Soundtracks from the movie "Red Notice" (OST 2021 Red Notice)

"Pro and Cons"

Music from the film "Red Notice"

In the new movieRed Notice» (Red Notice) contains many popular soundtracks, music and songs of different genres. American comedy will be shown in November 2021 on Netflix. At the center of the story Interpol, he is trying to attract the whole world to the problem of an international scale - to catch a very famous and cunning thief, his criminal activity is connected with art. Therefore, Interpol sends out a "Red Notice" that warns everyone about the capture of the thief.

FBI agent will catch the thief of rarities, he will have to involve two swindlers in the search for help, among them there will be a woman, a thief, a professional in her field. Moreover, a sophisticated criminal never leaves traces when stealing works, so the agent will have to make every effort to calculate invisibility. It is worth saying that high hopes were placed on the film, but more than half of the critics, having watched the comedy, spoke unflatteringly about it, calling the film too boring.

Although there is a lot of action and too many jokes, the film turned out to be plotless and tiring. Of the pros it is worth emphasizing simplicity and fun - entertainment for home viewing for an hour. But this is the opinion of critics, in fact, the action-packed action movie will gather fans of various genres from its screens. By the way, the film was on the verge of failure, the deadlines were running out and at the right time Netflix extended a helping hand by offering $ 130 million. Therefore, the film must be released on time, it turned out to be the most expensive this year.

StarringCast: Ritu Eriya, Seth Michaels, Rafael Petardi, Vincenzo Amato, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Ivan Mbakop, Chris Diamantopoulos, Gal Gadot, Sebastien Large

It is worth noting that the soundtracks from the film "Red Notice" (Red Notice) were chosen quite well, the music and songs from the film are taken to heart. We have compiled a complete list of soundtracks from the movie "Red Notice" (Red Notice) OST 2021: listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Naz Tokio - On The Run (Red Notice Film Music)

The Notorious BIG - Notorious (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Red Notice)

Duran Duran – Notorious (Ost Red Notice Music from the Motion Picture)

James Brown – The Payback (Red Notice Movie 2021 Soundtrack)

Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Red Notice song at the end of the Movie)

Gotan Project – Época (Red Notice Movie 2021 Music)

Pink Martini - Amado Mio (Ed Sheeran Song from Movie Red Notice)

John Williams - Raiders March

Tony Hatch - Downtown

Tango Jointz – Libertango (Songs from the Movie Red Notice)

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Red Notice End Movie Music)


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