Songs from the movie "Gentlemen" 2020 (music, soundtracks, OST)

Music from the film The Gentlemen (2020)

Music, soundtracks and songs from The Gentlemen (2020) / The Gentlemen OST

The film "Gentlemen" is full of cool music and soundtracks, because the director is none other than Sir Guy Ritchie himself. For this occasion, we present a list of all soundtracks: OST The Gentlemen. The album features original music by Chris Benstead as well as unofficial soundtracks.

Plot A little about the plot... Guy Ritchie's film tells the story of an American expatriate, Pearson, who over the past 20 years has built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London, making lucrative private deals with impoverished British aristocrats, adding to their family fortunes in exchange for sheltering his vast cannabis plantations on their country estates. . Now a wealthy, well-connected middle-aged businessman married to ice-cockney queen Rosalind (Dockery), Pearson craves a quiet life and plans to sell his vast drug empire for a hefty pension. But the deal is in jeopardy...

Let's get back to the film's music. So the list of all soundtracks from the movie "The Gentlemen" (2020) - OST The Gentlemen:

Bugzy Malone

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead


Paul Jones

Chris Benstead - Reduce Market Value

Chris Benstead

The Jam - That's Entertainment

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead Gala Dinner

The Pharcyde

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

David Rawlings - Cumberland Gap

Can-Vitamin C (2004 Remaster)



Johnny Rivers

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Roxy Music

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead

El Michels Affair

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