Why a Father Forever Decided His Son's Fate - The Sad Story of Marvin Gaye

"I screamed, but it all happened too fast. My husband, he pulled the trigger..."

Why a father shot his son - The events of fateful day that took away one of our greatest voices

At the height of its popularity Marvin Gaye was almost the biggest star of Motown Records! Behind his soulful voice were such hits as "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". Like his colleague Stevie Wonder, this man both embodied and outgrew that audience-pleasing sound that made Motown the famous label...

In the course of his many years of dazzling Jay Jr. managed to become famous in the genre of pop music and gradually moved on to soul, in which the influences of Bob Dylan. and Smokey Robinson... But, as a notorious American critic put it:

"The man who exorcised the demons of millions with his fantastic voice and art was haunted by his own demons all his life..."

A life Marvin Gaye tragically cut short the day before his 45th birthday...

"The priest with demons inside."

Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye

In the 1970s. Marvin Gaye recorded the successful albums "What's Going On" and "Let's Get It On," becoming one of the first Motown artists (along with Stevie Wonder), who left the company of his own volition! In the early 1980s he successfully returned to the charts with the hit "Sexual Healing."who received the award Grammy Awards!

Marvin was born into a family of clergymanIn whose soul there seemed to live hundreds of demons...The father-son conflict has its roots deep in Marvin's childhood, when Gay the Terrible physically punished And even if there was none, physical punishment was the norm in the family, because that was the only way Gay Sr. thought he could instill in his four children "a strict moral code".

Marvin Gay Sr.
Marvin Gay Sr.

Neighbors claimed that the head of the family had a weakness for to alcohol and he had sexual deviations - some saw him in women's clothing, others claimed that he in a special way socializing with the boys... In a word - this man embodied a rather complicated model of morality. If the legend is to be believed, Marvin Sr. harbored considerable jealousy of his son's great success, and Marvin Jr. clearly harbored feelings of resentment and anger to his abusive father.

The musician's sister, JeanneShe said that her father Hated Gay. more than anyone else, so from his early years to his teenage years, Marvin Jr.'s life was full of "cruel punishments.".

Fatal quarrel

Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye

Feelings resentment and anger to the tyrant father spilled out for the last time in the Los Angeles abode of Gay Sr. and his wife Alberta. Their son, an international recording star, moved to his parents' house at the end of 1983 year, when his struggles with depression, debt and medication abuse were on the verge of breaking down. Just a year after his first Grammy win and triumphant return to the pop charts with the song "Sexual Healing." - Marvin was in terrible physical, psychological, and financial...

It all started at noon April 1, 1984 of the year - Marvin Sr. disrupted at his spouse over an important insurance document that the couple could not find. His son came out on the stairs from his bedroom and yelled downstairs to stop his father from yelling at his mother. Subsequently Alberta, who was in the room with Marvin Jr., recalled how her husband sent her son and soon rushed upstairs to his bedroom to yell on his wife. At first, Gay verbally asked his father to leave room, but it didn't work. Then he had to physically to push the men out the door. At one point there was an argument between them. fight

"Marvin hit my husband hard," Alberta recounted.

Soon Marvin Sr. returned with a gun that had been given to him by his son. He pointed the barrel at Gay, pulled the trigger and hit the area of the heart.

"I screamed, but it all happened too fast. My husband, he pulled the trigger..."

Marvin Gaye and his parents
Marvin Gaye and his parents

Brother musician who lived next door and kept in hand of the legendary singer in the last seconds of his life, recalled:

"The last thing he said was, 'I got what I wanted ... I forced him to do it.

"Crime and Punishment

Marvin Gay Sr. (center)
Marvin Gay Sr. (center)

Marvin Sr. He practically did not punish himself for what he had done: he did not contest the charges, and in the end he was given a suspended sentence. The court handed down this soft verdictThe reason for this is that the man was found to have brain tumor. What is most surprising, when at the first interrogation he was asked, Whether or not he his son, Marvin Sr. replied:

"Let's just say I didn't dislike him."

Gay Sr. Passed away from pneumonia at sunset 1990s aged 84 years old

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