"Why," the talented musicians who were fired from the band

Often the members of a "rock band" experience wild stress and seek "solace" in alcohol and substances. Well, sometimes they just don't fit in with the band, and this becomes obvious only during the studio sessions.

Why They Got Fired - Top Legendary Musicians Who Got Kicked Out of Bands

To form a group that is especially talented, responsible, and focused on success is a matter of challenging. And it's even harder to keep it in check! Conflicts often arise between the participants, and many (not all, of course) cult bands prove this once again. For example, The BeatlesThe lineup is great, the music is excellent, but the relationship of the members to each other at the time of the breakup left a lot to be desired...

It is not uncommon for members of a "rock band" to experience wild stress and seek "solace" in alcohol and substances. Well, sometimes they just don't fit in to the team, and it becomes obvious only during the studio sessions. In general, there are a lot of reasons for quitting.

Syd Barrett

Icon of his era Syd Barrett
Icon of his era Syd Barrett

Today we associate Pink Floyd with David Gilmore or Roger Waters, but at the beginning of the exciting journey to Olympus there was a completely different person at the helm. Syd Barrett. It was he who brought the sound of 60's London with touches of psychedelia and gloom. Gradually the band made a name for itself and began touring, and here Barrett's mental health began to deteriorate. According to recollections of the members, sometimes Sid was not even able to hold a plectrum properly during rehearsals!

The group made a difficult decision dismiss Barrett, fearing both for his own future and for his comrade's mental health. However, his extraordinary personality continued to dominate the works of Pink Floyd, and many top tracks of the band are dedicated to him.

Pete Willis

Pete Willis
Pete Willis

Pete Willis known as one of the founders of the Def LeppardHe was the co-writer of many of the tracks and the guitarist on the first three albums! Nevertheless, at some point Pete began to fall further and further behind the rest of the band, and the decisive role in this was played by passion for alcohol. According to the participants, Pete's binge drinking was getting more and more out of control, which interrupted live performances and studio sessions.

"Pyromania." - The album, during the recording of which Pete's fate was sealed: he played parts rhythm guitars on all the songs, but was fired because of excessive alcohol abuse. If the legend is to be believed, he once came into the studio after drinking an entire bottle of brandy the night before, and presented one of the worst solos ever! Producer Robert John "Matt" Langwho had always strived for perfection, was shocked. The dismissal was "soft": Pete was told to go home and just rest for a few days, and in the meantime the lineup arrived Phil Collen. "Rookie" also managed to contribute an album that was a big breakthrough for Def Leppard in the United States!

Pete Best

Pete Best
Pete Best

When The Beatles were just taking their first steps toward fame in Liverpoolno one in the group had any idea how high the band would end up! At that point, the Beatles were teenagerswho just wanted to play American rock and roll! And that was until the producer George Martin I didn't see much potential in them... With one small exception.

The original drummer for The Beatles was Pete Bestand it was Martin who insisted that he "the weakest link". Pete has been replaced. Ringo Starromwhich initially infuriated the fans! But it wasn't just Beest's weak virtuosity as a drummer: he didn't get along well. with the other members, was a kind of "recluse," and flatly refused to do the trademark "sloppy" hairdo. There is also the curious hypothesis that Pete was fired because he was "handsome."! Lennon and McCartney didn't want competition, they said, and they divided the power in the band equally.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

Legendary "Prince of Darkness" also had problems with alcohol (and not only that), which caused fellow Black Sabbath were forced to resort to extreme measures... Rumor has it that Ozzie began abusing after his father passed away, but Tony Iommi refutes these speculations. In his interview, the guitarist said that before the band fired Osbourne, he (Tony) "hadn't seen Ozzy sober for about two years. And one day during a rehearsal, Ozzy made his comrade so angry that he couldn't help himself and said everything he thought:

"You're drunk, you're fat, and you can't sing at all! Get a grip on yourself!"

However, the ending of this story is more than positive: Osborne built a dazzling solo career, and Sabbath recorded two of their most powerful albums with vocals Ronnie James Dio!

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine

Harmful addictions are the most common reason for dismissal both in the rock world and in everyday life in general. Dave Mustaine stepped on the same rake as Willis and Osborne: he began to spiral out of control. In the lineup. Metallica Mastain only lasted about a year: he made his contribution and went off on his own, as they say...

Mastain didn't just drink a lot - when he was drunk he did the most real savageryThe Metallica bandmates blushed with embarrassment and rage. Fortunately, after being fired, Dave pulled himself together to form a Megadeth and become a powerful competitor for his ex-colleagues! But that's another story.


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