"Problem teenager and hot girl" - interesting facts about Pink

From troubled teenager to loving mother - here are the most interesting facts about this extraordinary star!

Pink - all about the singer, interesting facts

She "the very, very best." in many ways: one of the most played artists on British radio between 2000 and 2010, one of the most beautiful singers of the 2010s, one of the richest pop rock and R&B artists, and, of course, one of the hottest and most troubled girls in the world! It's all about Pink.

Alisha Moore (real name) burst into the industry in the early noughties, and it soon became clear to everyone that this "a real piece of work.". From troubled teenager to loving mother, here are the most interesting facts about this extraordinary star!

A troubled teenager


Despite the first-class upbringing and education her parents gave her, Alisha was by no means the most exemplary daughter. She was rebel at heart, dreamed of being a rock star and rocking a stadium of thousands! She loved hanging out with her friends, skateboarding, and other "boyish hobbies. She was a boyish girl, to put it simply. Her parents were unhappy with her lifestyle, and another scandal led to terrible consequences...

"I was 15 or so. I dropped out of school to focus on singing. And my parents called me a 'problem.' And then I thought, 'Is that a problem? Oh, no... I'll show you the real problem!"

And Alisha showed it: she started abusing substances and alcohol. One day her life was almost cut short, and she was miraculously pumped out (but her close friend, unfortunately, was not). After this happened, her mother sent Alisha to Psychologist:

"Yes, my mother was trying to get me to talk to someone. The therapist was asking me about how my day was going, and I told her I had a vision of smashing a bottle over someone's head during lunch!"


Her parents never allowed her to visit her friends' houses when she was growing up because they thought she would have a bad influence on them.

"When I was little, I was never allowed to go to visit any of my friends because I was a bad influence on them. None of their parents liked me, and my own parents were scared to death of me - and of me."

Early passion for music and parents' divorce


Alisha's parents adored music, especially her father, who often played guitar and sang songs. The girl quickly fell in love with music, especially she was inspired by Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston

From a young age she dreamed of becoming a rock star! By the way, her nickname did not come from her pink hair, but from the fact that she blushed a lot when she was embarrassed. She began writing poetry early, and at 14 she was already performing in clubs in Philadelphia! As her mother recalled:

"Alisha went through phases of skateboarder, hip-hopper and gymnast..."

When the girl was 9 years old, her parents divorced. Moore later recalled:

"Compared to other people, I had a great childhood. But there were a lot of fights in my house.

Working at McDonald's


Before she hit the charts and made a name for herself, Alisha toiled at regular jobs, specifically-she worked for a long time at McDonald's. According to her, her days of "flipping burgers" gave her financial independence from her parents.

"It was important to my family that I earn my own money ... As it was to myself."

A curious fact: at the concerts of Pink often "soaring through the air." - demonstrates acrobatic tricks in the air! This inspiration came to her at an early age, and she even started gymnastics.


As a teenager, she knew she wanted to tie her life to music, and was inspired to incorporate acrobatics into her shows after seeing aerial gymnasts at a concert Cher.

Personal life

Pink and her family
Pink and her family

Traditionally, men propose to their girlfriends. But Pink ignored that tradition and decided to propose to her boyfriend (at the time) Cary Hart. at a motocross event by writing "Will you marry me? Seriously!" on the sign she was holding during the race. When he drove up to her to say "Yes," the artist responded in her trademark style:

"Well, then get back in the lane. I don't marry losers."

Given Pink's explosive disposition, it's no wonder her and Cary's marriage is riotous! Of course, it's not about fighting. It's all about more ingeniously

"One time he made me really mad, I slashed his tires!"

Nevertheless, when Alisha Became a mother.she began to feel differently about some things:

"I've changed completely since I became a mom. I'm much more open, I'm much more accepting of myself, I'm much more thoughtful... I think more about the world and what we leave to our children and the direction we're going. I think that changes your music."


Remarkably, in spite of everything, in her leisure time Pink devotes herself to Motocross and... the garden!

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