Which Led Zeppelin songs Jimmy Page doesn't like and why

The group worked because it was democratic, and sometimes they released music, despite the fact that one of the members did not particularly like this or that track ... And in most cases - this applied to Jimmy Page ...

Jimmy Page and his dislike of some of Led Zeppelin's work

Led Zeppelin - one of the greatest rock bands in history, formed in London in 1968 year and soon conquered millions of listeners' hearts around the world! Headed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham “Led Zeppelin quickly became a trend, and with the advent of the new century, an icon of an entire era ... Today, Zeppelin are considered one of the progenitors of hard rock and heavy metal, while their own style included blues and folk. Music critics call them one of the most innovative and influential rock bands in history, but on top of everything else, they are also one of the best (if not the best) selling rock bands: their combined record sales are estimated at 200–300 million copies around the world! Simply put - they were just as influential in 1970's years, like The Beatles during 1960's… But their parallels do not end there.

It is worth noting that, like any first-class rock and roll band (like, in general, the same “Beatles”), Led Zeppelin disagreed with each other from time to time. Controversy was part of their job if they were going to continue to be the dominant force in rock music (and they were going to). The group worked because it was democratic, and sometimes released music, despite the fact that one of the members did not particularly like this or that track ... And in most cases - this was related to Jimmy Page.

Too "soft" In Through The Out Door

Album cover of In Through The Out Door (Led Zeppelin)
Album cover of In Through The Out Door (Led Zeppelin)

The perfect combination of mobile Jimmy Page on the guitar and skillfully delivered bass John Paul Jones, searing world-class vocals Robert Plante and masterful drumming by the most incredible rock musician John Bonham This is the perfect recipe for the ages! However, even these four talents sometimes could not reunite spiritually and make everything so that everyone was happy ...

Jimmy Page - not only the author of the most formidable riffs of all time, but also an insane perfectionist! For true fans, it will not be a big discovery that even before he joined Zeppelin, Page was one of the great British guitarists ... But that's not the point. So: for eight studio albums Led Zeppelin created many tracks that in the eyes of many are the epitome of perfection! But... not in Page's eyes. In any case, not all the songs of the group ... And to a greater extent this applies to the album 1979 of the year In Through the Out Door, the content of which Jimmy Page was frankly not proud of ... In his interview 1993 the musician admitted:

“John (Bonham) and I felt this album was too soft for Zeppelin… Then Jones had a resurgence of writing: he didn’t write anything for a long time, and then he literally broke through!”

Throughout the album Bonham and Paige felt worthless as their two bandmates were the creative forces driving In Through the Out Door!

"After that, Bonzo and I started discussing plans for a hard rock album…" Page adds.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

Unfortunately, death Bonham in 1980 prevented them from creating the album they both dreamed of doing together... Instead, their last album was one that neither of them loved...

A song written in sorrow

Robert Plant
Robert Plant

"All My Love" — a track that showcased the band's more gentle side... Written in grief, this rock ballad with solo Jones on the synthesizer touched the hearts of millions, however - very puzzled Page

"I was a little worried about the chorus of 'All My Love'," explains Jimmy Page. “Then I thought, ‘This is not us. It's not us…” It was disturbing to include this song on the album…”

However, trying with all his might to maintain harmony in the group, Page didn't want the song to be taken off the album because Robert Plant wrote it from the bottom of my heart. This track was one of the most poignant on the record as it addressed his son who died at an early age while Plant was touring with the band in North America in 1977 year...

“I understand Robert's feelings, and … in his place, I would have done exactly the same. But I didn’t want to follow that direction in the future…”

Well, what Page made concessions both for the sake of the feelings of a friend and comrade on the stage, and for the sake of harmony in the group, shows him as a good leader and a person with a big soul ...

Rejected "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)"

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, John Bonham of LED ZEPPELIN. Photo: Rob Verhorst
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, John Bonham of LED ZEPPELIN. Photo: Rob Verhorst

You might not even know it, but the popular "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" - another Zeppelin creation that was criticized by Page! Remarkably, this is one of the few tracks by the band that they have never performed live. However, this did not prevent him from becoming quite popular on rock radio. The song appeared on their wonderful second album, one of the best albums of all time. 1969 of the year… "Led Zeppelin II" is a beautiful collection of songs that fit together flawlessly. So, for example, "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" goes well with "Heartbreaker", and it's hard to imagine a record without these masterpieces...

Riff Page on the track is nothing but phenomenal, lyrical content, on the other hand, frightening even for 1969 years... The song is saturated with hatred towards a real fan who used to follow the group. Perhaps Page is confused by the lyrics, explaining why the Zeppelin never performed this number live. Anyway, but "Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" included in his personal "black list".

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