wrote the composition in 1977 while staying with the rest of the members in Paris. There, the musicians performed at the Nashville club, and then went to their room in some shabby hotel. “Priestesses of love” often spun around him, which - what is most interesting - inspired the singer to create a masterpiece. The song speaks from the perspective of a man who lost his head in love with a representative of an ancient profession named Roxanne (Sting borrowed the name from the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" after seeing an advertising poster in the hotel lobby).

The composition was released as a single in 1978 as part of the Outlandos d'Amour album. In the style of tango, it turned out to be extremely rhythmic and incendiary, but at the same time with a tense thread of dramaturgy. Today, the track about the passionate beauty Roxanne is ranked 398th in the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", according to Rolling Stone magazine.


Songs for Women and Girls. Part 1

This soulful thing is known to every fan of rock ballads. Lyrical, gentle - the composition "Carrie" makes the listeners immerse themselves in personal memories along with Joey Tempest, who performs it ... Although it was not included in the list of the best rock ballads in the world, it has always remained the hallmark of the Swedish band. The authors of the masterpiece were Tempest himself - the permanent vocalist of the group, and keyboardist Mick Michaeli, for whom this composition was the first joint recording with the participants.

Tempest performs the creation so sensually that no one has any doubts: there must be a true heroine. And so it turned out. In an interview, Joey admitted:

“We dated for a while. Then we were both very young, the wind in my head and all that ... Our parting seemed to me something comparable to the end of the world. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that it’s okay as a teenager to start a relationship, realize you’re not from the same planet, and keep moving on…”

After the release, the track was filmed a successful video clip, which gave the rock band additional rotation on MTV.

Hall & Oates - Sara Smile

Songs for Women and Girls. Part 1

The lyric song "Sarah Smile" was written by Hall for his friend Sarah Allen. Her sister, Jeanne Allen, songwriter and songwriter of Kiss On My List fame, died in 1993. At that time she was 36 years old. The woman was diagnosed with leukemia.

In an interview from 2009, the singer admitted:

“Sara, Smile is one of my favorite songs. It was a musical card for Sarah - a wonderful partner and girl in every sense of the word."

One can imagine what it is like for Sarah herself to constantly encounter this work. The track is still present in a number of playlists today, and is also widely used in modern culture. For example, "Sara, Smile" has repeatedly sounded in the show of Daryl Hall himself - "Live From Daryl's House".

Continuation. Part 2


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