"Not only us, but also at us": foreign plagiarism on Russian songs

Are domestic performers the only ones inspired by foreign music? Not at all! Today we will tell you which Western artists decided to "borrow" the music of Russian musicians and what happened.

Plagiarism: how foreign artists "steal" Russian tracks

It's no secret that there is a place for insidious things in the field of art, such as plagiarizedand very often Russian performers are accused of brazenly taking advantage of the fruits of others' labors, sometimes simply slightly by changing melody or simply by translating the lyrics of a song. But is it only our artists show such interest in foreign hits?

The history of music knows enough examples when Western performers copied from Russian songs, often without acknowledging it. Today we will look at a selection of songs that were "stolen" by foreign musicians from domestic artists.

"Sunny Circle" / "Gabrielle"

Tamara Miansarova in 1962
Tamara Miansarova in 1962

Song "Let there always be sunshine"also known as "Sunny Circle" after the first line of the composition, was written by Soviet composer Arkady Ostrovsky to lyrics by poet Lev Oshanin.

The first performer of this hopeful song was the Soviet singer Maya Kristalinskaya, but the song became world famous when Tamara Miansarova. The lyrics were inspired by a poster by Nikolai Charukhin, and he was once prompted to create the creation by a quatrain in a collection of poems Korney Chukovsky.

The song was released in 1962, and two years later the Swedish band Hootenanny Singers wrote a song to the tune of a Soviet hit "Gabrielle"which became the band's calling card. At the time of the composition's creation, the band included Björn Ulvaeus, which later became one of the legendary foursome ABBA.

"I'm Mad" / "No Communication"

tATu (Tattoo)
tATu (Tattoo)

Russian group Tattoo released one of her most famous tracks "I went crazy" back in 2000. A few months later, the band released an English-language version of the song in a rock version, which became a chart-topper in the music charts. outside Russia. The music video, just like the song, created a furor and left no one indifferent.

The popularity of the two teenage girls was closely followed by critics and other musicians alike. In 2010, the American rock band Good Charlotte track comes out "No Communication."The song of the Tatushkas, known both at home and abroad, is exactly the same.

Tatu's sound producer Sergey Galoyan sued the rockers for violation copyrights not only for the song "I'm Mad," but also for "They Won't Get Us," which came out a year later. The plagiarized track for "They Won't Get Us" by Good Charlotte was called "Victims of Love.". Western musicians literally "copied" as many as two of the band's tracks, Refusing to acknowledge the fact of plagiarism.

"Love Is Alone to Blame"/"La plage de Saint Tropez"

Alla Pugacheva on stage
Alla Pugacheva on stage

"Centrovoi iz podnevyayu is a film released on Soviet screens at the end of March 1977. The music for the film was written by the Soviet composer Alexander Zatsepinand the vocal parts of all the songs in the film were sung by the pop star Alla Pugacheva.

In the scene where the actress Lyudmila Suvorkina performs the song "Love alone is to blame."The song was released after the premiere. After the premiere, the song was released on first The song was also performed on the Prima Donna's studio album and was later performed at her concerts.

And 15 years later, the Swedish group Army of Lovers released a track titled "La plage de Saint Tropez"The song is very similar to the one performed by Pugacheva. Critics praised the release, noting that the song is built on an energetic and catchy melody.

However, attentive listeners heard in the song of the Swedish pop group coincidence with the hit "Love Is Alone to Blame," although officially the track Army of Lovers was not named plagiarism. In spite of this, there are notes of a slightly more sensual and slower song from the Soviet film in the quickened and lively song.

"Fly away on the wings of the wind" / "Angels Lullaby"

For the first time, the song "Fly away on the wings of the wind" The song was performed in Alexander Borodin's opera Prince Igor. In the scene "Polovtsian Dances" the composition is performed by a female chorus, but the track became widely known in the interpretation of Evgenia Sotnikova.

In 2021 a song by the singer and composer came out Arasharecorded with his colleague Helen. "Angels Lullaby." - track, which is a reworking of the already famous "Fly away on the wings of the wind. The musicians do practically nothing have not changed in the composition, only added to it tenderness and melodious English lyrics.

"The USSR Hymn" / "Go West"

Cover of the song "Go West"
Cover of the song "Go West"

A vivid reading "The Hymn of the Soviet Union". The English synth-pop band Pet Shop Boys managed to do it. The track was based on the melody of a 1979 song by Village People, which, in turn, was based on the Soviet anthem.

In 1943 The Soviet authorities adopted a new national anthem, which was played at all ceremonial events until it was abolished in 1993. Before the group's version Pet Shop Boys No one has ever wondered how much their version of the song "Go West" could be similar to the anthem of the country of the Soviets. Made in the genre of electronic music, the composition began to resemble the main song of the USSR, which is impossible not to notice.

In the Pet Shop Boys video cheesy over the country behind the Iron Curtain and their political system. Perhaps, similarity with the anthem was part of the British pop band's teasing of the Soviet Union.

"Catch" / "Future Nostalgia"

In August 2019, a track by two-time Eurovision medalist Sergei Lazarev "Catch." came out, and a little later it appeared online and clipThe song was filmed in Miami, a city Lazarev fondly loves. For the singer, the song was a reflection personal The musician repeatedly talked about it in interviews and on social media.

In December of the same year, the English singer Dua Lipa a song came out "Future Nostalgia"The girl was the only one to have been plagiarized, which was very similar to the song of the Russian singer. Sergei himself accused the girl of plagiarism, justifying it by the fact that the producers of foreign pop stars do not leave without attention and domestic music charts, drawing inspiration from there. Despite the artist's indignation, he did not deal with the foreign singer, although noted resemblance in the choruses of the songs.

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