The Three Best Songs Performed by Maya Kristalinskaya

Modern singers do not differ much from each other. Therefore, sometimes we have to go back to listening to the songs of legendary Soviet stars. In this article we decided to remember the best songs performed by Maya Kristalinskaya.

The Best Songs of Maya Kristalinskaya

Maya Kristalinskaya - is a famous Soviet singer. Her songs can be heard in the hearts of millions of people to this day. Even at the time of Soviet Unionfew could compare to her talent. What to say about modern singers, who sing along to the backing track every once in a while.

There's almost nothing to listen to today. Modern singers don't differ much from each other. So sometimes you have to go back to listening to songs of legendary Soviet stars. In this article we decided to remember the best songs performed by Maya Kristalinskaya.


Maya Kristalinskaya
Maya Kristalinskaya

This song is considered one of the singer's most popular compositions. It was written by в 1965 year Alexandra Pakhmutova and poets Nikolai Dobronravov and Sergey Grebennikov. And I must say: the song completely lives up to its name. Kristalinskaya sings with great tenderness:

The composition is dedicated to the astronauts who flew into distant space to conquer the stars. In the Soviet Union the cosmonautics was highly respected: they dedicated poems, paintings, songs, and all this resonated in the hearts of millions of people in the Union. This song was no exception. Even the cosmonauts appreciated it. Sam Yuri Gagarin once said that this was his favorite song.

Top Top

This song is not as well known as the previous one, but it still sounds great. The authors of the song are С. Pojlakov and А. Olgin.

The song is dedicated to children and their first steps towards adulthood. Although Kristalinskaya herself did not have children, she was still able to convey maternal feelings with her voice. Her true talent as a singer showed in this: she not only sang very well, but she could show with her singing the love and care of mothers to their children.

It's snowing.

This song was first heard in the movie "Dima Gorin's Career" performed by Maya. The lyrics were written by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and the music was composed by Andrei Eshpai. In this comedy, the song is played during a New Year's Eve party. The composition creates a sense of celebration and magic. Later this song was included in the movie "Wild Dog Dingo." (1962 г.).

Users of the network responded very positively about the song:

"A beautiful, iconic song for all time! And the performer is great, there aren't any more like her now!"

One of the commenters on YouTube wrote such a touching comment:

"My soul comes alive and sings with the music of those years..."

In conclusion

Songs by Maya Kristalinskaya are not forgotten to this day. They have achieved recognition not only in their homeland, but also abroad because of their soulfulness and ability to get to the heart.


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