Top 15 Most Interesting Facts About Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of the most influential bands in the history of music in general. Over the years, they have delighted their fans and now their compositions remain one of the most listened to on all music platforms. But how did the history of the group develop? How did it reach its peak and what funny moments did the band members talk about? To answer all these questions, we have compiled the top 15 interesting facts about Pink Floyd.

What is Pink Floyd» overtaken "Deep Purple» and Led Zeppelin»? 15 most interesting facts about the band

The history of the cult rock band "Pink Floyd" stretched for as long as half a century, which is why the abundance of curious facts related to it has not surprised anyone for a long time.

It is clear that impossible collect in a single article and a small fraction of those episodes that we would like to share with you today. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the most interesting and amazing facts related to the legendary British band.

1Pink Floyd will reissue the mono mix of their 1968 album Saucerful of Secrets on vinyl for Record Store Day. Photo: Michael Oks
Pink Floyd. Photo: Michael Oks

1. Plagiarism

Cover of Meddle
Cover of Meddle

In 1971 the light saw The record "Meddle", the last track on which was "Echoes", is one of the longest songs in the entire discography of the group. And everything would be fine until one very famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber created his famous "Phantom of the Opera".

Surely, most listeners already know this, but it’s still worth emphasizing: Webber borrowed the main theme from “Echoes” for his musical! In an interview with Roger Waters exclaimed:

“When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe my own ears! How the hell is this possible?! The same size, and the same structure, and the notes are the same, and everything is the same in general! Bastard! Maybe I should sue, but I think life is too short to sue fucking Andrew fucking Lloyd Webber!”

However, the wicked "thief" and so got from the leader of Pink Floyd. Waters inserted the following lines into the track "It's A Miracle":

“…Lloyd Webber's terrible music, which plays year after year, falls silent when the piano lid falls and breaks his damn fingers. This is a miracle…”

2. The longest tracks

The cover of the fifth studio album "Atom Heart Mother"
The cover of the fifth studio album "Atom Heart Mother"

Since we are talking about "Echoes", which in the studio version goes almost 24 minutes, then why not remember three more famous and longest compositions in the creative piggy bank British team.

First of all - the single of the same name of the fifth studio album "Atom Heart Mother" with a duration of 23 minutes 44 seconds, which consists of whole six parts. The name of the self-titled album, the group came up with after reading in the newspaper article about a woman with an atomic pacemaker. It was an experimental development.

But it would be unforgivable not to mention the first of its kind "long Floyd composition" "A Saucerful of Secrets". The song has a clear structure. Of course, the timing is almost 12 minutes not too much impressive, but we could not miss it, because the rest are longer tracks, very similar in structure. For example, the same "Atom Heart Mother".

Later members team shared:

“It was the greatest and most difficult experiment for us, in the recording of which both the orchestra and the choir took part ...”

Ron Gisin also co-authored. The musician prescribed complex orchestral parties and personally conducted all this "ensemble".

The self-titled album was released in the early 70s. It's a real miracle that, despite its experimental nature, the record still took first place in the British top chart.

Later, critics noted the undeniable importance "Atom Heart Mother" in the formation of the rock symphonic genre. An interesting fact, but since 2012 this album has been part of the music curriculum in schools in France.

But the longest song "Pink Floyd" is considered to be "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"! The track is immediately nine parts scattered throughout the album "Wish You Were Here" - the first five at the beginning, four more at the end.

In total, this "musical fireworks" in the studio version lasts 26 minutes and 1 second! It is interesting that such a majestic composition is devoted one of the founders of the group - Syd Barrett.


3. Poor Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick

And again "Atom Heart Mother". Once Stanley Kubrick asked group to sell him the rights to "Mother with an Atomic Heart": the fact is that the director wanted an eternal license and unlimited opportunities to "mangle" the famous material.

Pink Floyd did not like this idea, and the band members unanimously refused Kubrick. Therefore, the painting "A Clockwork Orange" had to get by without the legendary "Pink Floyd" theme.

However, fans of the director's work remember that moment from the movie in a music store, where the cover of the Floyd record of the same name is visible in the background!

4. Who lost the film?

In 1972, the world screens came out painting group called "Live at Pompeii". Filming took place in the amphitheater of the ancient city without spectators. According to drummer Nick Mason, all the bands at the time were looking to either record their own live sequences or copy the Beatles' idea of "A Hard Day's Night".

And then it succeeded recreate something special, something. True, there were some ridiculous situations here. Those who have watched the film have noticed this peculiarity: the filming during the performance of "One of These Days" was shown only from the cameras that filmed Nick Mason. Later, in his book "Inside Out", the musician explained this oddity as follows:

“On the way back, we had a couple of technical hiccups - one of the film reels was lost, and the director had to insert a long sequence into the film, which, in fact, is not remarkable for anything other than the drum solo “One of These Days” ... Unfortunately , at that time we had a very limited palette of available shots and camera angles.”

5. Dark side

The Dark Side of the Moon cover
The Dark Side of the Moon cover

It's not just a long story about this album - you can safely write scientific papers about it! "The Dark Side of the Moon" became the most sold record in the history of recording - sold out worldwide today about 50 million copies!

Everything was an event in it: from the concept of the most modern technologies available at that time to the work of all members of the group and the cover. The latter in 2011, according to the readers of the publication "MusicRadar", was called the best music cover of all time!

