History and the best versions of the song "The composition will go to Tikhoretskaya"

The song is known to all fans of Vysotsky, as well as to all those who watched the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!". How did she become popular and who was the best performer of Tikhoretskaya.

Who was the best performer of the song "On Tikhoretskaya ..." and how the composition gained popularity

Song “The train will go to Tikhoretskaya” usually associated with the film directed by Eldar Ryazanov "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath". There her sings the main character Nadya (Barbara Brylska) in the voice of Alla Pugacheva. But this "hit for all times" appeared long before the release of Ryazanov's picture on the screens.

Due to the huge popularity film (during the first show, it was watched by about 100 million viewers, which was a real sensation for the Soviet Union) popularity acquires and one of the main musical compositions of the film - "The composition will go to Tikhoretskaya".

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

The song was originally written for the playunrelated to the upcoming film. It was performed by the Sovremennik and Lenkom theaters, and there were several versions of the music for the song - Gladkov and Tariverdiev.

For the film, Ryazanov took Tariverdiev's version, not yet knowing who the author was. Later, Eldar Alexandrovich found out about this, and called composer to create music for the following paintings.


History of the song

The poet and playwright Mikhail Lvovsky wrote text "Tikhoretskaya" in 1962. And he did it especially for him plays "Childhood Friend"

The play tells about a guy from an intelligent family who was taken into the army. It’s not easy for him there, but he paints his “exploits” to his beloved Irina. Irina's friend is also in love with the young man. It is this heroine sings in the play "The composition will go to Tikhoretskaya."

Tikhoretskaya station is located in the city of Tikhoretsk Krasnodar Territory. According to Lvovsky, all of his work is connected with Krasnodar. creation.

Mikhail Tariverdiev
Mikhail Tariverdiev

By music to the song for "Lenkom" was Mikhail Tariverdiev. And for Sovremennik - Gennady Gladkov. Moreover, in Moscow the composition was performed in Tariverdiev's version, while in Leningrad they preferred Gladkov's version.

Gennady Gladkov
Gennady Gladkov

After censorship banned play "A Childhood Friend", Tariverdiev included "They will go to the Tikhoretskaya line-up" in his opera "Oranges from Morocco".

Top Hit Artists

The composition was included in the repertoire many artists. And each of them brought something of their own. In his own style, the song was performed by Vladimir Vysotsky, and the group “Nogu Svelo!” added a grunge sound to the song.

Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky
Vladimir Vysotsky

Many fans thinkthat the author of the song "The composition will go to Tikhoretskaya" was Vladimir Vysotsky. Although the musician himself was honest with the public and said that the composition did not belong to him. In 1966, when Vladimir Vysotsky began to sing the song, Mikhail Lvovsky was very surprised.

In 1972, Vladimir Semyonovich's version was included in the disc "Soviet Underground Songs and Ballads", released by pirates in the United States.

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

In 1975, when Eldar Ryazanov decided to insert the song into The Irony of Fate, a thorough selection vocalists. In the end the song performed by Alla Pugacheva. Although other performers were also considered.

“On Tikhoretskaya” is the only soundtrack that was written by not specially for "Irony of Fate". Before the composition was recorded, Pugacheva made over 30 takes. In the film, the audience heard a shortened version of the song.

The song performed by Pugacheva was not published on any of the albums and singles: the recording was first released in 1996. She was added to the artist's large song collection.

Tatyana Doronina

Tatyana Doronina
Tatyana Doronina

Released in 1981 drama "Capel". In it, one of her most famous roles was played by Tatyana Doronina. The actress performed two songs in the film: “I’ll come in handy for you” and “On Tikhoretskaya”. And the latter was performed to music Igor Granov.

This performance differs from the rest in a special sadness. However, this is only because the actress is great succeeded convey the atmosphere and mood of the film.

Leg cramped!

Maxim Pokrovsky
Maxim Pokrovsky

In 1997, Na Tikhoretskaya gained a second wind thanks to the incendiary punk version of the Nogu Svelo band. Group performed by hit at the concert "Surprise for Alla". In the middle of the composition, Pugacheva herself joined the group.

Also famous was the performance of the song by the group "Nogu brought down!" together with singer Yulia Savicheva on the show "Star Factory".

Someone commented below the video:

“I was still quite small. There were two boring channels on the telly. And this cool project was born. I remember how I laughed at this performance by Savicheva and sang small: “The bar will move, the bar will move, and right into your mouth,” and my mother corrected me: “There is not a bar, but a trailer.” Ah, times…”

And someone wrote that the version of the artists came out unsuccessful:

“This song is about love, parting. You can't do it like that! It's a caricature, Julia!


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