They sing in our way: foreign rock musicians who sang in Russian

Increasingly, you can hear how domestic musicians sing in foreign languages to attract the attention of fans from other countries. But how often do you hear foreign bands singing in Russian? We don't do it often either, so we decided to collect in one article the most famous foreign rock bands that sing in Russian.

Which of the foreign rockers sang in Russian

Russian performers a lot and often sing in English for competitions and just in an attempt to win at least some popularity in the West. And here reverse the situation when English-speaking musicians do the same to conquer the Russian listener is rare.

Nevertheless, the performance of songs by foreign stars in Russian periodically happening. This is not a mass phenomenon, but more valuable such cases for domestic music lovers. This is respect for the audience and for the country in which you perform. There are not as many Russian songs performed by foreign performers as we would like, but not a few. We will not scrupulously list everything - let's stop on rock musicians.


UDO "A soldier is crying", "Train across Russia", "Calm"

In 2000, an acquaintance took place Valeria Kipelova and Udo Dirkschneider. Producers of one of the Western labels offered musicians to go on a joint tour.

Tours of such stars had to be somehow announce, therefore, in 2001, Udo came to Russia, where he recorded the composition "Calm" with the leader of the then "Aria". The German's voice fits in so well that the song sounds realistic to the point of shivering.

The tour went off with a bang, but at the end of it, the Russian and German rockers were very angry with each other. Udo wanted to perform Calm without Aria, while Kipelov disagreed.

In general, Dirkschneider warm refers to Russia. He even bought an apartment in the northern capital. And after "Calm" he included two more compositions in Russian in his repertoire: "A soldier is crying" was released on the 2004 disc, and "Train across Russia" was included in the 2014 album.

Vanilla Sky - "The January Blizzard Rings" and "The Song of the Bears"

The Italian cover for "January Blizzard Rings" was executed during a tour of Russia in 2014. The Russian public liked it so much that one of the listeners even said:

“The best rock version of this song. Even considering that foreigners sang!”

Vanilla Sky realized that they are now loved in Russia, and concerts are always welcome. Because of this, Italian musicians decided not be limited one Russian song. The guys from Vanilla Sky at Russian concerts perform songs from the soundtracks to "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus".

The cover of "The Song of the Bears" did not become as popular as the others, but the Russian public was met very warm:

“That feeling when foreigners sing wonderful Soviet hits better than our singers.”

The musicians brought a bear puppet to the concert. Russian fans of the group were delighted.

Yoon Do Hyun Band "Blood Type"

South Korean performers, having learned what place their fellow tribesman Viktor Tsoi occupies in the history of domestic rock, they not only quailed “Blood Type” in 1998 in Korean. In 2010, the musicians performed the song in Russian.

This delighted the fans of the group from Russia, considering complexity Russian language for foreigners. Especially for Asians.

Yoon Do Hyun Band are not the only Koreans who have covered Tsoi's songs in Russian. Channel author Song wonsub became famous in Russia because of his covers, which the musician posts on YouTube.

Cover author in the comments wrote sweet message to your listeners:

“Thanks to your support, I tried my best. Thanks always. I know my Russian pronunciation is weird, but I hope you enjoy it. And like his music, I hope we all have good memories."

It can be seen that the musician does not know Russian well, but tries keep in touch with the audience as best you can.

The Rasmus "Moscow Song", "Song of a Friend", "Katyusha"

The Finnish group during the tour in Russia at each of the performances performed Russian song. True, it is difficult to call it singing.

Soloist of the group Lauri Ylönen mostly pronounces some sounds to the music. But he honestly admits that he does not know the Russian language, giving the audience the opportunity to participate in the concert as vocalists.

Finns performed thus, Vladimir Vysotsky's "Song of a Friend", "Cheburashka's Song", "Katyusha" and Sergei Trofimov's hit "I know for sure, the ice will melt ...".

Tarja - "I'm here"

Finnish performer came to the festival in 2011 "Rock over the Volga". Russian fans of the singer’s work have probably heard the song “I’m here” more than once, performed Tarja with Valery Kipelov.

OOMPH! - "Tits"

German Industrial Rock Monsters September 25, 2019 spoke in Vladivostok. At the beginning of Dero Goi's concert danced "Kalinka" under his own solo. And great at the end sang track by Sergei Shnurov "Tits".

About what is in Russian in the concert will sound this particular song, the fans knew in advance. Shortly before their arrival in Primorsky Krai, the musicians held a kind of quiz. On the web, they asked the fans guesswhat Russian song will be sung. And later they talked about their choice.

Here's what listeners say about their concert:

“I was there, the second time on them. The guys create things and light up the hall. Huge difference from studio recordings. Create your own unique atmosphere!

Scorpions "Wind of Change"

In 1989 took place in Moscow Peace Festival. The Scorpions also arrived there. Klaus Meine then wrote the immortal "Wind of Change". Later he asked Stas Namin to make a poetic translation hit into Russian.

He recorded a demo for the Germans so that they would memorize the words and be able to pronounce them correctly. But Klaus managed to understand at best a third of the entire text. However, this does not diminish merits of "Scorpions" before the Russian admirers.


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