Strikingly, The Dark Side of the Moon did not leave the US top 200 for 15 years - from 1973 to 1988. Moreover, according to Nick Mason, according to various music critics, "The Dark Side of the Moon" is one of the most popular albums among lovers steam.

Storm Thorgerson, who worked on creation cover said:

“There are three main elements in the prism: a reference to lighting effects - an integral part of the band's live performances; triangle symbolism, which denotes ambition - one of the dominant themes of the album; as well as the simplicity of the image - the designer was asked to do something bold and dramatic, but at the same time extremely simple.

On the reverse side are Egyptian pyramids, because Thorgerson considered that the pyramids are the cosmic version of the prism.

6. But the elephant was not noticed

Claire Torrey
Claire Torrey

One of The Dark Side of the Moon's songs, "The Great Gig In The Sky", was written by Richard Wright and co-written by British singer Claire Torrey.

It was this composition that became one of the most non-standard in the work of the group, because it has no words at all! Only wonderful music and a vocal part that was not originally recorded.

Everything that the singer Claire performed in a few takes was pure improvisation! And this fact delights the band's fans even more, because "The Great Gig In The Sky" really amazes the imagination with its cosmic depth. From the book "Inside Out":

"... During one of the auditions, Claire was a little embarrassed that she allowed herself to go so far in terms of improvisation ... Intending to apologize for this, she opened the door to the control room and was greatly amazed that everyone was in a frenzy of delight."


After that, the singer was paid only £30 and was simply listed on the record as the vocalist. However, in 2004, Torrey filed a lawsuit against Pink Floyd and the EMI label, defending the co-authorship of The Great Gig In The Sky, and won the process a year later!

7. Wall

A record called "The Wall"
A record called "The Wall"

In the United States, this album became the third most sold items records after the Eagles' greatest hits and Michael Jackson's legendary thriller. But the point here is not only in commercial success, but in the conceptual and complexity, and not of the album, but of the whole project called "The Wall", which includes a record, an enchanting concert and a film.

One can safely write books about each of these components, but the fact that the "Wall" has become the first of its kind cultural phenomenon, there is no doubt. And the concept of the album, which is called a rock opera, and the most powerful enchanting show with the wall and its further destruction at the end of the performance.

What is the amazing film by Alan Parker with Bob Geldof in the lead role and the magnificent animation of Gerald Scarfe. Taken together, all this can rightly be called the greatest legacy in the history of music.

8. You will not confuse with anything

An important part of The Wall was the song "Comfortably Numb Pulse". Probably today without her already impossible imagine the band's live shows after The Wall or David Gilmour's solo performances.

This genius wrote the most amazing guitar solo to this song, which later became one of the most famous in the history of rock music. In Guitar World magazine's list of the fifty greatest solos, it came in at number four, and it was number one on The Guitarist's list.


9. Twenty years

Cover of the last 2 albums
Covers of the last two albums

That's how much gone between the releases of the last two albums in the band's history: "The Division Bell" (1994) and "The Endless River" (2014).

10 Stephen Hawking

By the way, it is on these two luxurious works and lit up famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. On The Division Bell, his "electronic voice" can be heard on the song "Keep Talking" and The Endless River presents "Talkin' Hawkin'".

11. Ballet

In 1972, Marseille hosted premiere productions of Roland Petit "Pink Floyd Ballet". The entire Marseille ballet company danced to the music of four compositions: "One of These Days", "Careful With That Ax, Eugene", "Obscured by Clouds - When You're In" and "Echoes".

The most interesting thing is that at the premiere performances they played directly Pink Floyd! After that, the ballet began to be shown already under the soundtrack.

But even this moment is not amazing. As you know, a ballet production assumes the presence of songs of the same duration, however, the members of the group themselves in those years often improvised on the stage. Consequently, no one knew exactly at what point this or that song would end! In this regard, at the premiere performances, next to the musicians, there was a man who, every four bars, showed the members of the team cards on which it was written how many bars needed finish play.

12. Space

"Delicate Sound Of Thunder" album cover
"Delicate Sound Of Thunder" album cover

The live album "Delicate Sound Of Thunder" was the first rock album to be sounded in space! It happened in 1988, when Soviet cosmonauts have taken album with you on the Soyuz TM-7 spacecraft.

13. In honor of Pink Floyd»

Pink Floyd
"Pink Floyd."

In the late 90s, in honor of the cult group was named asteroid under the number 19367, and in 2013 - a new variety for science osopened in New Zealand. In 2017, scientists created a new species shrimp. The name is probably not hard to guess?

14. Studio on the water

David Gilmour's studio on the water
David Gilmour's studio on the water

The band's guitarist, David Gilmour, owns own a cozy house, it is also a professional sound recording studio on the water "Astoria". It was there that Pink Floyd recorded the last three studio works and two solo albums of the guitarist. Here remixed and concert recordings of the group.

15. Pink Floyd» did not recognize Syd Barrett when he came to visit

During the recording of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", dedicated to former band member Syd Barrett, in the studio came bald man with shaved eyebrows.

During the visit, he behaved strange. Pink Floyd later realized that the guest was none other than Barrett himself. Roger Waters is said to have been so overwhelmed by the physical change and Barrett's sudden appearance that he began cry.

Wright, in turn, surprisedthat of all days, Sid came to visit them just when they were writing the album. It was one of their last meetings. Barrett passed away in 2006.



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